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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

'All will come together but not to celebrate the banquet of the Lamb', world leaders enjoy 18-course banquet while discussing how to solve global food crisis, & the GWS price tag for the American tax-paying schlubb

— “maybe 17 per cent” — of the world’s population controls the vast majority of the world’s wealth — “and I think, ‘How can these people not be aware?’ It’s such suffering.” Pope Francis During an inflight press conference on the way back to Rome at the end of his three-country tour of Africa

world leaders enjoy 18-course banquet as they discuss how to solve global food crisis


...Now, a one world order is emerging. Nations give up their uniqueness to enjoy a greater share in the world’s goods. As the one world order begins,....The world will become like an army, trapped with nowhere to go, an easy prey for its enemies. 13. Against the One World Order ~ Apr 17th, 2014 - Mary

...It will seem like the perfect solution to all the crises and events. ...Do not give up your God-given rights. Do not be drawn into false alliances... Refuse to accept unworthy leaders, no matter what they promise or no matter how desperate is the situation. 14. Satan’s Leaders ~ Apr 18th, 2014 - Mary