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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pope Francis’ Stunning Speech at Philly, 10 missing Stories about Pope Francis’ Visit, &, what he didn't say

10 Stories The Media Won’t Tell You About The Pope’s USA Visit

PHILADELPHIA"On Saturday evening, Pope Francis again showed himself to be a man of surprises, setting aside his prepared text at the World Meeting of Families “Festival of Families” to deliver an unscripted address in Spanish to a huge crowd gathered on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia." 

"No matter how much the MSM wants to use & spin the Pope to serve their purposes, and no matter how many might find it to their advantage to hit the Pope, he isn’t here as a political actor,...
If you want to reject this Pope because he didn’t sound like Rush or Ted Cruz before congress, then you have no idea what he’s doing here, and if you do only accept this Pope because you think his positions on Climate Change can give cover for yourself as a Catholic who rejects the doctrines of the church then you’re simply deluding yourself."

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