........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Monday, August 31, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 8/24-28/15 ★ the Satanic darkness has begun, The Arab Spring revolutions were Satan’s moments of preparation. Syria was Satan’s instrument in lighting the fuse. Iran is his powder keg where the explosion will take place.

The Devil Is Afraid of Holiness

the ineffable sanctity of that Divine Regard, &, the triumph of the Blessed Mother who, at the foot of the Cross, precisely by means of her cruel martyrdom, redeemed the human race together with her Son.

9. The New Pentecost of Fatima


Because no one sees or understands the events that lie ahead, few steps are taken to avoid the darkness. Mankind is like a train whose course is pre-determined by his past choices. I begin this way to open up new possibilities. Mankind has another option only because of the Fatima gift. Today, I speak of heaven’s path to world peace.

The heavenly Father knew that mankind would fall into this darkness. He knew that mankind would foolishly build structures that were bound to collapse. He knew that mankind would be tricked by Satan and plunged into a darkness that he could not dispel.

He knew that these factors would bring about inevitability, a culmination and a gathering together of all the elements of darkness. He foresaw this historical moment, the great convergence of evils sown into human history. He saw, too, the inevitability if some special gift were not made available.

Such is the great Fatima gift, the culmination of all that is good, filled with the greatest blessings ready to be poured forth. These are the mysteries I am revealing. Without Fatima, mankind would have no hope. With Fatima, all can lead to victory and the pouring forth of world peace. How will this take place?

The mystery of Jesus’ birth, the Word becoming flesh, was a total surprise, but it was known by a few – Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah and myself. Soon, others came to see – the shepherds, the Magi, Simeon and Anna. Eventually, the mystery was revealed to the disciples. With Jesus’ death and resurrection, followed by the sending of the Spirit, the mystery burst forth upon the world.

So, it will be with the Fatima gift. It is already known by a few and understood by them. By these locutions, the mystery is being revealed to more. Soon, Fatima will come into greater and greater prominence. Finally, it will break forth upon the world, like a new Pentecost. The world will be surprised but the battle will just be beginning. As at the first Pentecost, the Spirit’s work will begin in Jerusalem and go forth from there.

I do not reveal these truths so people can sit back passively and wait. I speak to encourage faith and action. Take up your rosaries and begin. Change your lives. Help those in need. Fill your lives with the works of the gospel. Then you will be prepared for the new Pentecost coming from Fatima.

Comment: The world without Fatima would have no hope.

10. The Surprise Visitor


Mankind is helpless and cannot survive without the gifts of heaven. Man needs all of heaven’s natural gifts, sun, air and water provided by his Creator. Even these, he takes without any thought of giving thanks.

He also needs greater gifts because God has given him intellect and free will. Because of these powers, mankind is able to build a world and to bring creation to its highest level. Has that happened? Has mankind brought the world to its highest level where peace reigns and everyone enjoys a fullness of what God has abundantly provided?

Instead, the twin evils of violence and poverty dominate the world, twin paths that reflect the evil over which man has no control. Mankind has fallen victim to robbers and lays by the wayside. As time passes, and one person after another walks by, hopelessness sets in. Will no one be kind enough to bend over fallen humanity, dress its wounds and bring it to safe refuge?

Suddenly, someone comes. Who is this surprise visitor? A foreigner, someone despised, a Samaritan who has been set aside. Why should he stop for a Jew? Why should he bend over and wash the wounds? Why should he lift him up and take him to an inn?

Cannot these same questions be asked about Jesus? Has not society despised him, pulled down his images, and subjected him to ridicule? Yet, these are my words. Jesus will be your surprise visitor. At the moment you lie helpless by the wayside, He will come, pour His graces into your wounds and bring you to a safe place. Then, the eyes of all the world will open. Jesus will again be exalted. This is my path to lasting peace.

Comment: As mankind becomes more and more wounded, Jesus will bend over suffering humanity.

11. Financial Crisis


There are so many clouds on the horizon that it is difficult to speak of a future filled with such darkness. Yet, if I do not speak, the darkness will still come and my children will not have the light of my words.

By now, it is evident to all that the great darkness has begun. The economic evils lying beneath the surface have broken through and have begun to shake the markets. This comes as no surprise to my children who have listened to these words because I have spoken so often of the sins which have weakened the structures and made them ready for a collapse.

Now, I must come to the heart of the matter. Efforts are being made right now as I speak to shore up the markets and to spread out the failures so that the shock is lessened. This, too, just postpones the day of reckoning. The deeper evils have not yet surfaced; the complete dishonesty that has prevailed for years and the constant pushing off of the day of truth. What looks like evil is really truth. What is the money truly worth? Who have been good stewards and who have been dishonest?

What words can I give to my children? How can I offer light in the midst of so much darkness? First, I will be with each of you in a personal way, giving you greater faith and greater love for each other. Amid the difficulties, I will also extend an invitation to many to return to the Catholic faith.

During this financial crisis, I will provide families with a great light so correct decisions are made. I will not allow despair to control your hearts nor will I allow you to choose paths of darkness. I will be with you. I speak of this darkness ahead of time only so you can believe my promise.

Comment: Our Lady prophesies the darkness so we believe her promises of divine help.

1. Syria and Iran


When night falls, mankind is limited. He cannot perform all the deeds of the day. Even with artificial light, he must accept limitations and await the dawn to return to full activity. The darkness limits his freedom.

Mankind must accept this daily truth that half of each day will be spent in darkness. This has been imposed upon him from the very beginning, when God separated the light from the darkness. This darkness fulfills God’s plan and conforms to His love.

Satanic darkness is different. It destroys God’s plan and interferes with his love. It closes off God’s paths and blinds man to the roads he should walk.

Little by little, event by event, the light has given way to Satan’s darkness – the terror groups, the so-called “Arab Spring” the Syrian revolution, the Ukraine, ISIS and now the Iran nuclear treaty. I said that the Syrian revolution would last a long time and that Satan would use the Syrian revolution to destabilize the Middle East. Now, Putin sees it in his interest to bring it to a close, and to work out a treaty. However, the evil will have been accomplished. Also, a greater evil will arise.

All that I had said about the evil flowing from Syria has happened. Now, the darkness moves on to its next step and will center itself in Iran, another close friend of Russia.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of events already fulfilled and, more important, the greater evil in Iran.

2. Iran, Satan’s Powder keg


Even with Putin’s efforts to bring about accord, Syria will continue to be a battleground. Too many diverse groups have special interests which they will not sacrifice. Those fires will continue to burn, but at a lower level. Most has been reduced to rubble. The government controlled territory has shrunk and no dominant force has emerged. By these years of conflict, the damage has been done and stability has been destroyed.

The Satanic fire now shifts to Iran which strengthens its hold upon its people. Satan has always had his eyes and his hands upon Iran. It is his jewel of the Middle East, the perfect situation to launch his greatest violence and bring about the destruction of Israel. Iran is Satan’s greatest cauldron of fire, of epic proportions and soon with nuclear warheads.

Only Israel fully grasps the situation.(10/1/15!!) Forced into a corner and deserted by President Obama, Israel readies its own plans. It cannot wait and cannot allow a nuclear Iran.

I pull back this veil so that all can see the true plight of mankind. The Arab Spring revolutions were Satan’s moments of preparation. Syria was Satan’s instrument in lighting the fuse. Iran is his powder keg where the explosion will take place. My words have been clear and consistent so everyone will believe that I am speaking. Do not just believe my warnings. Believe also in my promises and obey my requests.

Comment: Nothing could be clearer. Our Lady reveals the true situation.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

& the CRAZY thickens

the "director of the university’s Pride Center, suggested using a variety of gender neutral pronouns instead of traditional pronouns." ... "According to the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the pronouns “he” and “she” are considered signs of intolerance and will no longer be countenanced on campus."

I encamp angels around you to keep you from all harm.

I know that I speak of great events which will happen soon but this must not overwhelm you.  Each person will receive the heavenly grace which they need. Let us begin. Locutions to the World 8/23/15

I encamp angels around you to keep you from all harm. Do not fear. Never fear. Disarm Satan, and this tactic. Your faith must be unshakable. Serve for My glory. Put on your armor, and advance into battle. Jabez 8/29/15

Thursday, August 27, 2015

† Prophecy † THE TIME OF PREPARATION IS ENDING, the great famine is approaching humankind

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament. 
I love You above all things, & long for You in my soul. 
Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.
As though You have already come, I embrace You & unite myself entirely to You;
Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen. 

The Earth trembles and will tremble strongly; an expected earthquake will happen soon. Pray for this.

Science used for evil has interfered with Nature. This has been kept hidden from you, My children, but My Angels will come to help you; you are not alone. The evil that man wants to cause will not always happen. My Son protects His People and that’s why He calls you to remain faithful to Him.

There will be great changes, the volcanoes will erupt and cause geographic changes. Beloved children, it is man’s persistent sin that has awakened Nature, and this Nature, created by the Father’s Hand, wants you, My children, to retake the path to sanctity.

Pray strongly for Japan; it will continue to be
a source of contamination for all humankind

Pray for Finland; it will suffer greatly.

Pray, My children;
terrorism will soon give My People great pains.

This World is in grave peril. Do not doubt the pains that come. The earth vomits the evil placed before it and the World will shake and cry and sand will pour and beetles will come in mounds and mounts and flying in clouds in the desert. You are in grave peril My Children. The oceans will rise higher and wider, and so make themselves land (and) land will be invaded by great waters. Earth will turn over and great chunks of land will disappear under the water. Prophecy - 8/25/15

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 8/21-23/15 ★ When Satan shakes the world, he will shake loose the great gift of Fatima

6. The Moments Decreed By God

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Each day comes exactly on time, as decreed by the heavenly Father.  No one is surprised.  The sun has always been faithful to its task of rising at the correct moment.

Such is not the case with human history.  However, some moments exist which the heavenly Father has decreed and these events happen at his exact time.  They are pre-ordained and they are so important that all else must cede to them.  Even if mankind is not fully prepared, the heavenly event must go forth.

Such were the mysteries of Jesus’ birth and death, events fulfilled at the exact moment of God’s decree.  Such were the apparitions at Fatima and such will also be the great events of my gifts to the Church.

Even among all the human failures and all the human mistakes, even among all of Satan’s deceits and wiles, still, in the middle of all this stands the decree of the Father that, in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I say this now so that my children never lose hope and never believe, for even one moment, that I have forsaken them.  Let them cling to my words, spoken with such great certainty.  Satan will control much because mankind has yielded so much to him but the ultimate victory lies in my hands.

What more can I say now?  I want to give you as much light as possible because you will need all my words in the darkness.  I have already placed in my Church all the needed gifts.  I protect these gifts and have already anointed those who safeguard them and will bring them to the surface.  I prepare all the events so that they will not be set aside or overlooked.  Let me put it this way.  When Satan shakes the world, he will also shake loose the Fatima gifts and these will rise to the surface.  Just as at the cross, what looked like defeat was really a victory.

Comment:  Our Lady tries to reveal to us mysteries that we need to understand.

7. The Fatima Gift Rises to the Surface

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Each day, I open to your eyes new gifts so you can see that, amid all the darkness, there is a road of light.  First, I give you words of light, followed by my promises.  Then, I give words of direction, followed by my actions.  I am at work in my Church, preparing its heart for the great Fatima gift that will suddenly (and soon) break open.  Just as pangs precede a birth, so there will be struggles, difficulties and even events.  But all my children must see these as the birth pangs of Fatima.  Fatima is the great gift, containing all that the Church needs to be the Light of the Nations.

I will try to describe for you all that will occur.  Even with many threats, there is still security.  Life goes on as usual.  Danger signals appear but nothing happens that seriously disturbs human life.  In this atmosphere of contentment, the Fatima gift is forgotten, as if not needed.  Fatima is the devotion of the few who choose to follow the messages.  However, as human life is halted, as structures are shaken, the promises of Fatima will grow in importance.  As world leaders fail to calm the storms, the Church will cry out to the heavenly Father for respites.

As this point, through those whom I have chosen, I will act more boldly.  These little locutions given now for years, will take on a new power.  Their credibility will have been established.  Even more, the words that I will give will be clearer and sharper.

I will also begin to touch people in high places.  They will come to believe.  In this way, the Fatima gift, now unopened, will begin to rise to the surface.  All of this is preparation for the greater events that will happen until the Fatima gift is broken open and its graces flood the Church.

Comment:  On this feast, the Queenship of Mary, Our Lady reveals how the Fatima gift will come into prominence in the Church

“God never separates our economy and our morality – they are inextricably linked forever. We are at our all-time low in morality; what is concomitant is an economic crash – you can count on it!

8. An Economic Event

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I know that I speak of great events which will happen soon but this must not overwhelm you.  Each person will receive the heavenly grace which they need.  Let us begin.

Society contains many structures which have been weakened by sinful decisions.  The safeguards against collapse have been greatly weakened.  Those who should have protected the economic system, have totally failed their responsibilities, thus leaving huge gaps which anyone can see.  These gaps are papered over, with money printed without any true resources.  How long this blasphemy has taken place and how false is the true value of the dollar upon which the world system relies.

The dollar will not hold the world systems together.  It is extended and stretched too far.  The beginning events will be economic and a breakdown of trust and confidence which undergirds the economic system

Fortunately, there is some inner strength and some integrity which will limit the slide and provide some protection.  All will not be lost but the first jolt will be clearly felt.

None of this comes from God.  It is not a divine chastisement.  It results completely from the foolish and sinful decisions of man.  Steps will be taken.  Adjustments will be made.  The system will be patched together so people can move on.

However, the great issues will not be faced.  Repentance, change of heart and the need for America to turn to the living God will be set aside for another day.  It will be the same road, with a few cautions.  However, anyone with wisdom will know that greater problems lie ahead.

In God’s plan, this event will be the beginning of a shaking of the Church, an awakening to the need for the Fatima gift.  So, all has a purpose.

Comment:  In very simple words, Our Lady speaks about the near future.

AA 1025- The Memoirs Of An Anti-Apostle

AA 1025- The Memoirs Of An Anti-Apostle

using Children as 'test dummies' - Universal Flu Vaccine, excessive vaccines & sharp rise in mental illness, real food movement & keeping 2 farmers out of prison, Consuming Coconut Oil

Universal Flu Vaccine

"IT does not take a genius from anyone that has been looking at all this for the past 30 plus years that TOM INSEL'S TED TALK about the sharp rise in mental illness in AMERICA is linked to the excessive vaccines that has been given." age of autism / GSK Rotavirus Vaccine Study

Farmers Face Prison for Allegedly Resisting CFIA Kill Order
Ontario—August 18, 2015, Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt and shepherdess Montana Jones are facing prison time in the2012 “disappearing sheep” case. According to its website, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is charging the farmers with a litany of violations related to the disappearance of Jones’ flock of healthy, heritage breed Shropshire sheep in April of 2012.

† PROPHECY † the practice of these 3 virtues destroys Satan's plans, "FORGIVE EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING & PRAY FOR THE CONVERSION OF RUSSIA"

"During an exorcism, through the possessed person, Satan said to me: "Every Hail Mary of the Rosary, it gives me a blow on the head, if Christians knew the power of the Rosary, for me it would be over!" " Fr.Gabriel Amorth, Vatican Chief Exorcist

Watch as I open doors of opportunity now for My people who are doing My Will. I will set apart those who have set apart themselves for My work. These will prosper and grow even as world conditions around them decline. wings of prophecy 8/23/15


“My beloved, the wailing of the children is a clamor that has penetrated all of heaven. Pray for the children, for their suffering is great. They who are little and depend on the generosity and care of others have been betrayed, abused, killed, neglected, and tortured. I am not deaf to their cries—nor should you be! The world has become a perilous place for children—even children in the womb! Do not cease to pray and to work for those whose needs are so great. The innocent have a special place in the heart of God. I am calling all my warriors to intercede on their behalf. The children suffer! Who will care for them? Who?”
O my Jesus! Forgive me for not doing enough to see to the needs of the little ones whose cries fill all of heaven! Here I am Lord, I come to do your will. There are so many in such great need. Show me where you want me to serve and give me the grace to help where I can. 

Jesus in the Divine Will I place all of the suffering 
children of the world in the Flame of Love. 

Blessed Mother, holy Guardian Angels, see to their needs 
& send them many compassionate souls to help them. 

Merciful Jesus, in the Divine Will I pray for the deliverance of all children from evil & for the conversion of all the perpetrators of evil against children.

 Merciful Jesus I trust in you! Amen. 

Prayer changes everything & converts all things into graces and blessings.
Only by praying the rosary will we have the strength to endure what is coming.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

† cast out demons † Many of your diseases are rooted in infestations in your own bodies

My Word guides you to safety when all about you has gone mad.

wings of prophecy 8/22/15

Children of My Divine Heart,
I bless you. I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Draw near to Me. Surrender in all confidence. Give Me permission to transfigure you for My glory. Beloved, once more I invite you to cast out demons. Many of your diseases are rooted in infestations in your own bodies. Learn to bind, and cast out demons. Sickness will depart from your lives. My Little Ones, be right with Me. Rebuke all sin. Be right with Me, then you will be able to bind, and cast out demons as you wish. Be holy. Deliverance will be My gift to you. Pray. Be strong in the faith. Pick up the Holy Scriptures, and spend time with Me. Much needs to be done for time is of the essence. Satan has dispatched demons all over the Earth in a final attempt to regain as many souls as possible. He rages. Do not fear Satan's attacks. Walk blameless before My sight, and rejoice in what will befall you, and those you love. Trust in Me. I hope in you. My triune blessing is yours to share. Shalom message to Jabez 8/23/15

10 Jesus called his twelve disciples to him & gave them authority to drive out impure spirits & to heal every disease & sickness. Matthew 10:1

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Feast of The Queenship of Mary

In giving ourselves to Jesus through Mary’s hands, we imitate God the Father, who gave us his only Son through Mary, and who imparts his graces to us only through Mary. Likewise we imitate God the Son, who by giving us his example for us to follow, inspires us to go to him using the same means he used in coming to us, that is, through Mary. Again, we imitate the Holy Spirit, who bestows his graces and gifts upon us through Mary. “Is it not fitting,” remarks St. Bernard, “that grace should return to its author by the same channel that conveyed it to us?”

In going to Jesus through Mary, we are really paying honor to our Lord, for we are showing that, because of our sins, we are unworthy to approach his infinite holiness directly on our own. We are showing that we need Mary, his holy Mother, to be our advocate and mediatrix with him who is our Mediator. We are going to Jesus as Mediator and Brother, and at the same time humbling ourselves before him who is our God and our Judge. In short, we are practicing humility, something that always gladdens the heart of God.

Consecrating ourselves in this way to Jesus through Mary implies placing our good deeds in Mary’s hands. Now, although these deeds may appear good to us, they are often defective, and not worthy to be considered and accepted by God, before whom even the stars lack brightness.

Let us pray, then, to our dear Mother and Queen that having accepted our poor present, she may purify it, sanctify it, beautify it, and so make it worthy of God.
St. Louis Marie de Montfort

"Mighty Conquering Warrior"
The Queenship of Mary

photos via paullew


Social Cleansing & the Death Squads ~ Living in the Sewers of Colombia

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, the fastest way to obtain the Graces of Humility, Simplicity & Gratitude is to realize what you have been spared. Yours in Jesus & Mary, thelittlebrother

Holy Savior Jesus
these are also my Brothers & Sisters
O how your Mother loves them!
for the Sake of the tears of your Most Holy Mother
Have Mercy on them O Lord 
that they may come to know & love you
& dwell with You for all eternity.
amen, amen.

THAT WE WOULD NEVER BE LONELY ~ "The first thing I did was thank God,”, &, Polyphemus

Friday, August 21, 2015

the Dangers of the Black Protestant Church, & why most Protestants are NOT Christians

"from the Church of 'we' to the church of the celebrity preacher"

TEBOW'S FIRST 16: Humility is not a virtue that dominates this group. They don’t care who you’ve allegedly killed, beaten or drugged , &, the Catholic alternative to Facebook!!

& MORE PLACES that don’t care who you’ve allegedly killed, beaten or drugged 

Core Features of Awestruck
a Catholic alternative to Facebook

† PROPHECY † the appearance of the anti-christ, very dark, violent storm approaching the East Coast of America, particularly D.C., My plan of justice will now play out for each nation & its inhabitants.

Do Not Delay: August 18th, 2015

"I was inquiring of the Lord about America and other nations and the time of judgment, and asking the Lord what we could expect and what we should do, when I began sensing a very dark, very violent storm approaching the East Coast of America, and Washington, D.C. in particular."

"...before the Warning there will be great calamities that will sensitize the creatures. A Great Sign in the Sky will be seen by all humankind wherever they are and nobody will evade being self-examined. This is Divine Mercy...


...Remember, My children, that the antichrist has forged his way through great institutions & great politicians. Humankind comes into chaos & then the antichrist presents himself pretending to help humanity, supposedly controlling the constant epidemics, giving health to the sick & pretending to be My Son." revelaciones marianas 8/16/15

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 8/16-20/15 ★ Pope Francis, America & the October Synod, the presidential election, the Iran treaty & satan's chaos triggered by a single event that is obvious to all.


1. A Mother’s Milk

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All the veils must part and all the future must be revealed.  This is the gift which the heavenly Father has given to me and which I share with my children.  These are precious words, always given to help, to enlighten and to console.  They are not meant for the curious who hope to know events ahead of time.  I speak them for devout souls so their fervor can be nourished.

How many look forward to these daily words and find much consolation.  For them I continue to speak.  I see each one.  I see their desire for these words.  I see the helps and the consolations which each receives.  This encourages me to continue to speak and reveal.

How I would like to take each one into my arms right now and lift them to heaven.  But, that is not the Father’s plan.  Each person has a purpose, a task to fulfill on earth.  Naturally, I will take some before others and I will leave some much longer (just as I left Sr. Lucy for so many years).  All will be safe.  I will not abandon any one of my children.  My words are solid promises and are accompanied by the graces needed to fulfill.

Let me end with these words, “Those who are wise love my words.  They know that they come from a mother’s love.  They drink them in like a newborn infant seeks its mother’s milk.  These are all the nourishment that they need”.  Be content with my words.  I will provide all that you need.  There will always be fresh milk to feed on each day.

Comment:  Each day, Our Lady provides the best nourishment.

2. Using the Chaos For God’s Purposes

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Great power goes forth when little words reveal my heart where the heavenly Father has placed all of human history.  Everything is there.  All the human decisions, all the world events, all that is past and future.  All come together in my heart and all are revealed by my words.

I must speak quickly.  The time is very short and there is need for great clarity.  I do not speak for the curious so they can plot the times and the events.  I speak so that the devout can be prepared and filled with confidence.

Deep troubles lie ahead that cannot be avoided because too many things are clashing.  Opposites cannot be reconciled.  They struggle for supremacy.  Chaos and order.  Heaven and hell.  Good and evil.  These forces shape human history in the constant daily struggle.

Soon, the great battle will come to the surface, breaking through the established order and pouring forth its chaos.  It will seem like a great victory for evil but my children, trained by my words, will understand.  From my teachings, they all know that this first step belongs to evil.  They will know God’s plan of which I have spoken clearly.

There will be a series of events that reveal the deep disorders which lie beneath the surface.  Mankind will awaken and many will realize that they have walked away from faith.  More important, the Church will be deeply shaken.  Doors that have been closed will reopen.  Light will penetrate the prevailing darkness.  It will be a new moment.  I will use the chaos for my purposes and will begin to position the Church for the role I have always intended her to have – the light of the nations.

Comment:  Satan brings about the chaos.  The chaos is not God’s will but He can use it for his purposes.

3. The Turmoil

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Why the delay?  Why do I not just pour out my gifts?  Why do I not intervene in extraordinary ways to bring the world to great faith?  I have already taken these steps.  I have appeared and spoken to many.  I have given the greatest promises and spoken about world events.  But my actions and my words are set aside.

I do not give up.  I press on.  Too much is at stake.  The whole world hangs in the balance.  Many nations are endangered and the lives of millions hang in the balance.  I will continue to speak so all can understand.

I have spoken about events, but I will now use the word turmoil because the events are so close.  The turmoil has not yet begun.  It will be triggered by a single event that is obvious to all.  This will not be the only event.  It will be followed by another event and yet another, with some time intervening between them.  Gradually, the world will realize that this situation is so new.

God will not cause this turmoil but He will use it for His purpose.  Gradually, people will realize that they falsely chose material prosperity.  Some will just be crushed because their dreams are destroyed.  Others, however, who kept alive the light of faith, will experience my touch upon their souls.  They will breathe the air of divine hope and find themselves stirred to return to their religious roots.

I will come to the aid of the Church because great new burdens will have fallen upon her.  In this darkness, I will be her light.  In this turmoil, I will be the safe harbor.  This is the secret I want to reveal.  The Church must lift me up as the Mother of all nations and the guiding star.  If so, the great helps stored in my heart will begin to flow forth.

Comment:  As always, Our Lady offers great hope in the midst of turmoil.

4. The Deluge and the Ark

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The rain, the flood, the deluge.  Is there no safety amid all that will happen soon?  Is the tide of evil just to sweep away everything in sight and claim the whole world?  That is Satan’s plan for this generation, the hope that he has always cherished and the goal of all his actions.

This is Satan’s scenario, the desires flowing from his evil heart.  He has raised up his world leaders who act as his instruments.  He has united the terror groups.  He has weakened the West and covered over their light of faith.  So many parts of his plan are set in place.  Yet, he waits.  It is not yet the time.  The clouds gather but do not yet send down the rain.

Should I stop here as if there is no response from heaven?  Instead, let me pause and ask, “What if there were no heavenly gifts?  What hope would exist for mankind?  What would be its future?  This pause is filled with light.  All my children realize that earth without heaven has little chance against such powerful forces.  How important is the Father’s plan.  How important are all my apparitions and all my promises.  How even more important will be my actions, my helps, my lights and all my heavenly favors.  These words today are my clearest invitation.

I spread before your eyes the great deluge and the great Ark of hope, my heart.  So many are willing to stay outside, believing that there is no need to enter this ark.  My children know better.  Come, I will gather you up quickly and when the rains begin you will not be caught outside.

Comment:  In the past, Our Lady has often spoken of her heart as the Ark.  Now, her invitation is much more urgent.

5. Will Doors Be Opened or Closed?

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When the doors fly open, the wind enters and no one controls where it goes or what it does.  Mankind has opened forbidden doors and now forces are released which he cannot understand or keep in check.  Is it too late?  Is there a path to security and peace?

This is mankind’s current dilemma, although he does not yet grasp this truth.  He moves along with no great sense of his need for heavenly help, or of the crossroads that he will come to.  I speak to awaken, so mankind sees now and acts as quickly as possible.  I have many topics on my heart.

The Iran treaty is a massive door that should never be opened.  Benefits are already accruing to Iran but if the treaty is accepted, the door will open completely and there will be no turning back even if later attempts are made.  How foolish this action.  It is the work of darkness and deceit.

The process of the presidential election is also filled with the greatest darkness.  Candidates come forth for their own selfish interests.  Here, too, the Evil One has his goals and chooses his candidates.  How important is this process and these months leading up to the election.
Pray that I might place my hand upon those who should lead America.

The months ahead will see two important moments for Pope Francis, his coming to America and the October Synod.  The first event is on the surface, filled with publicity and the glare of cameras.  The second lies at the heart of the Church, in the very center of its approach to the family.  How delicate are the discussions and how important are its final decisions.

All of these issues are immanent, right at hand.  All have a definite time frame known to all.  All are vitally important.  Will the doors be kept open or closed?  Will winds be allowed to blow that cannot be controlled?

Comment:  Our Lady comments on human decisions that will soon be made.


Jan Lievens, Mark Stewart, Rogier van der Weyden, Whistler's Nocturnes