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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD FEB. 2012 ★ All will know when it is fulfilled.

258. A Marian Papacy

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Who is able to understand?  Who correctly sees all the forces that are about to clash?  Who can predict the outcome when so much is unknown?  Man faces a very uncertain future and he does not have within his hands those powers needed to control what will happen.

No Longer on the Sidelines
I stand on the sidelines, willing and able to moderate the conflicts and to bring peace, but no one asks.  No one seeks my help.  So, I initiate these messages.  I refuse to stand on the sidelines.  I refuse to watch passively while Satan destroys the earth and kills my children.  I will insert myself into the fray.  I will choose my doors into the arena.  I will not be kept away from the combat.

Did I not stand at the foot of the cross?  Was I not present when that great battle between light and darkness, between heaven and hell, took place?  I was not the main combatant.  Jesus, my Son, was the great warrior, but I stood at his side as he led the army of heaven into victory.

A Pope Son
So, I will stand at the side of another son, a human son, whom I will lift up to the papacy.  No one will doubt who it is.  I will not let him stay in the shadows (even though at present he is covered with the greatest of shadows and is hidden in my heart).  I will bring him forth for all to see.  He will acknowledge completely that I alone have lifted him up to the papacy.  I will put my seal upon him.  He will act only in my name.  He will have a Marian papacy, rooted totally in my promises, especially in the words that I spoke at Fatima.  With this pope, the Age of Mary will come to its total height and will forever be upon the lampstand until the end of time.

Hidden But Promised
When this is accomplished, all the light and power which I have placed in the hearts of many come to fulfillment.  When I fulfill this promise, those who have pushed aside my devotions will see their foolishness.  I say to all, “Pray for this pope son of mine.  He is hidden deeply in my heart because I want nothing to harm him.  Pray that all the startling events take place so that he is raised aloft.  In him the nations will rejoice”.

Comment: Mary makes many promises but this one is so clear.  All will know when it is fulfilled.


260. Satan’s Donkey

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People carry too many burdens.  This is Satan’s plan, to lay heavy burdens on their backs, so they cannot lift their eyes to heaven in thankfulness.  He brings this about because people do not seek my light.

The Burdens
First, he leads them into sin, as if this were an enjoyable thing.  Then, he places the burden of guilt upon them.  Then, he leads them in to debt, and they carry that burden.  Then, he leads them into entangled relationships, from which they cannot extricate themselves.  He leads them into sinful habits that they cannot throw off.  He leads them into addictions that remove their freedom.  This is the state of modern man.  He has become Satan’s donkey, carrying on his back all the evil of hell.  No wonder that he does not praise God.  He cannot even lift his eyes to heaven.  Man can be a friend of the angels but instead has become the lowliest beast of burden – Satan’s donkey, carrying whatever burdens the Evil One places upon his back.

Restoring Freedom
O modern man, turn to me and I will restore your freedom.  I will take away your sins, your guilt, your sinful habits and your addictions.  You cry out, “I cannot live without them.  They are my companions”.  This is the great darkness of your soul.  You think that your burdens are your consolations.  You are dying and you think that the poison you are taking is your medicine.

If you trust me, I can so easily prove you wrong.  However, I need your help.  I need you to renounce just one of your sinful habits.  Choose any one and begin there.  Give it to me.  Forsake it.  Ask my help.  “Mary, help me to leave behind my ______” (whatever it is).  Just say that little prayer many times today.  I will lift that burden from your back and you will take the first step on an important journey from being Satan’s donkey to becoming a friend of the angels.  I promise you, “I will work miracles for you” but I need your help.

Comment:  People are burdened and Mary will set them free.