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Friday, June 12, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 6/8,9/15 ★ It is time for America to take its place

13. The Restored Light of America

I cannot hold back my light.  The time is far too short.  The world does not grasp the true situation and does not see how close is the descending darkness.

Now, the world acts freely, moving about and fulfilling its goals in the usual manner.  When the darkness descends, this freedom will be curtailed and life will be much more limited.  I will mark out the stages.

The beginning darkness of terrorism has set some small limits called security measures.  Little has actually happened, but threats and fears abound.  As terrorism pierces more deeply, the anxieties will increase and life will become more limited.  This is just the early stages of the darkness.  The nations will experience some degree of vulnerability.

As the weapons increase and the penetration grows deeper, the next stage will unfold.  When serious inroads are made into human freedom and society, all the mistakes in making adequate responses will be seen.  However, it will be too late to turn back this darkness which has been allowed to spread.  When the light of faith is so weak and people love only their own individual liberties, it is difficult to have a call to arms.  So, I will attack the darkness from a different angle.  This is why I speak so urgently.

I have spoken of the dawn coming from the West.  It is time for America to take its place, to assume its role.  The full light can only come from America because the faith is extinguished in so many other countries.

America must rise up in my light.  The preachers must raise their voices, the people must respond.  The lines must be drawn.  The light, great light, must go forth.  It is not too late for America.

How important is the Supreme Court and the decisions that will soon be handed down.  These will determine my future strategy of restoring the light to an America that is so precious to my heart.

Comment:  Certainly much darkness has covered America but light still burns strongly in many churches and many hearts.

14. The Two Ways That Our Lady Comes

I cannot wait until the doors open and I am welcomed in.  I will come unannounced showing up wherever I choose.  Is this not true of my apparition sites?  At Lourdes, at Fatima, at Akita, at Rwanda, were these not surprising visits?

I come in two ways.  At times, heaven makes a decision.  God chooses the place and I choose the people.  All is planned ahead of time.  In fact, years of silent and hidden preparation take place, both among all the people and in the hearts of my chosen messengers.  When the perfect moment arrives, I come.  I appear.  I speak.  I give messages.  I instruct so that all know what is expected.  A great gift remains upon that place and upon the messages as they go forth.  The messages are my thousand little lights, spread far and wide.

I also come in ways that are little known.  Again, the gift begins in heaven.  There is a special opportunity or special need which I have taken into my heart.  I go before the heavenly Father and present this need to him.  He can deny me nothing.  Every prayer coming from my heart is always answered.

I first receive the gift in my heart and bring it to earth.  My gifts are not limited.  The person might be totally surprised, not even thinking that such a gift could be given to them.  I come unannounced.  The door was not even open.  All I needed to know was that my gift would be welcomed received and put to good use.

I want you to know this heart of your heavenly Mother.  I want your eyes to be open.  I want you to see the surprising gifts I am always placing in your life.  How can I change the world unless I fill those who love me with every possible gift?

Comment:  The message is so encouraging.  Open your eyes.  Our Lady is trying to fill you with her gifts.