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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 6/6,7/15 ★ those whom Satan coverts the most, his greatest instruments of darkness

11. Penetrating the Economic Darkness

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The highest level of mankind is filled with the greatest darkness.  Those who control the decisions of the nations, those who manipulate the economic systems and those who control the vast means of communications are bathed in the greatest and seemingly impregnable darkness.

My light will penetrate even this upper echelon, those whom Satan coverts the most.  They are his greatest instruments of darkness.  Their decisions affect millions.  Even their smallest decision multiplies Satan’s darkness.

Why should I wait for their overthrow for which people hope?  That will be too late.  My light will penetrate these secret places of Satan and scatter their darkness in surprising ways.  When you see these things happening, you will know that my light has done this.

A few grow wealthy and many grow poor.  Governments cannot address this inequality because they, themselves, are bathed in the darkness of corruption.  Two lights can go forth.  One will touch the hearts of the powerful (Some of them are reading this locution), placing within them the burning desire to change the entire economic system.  They will be my firebrands, speaking out fearlessly and with full knowledge of the economic system.

The second light will destroy and bring down the corrupt rich and replace them with people whose hearts realize the gross evils that have to be changed.

These beginning lights will pierce the highest levels of economic forces which feel secure in the great darkness in which they are allowed to operate.  Pope Francis’ words are just the beginning.  Change comes as my light goes forth.

Comment:  Constantly, Our Lady speaks about “not waiting” and of taking new initiatives now.

12. The Russian Darkness

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Cannot light come down from heaven bursting forth suddenly in unexpected ways?  Heaven is limited, powerless, unable to act.  Only in the mind of man who refuses to allow my words to reveal heaven’s light.

At Fatima (1917), I spoke of the great darkness of Russia, a darkness that was not yet perceived by the world.  How cruel, how powerful, how extensive became this darkness.  For a while, the darkness became a false angel of light.  Many even believed that the conversion of Russia had taken place.

Then, from its dark bowels, Putin arose, able to destroy the democratic structures and gather power to himself.  Now he sits, enthroned in power, a product of Satan’s darkness.  He holds a knife at Europe’s throat.   European leaders feel Russia’s threat.

Putin is not limited by structures.  He acts alone, in a fullness of power, weaving back and forth, like the judo fighter that he is.  The Russian threat cannot be ignored.  Large parts of Europe are endangered.  The West has neither the resolve nor the means to stop him.  The Ukraine is in great danger of collapsing.  Other nations will be threatened, the Russian evil will spread.  Putin sees his moment.  America is weak.  Terrorism grows.  Europe is divided, plagued by economic woes.

I proclaimed this at Fatima and nearly 100 years later, I must proclaim it again.  Russia is the great center of evil, spanning two continents and embracing many cultures.  Now, it marches forward, ready once again to find its place and spread its evils.

Only light from heaven can destroy this satanic darkness.  How foolish has the Church been to set aside my request for Russia’s consecration.  As the Russian evil marches forth, let my words ring out.  “Only the light of my Immaculate Heart can defeat and scatter the Russian darkness.

Comment:  Putin’s rise has confirmed the great wisdom of Fatima which alerted the world to Russian evil.