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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/28-6/1/15 ★ The Breaking Point of History, Soon ISIS will come to Europe, especially to Italy, The West walks on thin ice,

as America now commits suicide

 "To Mary, then, who is the Mother of Mercy and omnipotent by Grace, let loving and devout appeal go up from every corner of the earth -- from noble temples and tiniest temples, from royal palaces and mansions of the rich as from the poorest hut -- from every place wherein a faithful soul finds shelter -- from blood-drenched plains and seas. Let it bear to her the anguished cry of mothers and wives, the wailing of innocent ones, the sighs of every generous heart: that her most tender and benign solicitude may be moved and the peace we ask for be obtained for our agitated world." Pope Benedict XV, May 5,1917, invocation to Most Holy Mary against the dark tide

1. Where Is Mankind?

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Can light enter into this demonic darkness that enslaves the world?  An awakening is needed.  A piercing and comprehensive light that shows man where he is, how he arrived at this point, and, most important, how he can be saved.  What a task.  Yet, I will undertake this work.

Every day, mankind inevitably moves into greater demonic darkness.  He decides but does not see the consequences of his actions.  Having set aside God’s commandments, his only light is his interior disorders.  Nothing restrains them.  He has made himself a god, deciding for himself what is right and wrong.  This is how mankind has come to this moment.

Another force is also at work.  Mankind does not believe in the demonic world and feels no need for God’s powers.  This total blindness allows Satan to have free rein.  The smoke arising from the 9/11 Twin Towers revealed his presence and showed forth his powers to destroy.  Every single moment his powers are destroying the earth.

Such is mankind’s state, lost in darkness, guided by his own inner disorders, subject to satanic powers, and helpless.  Now, would anyone dare declare the greatness of mankind?  Would anyone dare speak of the world’s wisdom?  Mankind has miscalculated, overreached, underestimated his adversary, released disorders, praised his own wisdom, charted his selfish course, set aside almighty God, destroyed his commandments and is totally ignorant of where his journey has taken him.

There is a light, but to follow its road will require much.  I offer a door, but it is narrow, and I provide a safe path, but it is steep.  This is not a journey of one day or one year but it is the only path.  How will the world ever learn this road?  Locutions are not enough.  I must raise up a living voice, known to all, and loved by everyone.  Soon, very soon, I will bring him forth.

Comment: Our Lady, often describing mankind’s failures, always offers her special help.

2. Generations Pass Away

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Human history inevitably moves forward.  The heavenly Father created this mystery of time, with a beginning, an end, and a constant moving on.  Nothing stands still.

Mankind does not grasp how inevitable it is that today will cease to be and must give way to tomorrow.  No one can cling to time, hold on to it or save it up.  No one has time.  Rather, time rules.  Time possesses each person, each nation and the whole world.

Everyone passes away, kings and rulers, rich and poor.  New generations arise because other generations no longer exist.  The world passes into new hands.  It always has new owners, who mistakenly believe that they control the world when really they are just renters, passing through like everyone else.  Each generation changes the flow of history and passes on a world that is changed.  This is the mystery that I must explain.

A generation filled with faith passes on a transformed world, bathed in God’s light.  The new generation is born into the light and knows no darkness.  A generation of darkness has no light to pass on.  The following generation has no experience of the light and is caught up in the powers of darkness.

This is today’s world.  The older generation experienced the light but the younger generation was handed darkness.  The darkness grows and grows.  Lights are extinguished because the secular spirit does not tolerate them.

Here is the question.  How can a generation born into darkness come into the light?  Who can strike a match?  Who can light up the world?  Who is willing to be consumed by a fire so the whole world can see?  This is what I look for, people willing to accept the divine fire placed in my heart.

Let everyone come.  To all I will give my fire.  They will scatter the darkness and offer God’s light once again to the younger generation.  Only I can bring this about.  Any other solution wastes precious time.

Comment:   The new generation receives only darkness.  Only Our Lady’s gift can restore light.

3. Light, Light and More Light

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Light, light and more light.  That is what mankind needs.  First, I must light up the heart.  Then I must light up the path.  Finally, I must light up the goal.  Only then, will the human race have all the light that it needs.

In your heart, God has placed a desire for perfect happiness which only He can fulfill.  This happiness cannot be gained in time.  You cannot be perfectly happy on earth because you are forced to live in time.  All passes away.  One day gives way to another.  One stage of life yields to the next. Your own heart, which yearns for a perfect happiness, cannot achieve that goal on earth.   That is the first light.

What path should you take?  Do not accept what the world offers.  Accepting its invitation and plunging into its pleasures offers only frustration.  One goal gives way to another.  Youth passes.  Situations change.  This is certainly not the path of light.

The true lights are within you, the goals for which God has created you.  To understand these goals you need light, light and more light.  This is what you need and what I promise.  My light will fit your exact situation and be exactly what you need.  You must never walk in darkness.

Comment:  We do not realize how dark is our path and how much we need Our Lady’s light.

4. A Perilous Road

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No one can turn back.  All must move ahead and play a part in human history until their time on earth ceases.  This is the great mystery of human life.  All are joined.  The human race walks together.  All are bound to one another for the short time that each person lives on earth.

When a helplessness and an inevitability set in, people feel trapped.  They are unable to decide because they are dragged along by powerful forces, and feel helpless to reverse the tide.  New and powerful forces have been released.  A harvest sown in the past is now coming to fruition.  I must speak out.

These daily forces push the human race along a very perilous road of its own powers.  It cannot turn away.  The only solution is to reveal a different path, a road of light. But how many can even find this new path?  It is not the mainstream, nor the cultural path taken by society.  Yet the whole future of the human race depends upon millions finding my path of light.  Two things are needed.  First, there must be extraordinary interventions coming from heaven.  Second these interventions must be preceded by extraordinary fervor to prepare for the interventions.

Comment: The human race has passed a point of no return.  What should we do?  We must find Our Lady’s new path.

5. The Growing Unity of Terrorists (Special Locution)

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In the past, I have said three things.  First, the terrorist groups were weak and scattered but they would come together.  The great danger was that they would be united.

Second, that the war in Syria was the fuse for the Middle East explosion.  The Syrian revolution would not end quickly as did the revolution in Egypt but would continue for years.  This lengthy revolution would destroy the structure of stability that did exist in the Middle East and would even erase national boundaries.

Third, the American withdrawal from the Middle East would move up the timetable of destructive events.

All three have happened and  been proved true.  ISIS and other groups affiliated with it, have taken on a new life.  They are virtually unopposed, free from any serious threat to their existence and to their ambitions.  Soon ISIS will come to Europe, especially to Italy and all will realize that ISIS is no longer just a Middle East reality.

Although America is further away, the growing, centralized strength of ISIS in the Middle East will allow it to become a constant enemy of the stability of America.  All of this could be changed if the policies of America would change.  Unfortunately this will not happen.

Comment:  Our Lady highlights two realities, the new reality of unified terrorism and the American policies of withdrawal.

6. The Breaking Point of History

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History comes to a breaking point when all the forces beneath the surface can no longer be contained.  These breaking points call forth a response.  The problem is faced and not put off.  Resources rush to the rescue until some order is restored.

This breaking point has already arrived in the Middle East but the resources are not equal to the task and leaders are unwilling to commit more.  There will be no rescue.  Nations will be divided up and no longer exist.  Refugees will flow from one country to another.  Unimaginable human suffering will occur every day.

An evil has been planted that will grow far beyond what anyone can imagine.  It will build walls of protection so it cannot be easily overthrown.  It will set up its command posts and then ask.  “What new lands will we conquer?”  The taste of a victory obtained so quickly, will only whet the appetite and strengthen the resolve.  This evil takes place right now before your very eyes.

As this new reality emerges, all will see what steps should have been taken.   But it is too late.  The world will have to contend with large areas and great resources in the hands of people who want to control the world and have absolutely no qualms about the means that they use.

Will all of this awaken people?  Not at all.  As long as their own human lives go untouched, day following day as usual, the evil will still seem so far away.  But terrorism is not the only evil that will reach its breaking point.  The West walks on thin ice in so many ways.  Society is not stable and the path ahead is not secure.

Why do I say all of this?  So you can learn to trust my words.  I always speak of a different path, a little road that is hidden in my heart and which can be walked by all who are willing.   I will not abandon the world.  Write these words on your heart.  I will not abandon the world.

Comment:  The Middle East has certainly broken open.  What future breaking points will happen?  We must follow Our Lady.