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Saturday, June 13, 2015

believe whatever you will but I have seen this with my own eyes † Fr. Edward McDonough, Redemptorist priest of Boston ~ CHEIRO MISTERIOSO / MISSIONARINHA ALANI †

Dear brothers & sisters,  
We were part of Father's Ministry. We saw the demons flee when Father laid hands on the tormented; their howls echoing through the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
We saw or brethren fall, slain in the Spirit; the blind regain their sight; the crippled walk. 
With our own eyes we witnessed these things! 
& as for those who doubt & cast aspersions on these miracles; ask yourself: 
who suffers the greatest loss & has the most to fear that all of this be true?!
yours in Jesus & Mary,
the little brother

“I believe the healing gifts are alive in the Christian community-the church as a whole-not just for priests or people with a special gift of healing; my feeling is that every Christian can and should pray for healing. If a person has been given the Spirit, he’s been given the gifts of the Spirit. Most won’t hold huge healing services, but every follower of Christ has the right to pray for healing.”