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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

★ revelaciones marianas ★ Pray for Israel, the Yellowstone volcano, THESE ARE NOT INSTANTS FOR THOSE WHO CONTINUE STAGGERING

“Let the enemy rage at the gate, let him knock, let him push, let him cry, let him howl, let him do worse; we know for certain that he cannot enter, save by the door of our consent.” St. Francis de Sales

I am watching now to see who has a heart for the lost souls. Who among you, My people, is working to bring souls into My Kingdom. These, I shall surely promote and reward greatly in the earth! Wings of Prophecy 5/16/15

Pray for My divine will to be manifest in the hearts of men. Pray for My divine will to triumph over evil forces. Intercede for the Lost. Intercede before My throne of mercy for soon many will appear before My throne of justice. Millions will appear before Me. Pray for repentance to be granted them before their passing. Jabez 5/19/15

13 MAY 2015 revelaciones marianas
(message in part)

 I call you and I find no response; there are a few creatures deciding to take a new path to save themselves.

Evil has placed all its strategies and lies in front of mankind, corrupting the minds of men to lead them away from the purpose of their creation. The man endowed with gifts has used some of them for evil ends. Those who have participated in creating all the things that have led man to fall in satan’s hands and to destroy one another offhandedly, those must repent before the Warning and they must repent with a firm purpose of amendment. 

Pray, My children, for the United States; 
it will suffer at the hands of terrorism and Nature.

The hatred in the hearts of men comes exclusively from evil, which has hardened the human feelings with its poison in order to turn men into executors of the wickedness of the same demons.

Pray, My children, for Israel; it will cry. 

Man’s suffering will intensify as the earth shudders; you’ll see Peoples fall down.

Pray, My children, pray for Japan & for Chile.

My children, lying progresses at a rapid pace, do not get distracted. You can envision the fight between the bear and the eagle, as well as the laments of those who were fed by the eagle who will be betrayed and brought down.


Adveniat regnum tuum.
Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra.

“My beloved, do not fret, do not worry. I hold you in the palm of my hand. Do you think that I would abandon a little one who clings to me? Brush away a child with tear-stained cheeks? Do you not know me? The God of all love is close to the broken-hearted. He does not crush the bruised reed but tenderly carries it close to his heart. He protects and preserves it. He covers it with blessings and allows it, like a very small child, to throw its little arms around his neck. He is overjoyed at this and showers the little one with kisses. My children, there is much more to come. All this does not mean there will be no suffering for the faithful. It means that the suffering will be the soul’s triumph, as my crucifixion was my triumph. Cling to me, my children. Come to me through the Flame of Love and I will not be able to resist you. Your victory is near! Rejoice and be glad!” Pelianito 5/15/15