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Friday, May 22, 2015

Prophecy ~ Three Seconds to Midnight, San Francisco, Brazil

message to Julie - May 19th, 2015

Daughter, you may write, for it is I, your Savior, who stretched forth My hands upon the cross and who died and shed My blood for the sins of all men, for all time, and then rose on the third day.

This is an important concept I wish you to understand and My Bride must learn these deeper mysteries of My Kingdom. She is ready to receive such impartation.

I will speak of the eternal moment of now and the meaning of having faith like a child. When I speak of having this kind of faith, it is a faith that comes so naturally, a faith unquestionable, a faith that does not falter-no matter the external circumstances or situations. It is a deep and abiding level of trust and assurance that what has been spoken and taught is infallible truth. This child-like faith is a deep abiding, an abandonment of all doubt and uncertainty, based on the evidence of the full indwelling of My spirit in you. Pray for this faith My loves as it serves to ground you in Me, the Rock, and keep you from swaying to and from as the winds of change are upon you.

To be still and know I am your God is to have this truth deeply embedded in your hearts. The more turbulent all is becoming around you, the greater the intensity of this, My peace and My security within. Do you see how this faith will carry you through any and all challenges and will propel you deeper and deeper into intimacy with Me? This faith is not only understanding Our relationship with your minds, but knowing Me in your spirits. This knowing that neither life nor death, angels or principalities, powers or forces of darkness, sickness, famine or plague could ever separate you from the love I have for you. We My loves, are One in Our Father and One in spirit and in truth.

When this level of faith is exhibited, you are called My over-comers. Many are the promises I have for those who will overcome. I will teach you from the Tree of Life and you will forever be with Me in My Kingdom. I will give you victory over life and over death, and no manner of evil will ever prevail against you. It is given unto you, My over-comers, to rule and reign with Me in My Kingdom and righteousness and justice will prevail. You will be victors in the eyes of the One and only sovereign God of All, Our Father Adonai and Elohim.

Now, as to the eternal moment of now, I will explain. As you grow into this deep faith in Me, you will then understand My words about being anxious over nothing. You will learn to never look behind you into the past, nor will you be concerned of thoughts for your future for you will know as truth in your hearts that I have all of your tomorrows. Just as I clothe the birds in the sky and provide for all the needs of My precious creatures, will I not look after your every need as well? It is written and it shall be so.

So hence, this deep faith allows you to stay always in the eternal moment of now, as in My Kingdom there is no such thing as time. You are then able to focus on being with Me fully in the now, not looking forward, not looking behind you, but abiding in My heart while experiencing true, great tranquility. Man defines this thing of 'time' in a linear fashion, placing the focus on moving from point to point, task to task. To understand this deeper mystery, know that My ways are not man's ways. As you move into deeper levels of faith and maturity in Me, instead of moving in a linear fashion, you learn more of Me by the expansion of love with Me in your hearts. Maturing in Me is an ever increasing and expanding of Our hearts as you are drawn into the fullness of who I am within you.

Think of this as a pebble thrown into the water. The ripples extend out from the center in small rings but then radiate out in ever growing and ever expanding waves that carry themselves outward continually. In My Kingdom, the expansion of Our love will never stop growing and becoming more and more radiant. Do you see the many, many ways in which I am limitless? Knowing Me is a continual expansion of your hearts.

And so I wish for you to pray and spend time with Me asking for the greater understanding and clarity of what I am speaking here today. This is very important now for My people to understand with all that is coming your way. To whom much is given, much is required but in Me your reward is sure. Grasp this concept now My loves, and allow Me to use you to teach others. Go now in My peace and My love.


A few hours later, I was shown the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit, the Wedding Banquet, and the armies of Heaven. Everything was overlaid with gold. I saw the streets of gold, and all the angels and their battle accouterments were gold and when I asked Father what the gold represented, Father said it was His glory and that is was coming down! I was then shown meteors and fire falling from Heaven, earthquakes, disasters of all kinds, volcanoes erupting, and the US splitting open in many places. I saw terror cells in many cities detonating weapons. Father said, "America Babylon the whore is fallen".

He talked about how important it was to understand what He is teaching here. We are to use the wisdom and knowledge He has given us to teach others. Together We will draw souls to Him.

"Who is worthy to receive all praise, honor and glory? Only His Majesty, the King of Kings, the Lamb who was slain. He alone is worthy. He is Emmanuel, the promised of ages. Open your gates, lift up your voices, sing praises to Him who is seated on the Throne. Prepare your hearts for My soon return.. The train of My robe fill the temple with glory."

Then I was shown a clock, and the hour was midnight. The clock had a seconds hand as well as the hour and minute hands. The hour and minute hands were both on midnight, and the seconds hand was at three seconds to midnight. I asked Father if this was really the seconds hand, and He said it was. Then Father said," It is only My mercy which holds the seconds back. I have anointed your tongues to preach My good news and placed salve over your eyes so that you may know the mysteries of My Kingdom. I have given you a new name, you are My sealed and My anointed, and your names are engraved in the palm of My hand.

The vision and words were then over.
[Scripture verses associated with this message can be read here.]

Pray for San Francisco - Message to Littlest of Servants

in the sky above Mexico City on May 21, 2015

Brazil is becoming an ungrateful people and one disobedient to the Divine Laws [às Leis de Divinas]. Accept God's call, my children, otherwise the waters of the oceans will rise up, the land will tremble and Brazil will break in two. Pray, pray, pray! message(in part)to Edson Glauber 5/16/15