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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/8-11/15 ★ the great daughter of Israel & the greatest work of the Spirit, Mankind is locked into a battle that it cannot win. The foe is too intelligent & too powerful

3. The Gift of the Locutions

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All is being swept away.  Now, mankind comes face to face with an enemy which has for so long lurked in the shadows.  The heart of man realizes that something is not right.  Human history should not go from one crisis to the next.  Usually, periods of peace follow the great victories of war.  This is not the way human history has unfolded in these recent decades.  Even before a crisis is solved another emerges, like children giving birth to new children.  Now, the truth must be faced.

Mankind is locked into a battle that it cannot win.  The odds are too great.  The foe is too intelligent and too powerful.  Devoid of faith, mankind does not see or understand.  So, I must pull back the veil.  Let my words open your eyes.  They are not words of fear but of hope.  I am with you.  The heavenly Father has sent me.  I have appeared in many places and I speak every day.  Let all of this be a sign to you.

As human history plunges from one crisis to the next, as the events unfold, all will need the greatest of faith.  Some will try to have this faith and will fail.  Others will be wise.  Instead of trying to have faith, they will just come to me.  These locutions will have taught them the way.  They will enjoy light because they are strengthened by these locutions.  O little ones, just read and read.  Read these locutions every day.  In this way, hope will enter your heart.  Light will fill your mind.  The events will not confuse you or cause you fear.   Little do you know all that I have accomplished in your hearts by your fidelity to these locutions.

Comment:  By reading the locutions each day, we gain Our Lady’s faith and hope.

4. The Age of the Holy Spirit

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I do not want violence and war, the collapse of structures nor the destruction of nations. Human life is too precious to be swept away.  The heavenly Father is infinitely patient, always foreseeing the good which can come forth from evil.  This is the great mystery of Jesus’ death.  The Father allowed his own creatures to torture and to kill his Son.  Study this mystery of the cross and you will easily learn God’s plan.

Jesus did not come to Jerusalem like a conquering general, ready to use force and power.  He came as the Messiah, containing within himself the great mystery of God’s Holy Spirit.  He had already told the apostles that it was important for him to die, to go, to leave, to return to the Father so the Paraclete could come.  Only the Holy Spirit would forever change human history.
See Jesus’ death in this light.   The gospel says, “He bowed his head and sent forth his spirit”.  Later, after rising from the dead, Jesus “breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’”.

I must speak of the Holy Spirit, my spouse, who came upon me twice.  First, he formed in me the physical body of Jesus.  Then, at Pentecost, as the disciples gathered with me, he came again and formed the mystical body of Jesus, the Church.

This is the great mystery.  He who finds me, finds the Holy Spirit.  He who comes to me, receives the Holy Spirit.  So often I proclaim that the heavenly Father has brought me forth in this Final Age as his special plan for world peace.  I am not the source of world peace.  World peace comes only from the Holy Spirit.  He is a wind that blows where he will, but he is also a Person who has chosen to abide in my Immaculate Heart.  I will speak much more because this must become the Age of the Holy Spirit.

Comment:  Many often forget the close relationship between Our Lady and the Holy Spirit.

5. Mary-Possessed By the Holy Spirit

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The time is so short and so many preparations must still be made.  We must move along quickly.  The fastest path is to understand the Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit.  So often, the Spirit is put aside, as if he is a wind, or a dove.  These were just symbols to express a certain aspect of the Spirit.

Jesus gave the Spirit his real title, the Paraclete.  He explained the Spirit’s tasks and even said that it was important that He go to the Father so the Spirit could come.  “I have come to cast fire on the earth”, Jesus said.  He fulfilled his promise when the Spirit’s tongues of fire descended upon all of us gathered in the Upper Room.

When I speak of God’s help, or God’s presence, I am speaking of a new reality.  Just as Jesus died in history, so there was a moment in history when the Holy Spirit was poured out.  This is the mystery which I want to take into my hands and share with you.

From the first moment of my conception, the Holy Spirit possessed me.  I was his first born in time.  He had already been working among the prophets, kings and people of Israel, but none of them, even the great King David, did he fully possess.  I was the summit, the great daughter of Israel and the greatest work of the Spirit until that moment.

How the Spirit cherished me. Each moment He filled with more divine life than the previous moment.  Always, he was lifting me up to the greatest divine union, day after day, year after year.  All was done perfectly, without a single lapse. Not  a single outpouring of his divine fire was lost.  I kept all things in my heart.

Higher and higher he lifted me, into depths of the Trinity unknown to any saint and hidden even from the angels.  Finally, he brought me to a place of the Trinity where I heard words, not mystical words that cannot be expressed but simple words that even a child can understand, “You will conceive and bear a son, and you shall call him Jesus”.  God used an angel to say those words but they were really said as my soul was in the most hidden and secret place of all – the inner life of the Father, Son and Spirit.

Comment:  Our Lady explains her own life with the Spirit.

6. Human History and the Holy Spirit

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Every gift flows out to mankind from the inner life of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  If these gifts were ever to cease, all of creation would end immediately.  First of all, from this inner life, came creation.  Then, the Word of God came forth, conceived in my womb and born at Bethlehem.  Then, as the beginning of the Final Age, the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles.

Has everything been given?  Can God bring forth nothing new?  Quite the opposite.  Once the Spirit was given, the door to all that is new was permanently opened. The Spirit who spoke from time to time to the Old Testament prophets, and from time to time stirred the kings of Israel to action, came and abided upon the world.

His new presence was quickly perceived as the apostles praised God in new tongues, preached fearlessly and worked miracles in Jesus’ name.  Such was the new life flowing out to all who were baptized.  These were proofs of the new abiding presence of the Holy Spirit upon creation.

The Spirit now abides in history to bring forth the new and to renew the face of the earth. He is the Father’s gift to preserve the Church until the end of time.  He is, especially, the permanent presence of the Father and Jesus, inserted forever into human history.  These are the mysteries which I must explain because no one understands.

Human history can never be totally lost because Jesus has buried the Holy Spirit in the heart of history.  His power goes forth every moment.  The Holy Spirit is the Father’s promise that human history will never, never be destroyed by human hands.  It will exist until Jesus comes again.  However, a gigantic question looms.  How is the power of the Holy Spirit released into human history?  This I will explain.

Comment:  Out Lady provides a unique teaching on the Holy Spirit’s role in history.