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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/14-18/15 ★ these are the most dangerous moments in human history, the role of Pope Francis, Fr. Gruner, the triumph of my Immaculate Heart has begun.


1. Three Thoughts of Our Lady’s Heart

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I must move deeper into the feelings and hopes of my heart.  I want all to join me there so that the darkness will not overcome.  Much of the darkness is easy to see because it comes forth in violence but I must bring to light the hidden darkness which is more dangerous.

First, there are the alliances, the bonds between those dedicated to violence.  They plan.  They share resources.  They march together (each for his own selfish end).  I spoke before of this “coming together” that would move terrorism to the next level.

Second, I must speak of the West, with its economic prowess.  Here, also, are alliances.  Powerful and rich leaders are dedicated to their selfish interests.  They control.  They are always in charge.  To manipulate wealth is to murder.  When the poor are condemned to live their whole lifetime in squalor, without access to medicines that could save their lives, is this not murder from above?  When poor nations are saddled with unpayable interest rates, do not many people die of starvation?  These unholy alliances of the rich and powerful constitute just another form of violence – economic violence.

Finally, I come to my Church and a pope who tries to lead the Church to the margins, to the poor and the outcasts.  Follow him.  When the Church is aligned with the poor, it will become more and more a Church of my heart.  No one else stands there.  No one else goes there.  The poor are forgotten, an afterthought, given the worst scraps left over from the tables of the rich.  Much can be done.  If the poor are fed, I will provide a surprising abundance.  If the world invites all the poor to the table, great calamities will be avoided.

Comment:  Our Lady’s three thoughts are very crucial to world politics.

2. The Role of Pope Francis

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 I want to speak of the great mystery of the papacy and what is happening before your very eyes.  World leaders are being plunged more and more into darkness because they, and their people, have abandoned the light of faith.  Everything is secular and technological, while the human hearts desperate need of God is ignored.

However, there are many lights of faith, the strongest of which is the papacy.  Pope Francis sees these many lights and tries to gather them together so they might shine as one.  By reaching out and involving others, he is protecting himself.  He does not try to stand as a lonely figure, but welcomes all the lights to join together.

He also knows the issues that are important to people of good will  By addressing these issues, he also puts forth an invitation to faith.  In this way, even more join him, sometimes in spectacular breakthroughs.  All of this serves a purpose.  The papacy is constantly lifted higher and higher and there accrues to the office greater and greater moral authority.

All of this is my plan which will culminate in the next pope who will be filled with an even greater wisdom and who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.

You can see that all of these events are so very close.  Everything will happen so quickly.  You must know that I am with you and you must draw closer to me every day.  There is so much more to say.

Comment:  Amid the darkness of the world scene, we can see Our Lady’s plan unfolding in Pope Francis.

3. Father Gruner and the Wine of Fatima

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Everything is locked up, awaiting its time.  Some forces (good and evil) are never released.  I want to explain these mysteries.

Every moment, graces flow from the Trinity to the world.  However, many graces lie unopened.  Their time comes and their time goes.  They never bless humanity.  This causes many other blessings also to be lost because one blessing is meant to prepare for another.

So that the blessing of Jesus would not be lost, the Holy Spirit perfectly prepared my heart, and I received the world’s Savior without any diminution of the gift.  The gift of Jesus came perfectly, both in its power and in its time – the fullness of time.  The Church was born on Pentecost at the right time.  After that, graces were always given at the right time, like Jesus’ appearance to Paul on the way to Damascus.  Every grace had its moment in God’s time and every generation was to accept its moment in history.

For this present generation, God has gifts, perfect gifts, at just the right moment.  Their time comes.  If accepted, the gifts open and bless.  If rejected, the gifts die, like withered grapes that have never been sent to the winepress.

The great gift for this time is Fatima and for so long it has remained on the vine.  The priest who spoke out so fearlessly has died, yet his message lives.  If only my gift had been received by willing hands, I would gladly have allowed it to be crushed and its blessings pour out like wine.  Now it withers.  A time will come when the wine of Fatima will flow into human history.  Many will say that much time has been lost.  That is true.  However, during this century, many forces of evil have also not been opened.  Otherwise, there would be no humanity to receive the Fatima gift.  All is not lost.  The Father has many ways to bring about his plans.

Comment:  Our Lady mentioned a priest who spoke out fearlessly.  This was Father Gruner. 

4. The Key to Mary’s Heart

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The piercing of my heart began when I presented Jesus in the temple.  This piercing will continue until the end of time.  I accept this suffering for the good of my children.  Now, I reveal the great piercings caused by today’s world.  Enter into my heart and see its piercings.

So many of my baptized children lay wounded along the wayside, unable to complete their journey and so in need of the Good Samaritan.  So many cultures are bathed in darkness where the name of Jesus cannot be pronounced.  So many weapons are waiting to fall into the hands of those who would use them quickly.  So many leaders have hearts which I do not own.  So many of my children are deprived of my light and are unable to see clearly the right road.  So much money spent by the rich.  So many poor shunted aside by false economic systems.

The list can go on.  I could speak about each nation and the piercings which they cause.  I could speak about each world leader or describe each of their failures.

I say all of this so you can see the innumerable piercings of my heart.  All of these I would gladly accept a thousand times over if only my light was going forth to the world.  My greatest suffering is that the light does not go forth.  It is still locked in my heart.  Has no one a key?  Can no one open the door?  Must I carry the light of God and realize that it will never light up the world?

I have given this key to my chosen son.  I have guarded him and he has guarded the key.  Someday, all the light in my heart will be released upon a world that has fallen into darkness.  The whole world will know, beyond any doubt, that the triumph of my Immaculate Heart has begun.

Comment:  Our Lady  uses the powerful symbol of a pierced heart that carries light for the whole world, but most be opened.

5. The Financial Scandals

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In the greatness of my sorrows, I pour out all that is upon my heart, the burdens which I carry.  Come, share my  sorrows and understand.

So many evil powers have found their way into human life.  These powers, joined to the improved means of communication and the great destructive weapons that are now available, make for a deadly mix.  They have brought the world to this point which most people can understand, the most dangerous moments in human history.  Even this is not the greatest burden which I carry.

My greatest sorrow is the blindness that has entered my Church, coupled with intrigue and the joining of forces that has had its own agenda.  Hearts unite around the selfish goals of a desire for power and a lifestyle not in keeping with the gospel.  Yes, I must say it clearly.  Networks of evil penetrated the Church.  With their hearts consumed by these earthly goals, they formed groups which used the Church instead of serving the Church.  All of this is not new.  The headlines have revealed the financial scandals.

These networks were not devoted to me.  These people carried no true devotion to my Immaculate Heart.  While intent on their own financial security and funding their lifestyles, they set me aside and rejected my gifts.

Pope Francis is confronting these evils and bringing about financial responsibility.  I will bless these efforts.  When the darkness of greed is swept away, the Church will realize that the great gifts of my Immaculate Heart must be exalted.

Comment:  Our Lady links the Church’s financial scandals with the setting aside of devotion to her Immaculate Heart.