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Friday, May 15, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/12,13/15 ★ Satan already knows his defeat. He rages, & increases his attacks

his desperation is total - Claim your miracles, Beloved. Claim what is rightfully yours. Satan has robbed you of many blessings. He will now be forced to restore all that he has destroyed in your lives. I will soon chain him in the Abyss for all eternity.

7. The Spirit Restores All of Mankind

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The time is so near at hand.  What can mankind look to for his security?   This is why I must teach and explain.

The Holy Spirit is the Father’s hidden gift.  He assumes no human nature as Jesus did because his role is quite different.  He acts everywhere and at once.  He is not limited by national boundaries.   He is not dependent upon human means of communication.  His power breaks forth anywhere and everywhere.

He can use those who do not know him.  He helps the lowly and controls the powerful.  He shapes history even when he is not invoked.  Those are the secret and hidden acts of the Spirit.  They are great but severely limited when people do not know him.

His power is much greater upon those who understand and invoke his help.  He teaches people about his gifts and instructs them in his powers.  As they welcome him and invoke him, his presence and powers multiply.  This is the heavenly Father’s dream and the hope of Jesus.  The whole world and all of human history, both creation and mankind, were meant to return, as far as possible, to the original creation in the Garden of Eden.  Mankind was meant to be filled again with grace and preternatural gifts.

This great return was prefigured in Jesus’ ministry.  The sick were healed.  The possessed were freed.  The dead came back to life.  That was just a small picture of what would happen all over the world when the Spirit would come and the gospel was preached.  God’s power would be unleashed within human history.

When I speak of my Immaculate Heart and the great benefits that will flow out to the world, I am really speaking about the Holy Spirit.  He, alone, is the Sanctifier, the one who makes all things new.

When I speak of a New Age, I am speaking about the Holy Spirit.  When I make promises, I am speaking about the Holy Spirit.  All of my apparitions are really gifts coming from this Spirit of Jesus.  Even these locutions flow from his lips.  So much more to teach.

Comment:  Our Lady provides an excellent theology of the Holy Spirit which brings unity into the diversity of the Spirit’s actions.

8. The Holy Spirit and Fatima

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The Father sent Jesus into human history to save mankind from both the powers of darkness and from human evil.  The concluding moment of divine grace would be the sending of the Holy Spirit, the definitive promise of the Father that He would never abandon human history.

The Holy Spirit manifested his coming in great signs.  His coming was not hidden.  All of Jerusalem was made aware and thousands were baptized.  The gift was faithfully recorded and is known to everyone.

What does this mean to modern man, as he falls into one crisis after another and as the stakes grow even greater?  Mankind has gained for himself the most destructive powers ever known.  He holds in his own hands the capacity to destroy himself.  He is prodded along this path by Satan, with whom he willingly cooperates.

I am revealing another person, the Holy Spirit, deliberately sent into human history as the Father’s response to evil.  I want to awaken everyone.  I want all to  know the Holy Spirit.  He waits, like a gigantic fire, ready to be poured out for the world’s salvation.

Whoever restrains me, restrains the Holy Spirit.  Whoever sets me aside, sets aside the Holy Spirit.  Whoever invokes me begins to enjoy my Spouse.  Whoever exalts me, finds the Holy Spirit.

This is the great mystery that I am trying so desperately to reveal.  98 years ago today, I appeared at Fatima.  It took a while for the three children to understand.  It took even longer for the people to believe.  Gradually, faith spread.  Month after month, more came.  The communist authorities destroyed some of the gift but the people’s faith continued to grow.

The Dance of the Sun, and all the phenomena that accompanied it, came from the Holy Spirit.  After that, wherever Fatima was exalted, the Spirit was free to act.  When Fatima was set aside, my spouse, the Holy Spirit could do no great works there.  What should have been a century filled with the powers of the Holy Spirit, became instead a century of darkness.  When the Catholic Church understands and sets the Fatima gift on the lampstand, the full age of the Holy Spirit will begin.

Comment:  Mary shows the relationship of the Holy Spirit with her great feast of Fatima.