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Sunday, April 5, 2015

"The sky grew darker & the stars appeared to cast a red & lurid light,"

"However, the darkness continued to increase, and everyone excepting Mary and the most faithful among the friends of Jesus left the Cross. When the darkness increased to such a degree that it was impossible to distinguish the countenance of one from that of the other, they were seized with fear, horror, and dread. The High Priests endeavored to maintain order and quiet. All the lamps were lighted; but the confusion became greater every moment, and Annas appeared perfectly paralyzed with terror.

There was what seemed like an eclipse. The birds flew low and other animals hid themselves or uttered mournful cries; Pilate remarked that the events were "not common in the course of nature."

"As the darkness continued to grow more and more dense, the silence became perfectly astounding," contended Emmerich. "Everyone appeared terror-struck. Some looked at the sky, while others, filled with remorse, turned toward the Cross, smote their breasts, and were converted.

"The disc of the sun was of a dark-yellow tint, rather resembling a mountain when viewed by moonlight, and it was surrounded by a bright fiery ring; the stars appeared, but the light they cast was red and lurid; the birds were so terrified as to drop to the ground; the beasts trembled and moaned. Stillness reigned around the Cross. Jesus hung upon it alone: forsaken by all -- disciples, followers, friends, His Mother was even removed from His side [for a short time]; not one person of the thousands upon whom He had lavished benefits was near to offer Him the slightest alleviation of His bitter agony."
 Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) Mystic, Stigmatist, Visionary, and Prophet