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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/6-11/15 ★ Let all be revealed so that the Evil One cannot destroy the truth or bring about confusion, The great battle will begin. war, the greatest of wars, The situation is critical

3. Our Lady’s Constant Activity

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You do not see the wind or where it blows.  Such is the mystery of my presence among you, a mystery which I will explain so you can fully understand.

I am at work everywhere.  Nothing escapes my gaze and my touch.  I work in the hearts of the good and the evil, always shaping events, trying to mitigate violence and lead my children to safety.  I will act this way until the end of time.

This is a special age, when I want to bring forth my greatest works.  Because these are so needed, I must speak each day.  First, so my children know I am so close.  Second, so that they can understand with the greatest clarity.  Although at times, she must take them in her arms, does not a mother guide her children mostly by her words?

If the children listen, her words are enough and they are safe.  Do not be surprised by all these words and do not fear that I will cease to speak.  When the danger grows, my words will multiply.  Read them, trust them; walk by them.

Even though I have worked diligently in the hearts of evil people, they have been able to unite their evils and become a greater force.  Technology aids them greatly and they expand their appeal. The gravest danger lies in Iran which so quickly spread its influence and now has gained a treaty that will cover over, not expose, its plans.

I work and work and work, knowing exactly what to do, but limited by man’s free will to choose evil and not to cooperate with good.  This is my message to you.  Never share in evil nor help its goals.  Always be ready to multiply good.  Realize how active I am in your life.  If you awaken to me, you will do great good, far beyond your own powers.

Comment:  Our Lady is working every minute, in every place and in every heart.  How good to be aware of this.

4. A Heart Without Walls

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There are no walls in my heart.  All are one.  All come to the center in the greatest joy and oneness.  It is Satan who separates and divides, pitting one group against another, always creating enemies and sowing suspicion.

The human race is meant to be God’s family.  Instead, it is being torn apart into endless division that will lead to greater and greater acts of violence and then, war, the greatest of wars.

This is the path of mankind, who is helplessly attracted to violence.  Violence is met with violence.  Weapons are matched with the new and greater weapons.  This is not recent.  Mankind has walked this path for decades, multiplying arms, robbing the poor of the food so as to feed the arms race.  Weapons are everywhere.  Even the young have access.  Nations supply other nations and try to balance their budgets by arms sales.  Can all these seeds of violence be constantly sown without having a harvest of war?

Only in my heart are all one.  Only in my heart is violence detested and weapons set aside.  Who can touch the hearts of the people?  Whose voice is powerful yet gentle to say “Set aside your weapons”?   Who can bring about peace?  I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and I want peace.  The path to peace is not more wars to destroy more enemies.  The path to peace lies in my Immaculate Heart.

Do not be surprised if I act in new ways.  The situation is critical.

Comment:  At this point, no one foresees the end to world violence. Our Lady must act. 

5. Entering Mary’s Heart

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These words flow from my heart’s center.  They contain light and power.  So, I will let them flow ceaselessly.  By these words, I draw you into my heart.  “Where do these words come from?” you ask.  Hear the words and seek the source of these words.  In the center of my heart, you will find a blazing fire of love, placed there by the heavenly Father.   At this moment, you are discovering the mystery.  All is being revealed.  What do you see in this fire?

You see all the blessings placed there by God.  You see all the solutions to the world’s problems.  You are brought into the center of all that I have said.  You have arrived.  No need to travel any further.  You have found Jesus, the Word who reveals the Father and in whom, all history will be consummated.  Yes, by my words going forth from my heart, I have led you to this very special moment.  You have followed the echo and have discovered the Word Himself.

Stay here with me for just a moment.  What is taking place within you?  This place is different from all others.  My heart is pure, filled with peace.  No sin has entered because the fire was here from the first moment of my existence.  This place is like no other you have ever experienced and the fire which burns at its center is the source of all creation and all life.

All who enter my heart and experience this fire are filled with hope.  They also know the only power which can bring peace to the world and save it from destruction.  This locution has gone beyond words.  The words were merely the path leading you to experience the great mystery.  Always treasure this gift.
Comment:  By her words, Our Lady bestows a mystical experience.  Read the locution as often as you want.  It will always bestow the same experience.

6. The Hidden Light

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My joys are always surrounded by sorrows.  In this world, the two are mixed together and seemingly cannot be separated.  Those who follow me will not fear.  I will be with them.

My greatest sorrow is the darkness which is coming upon the world, entangling so many in violence, disrupting lives and tearing apart whole cultures.  Will nothing remain standing?  Who dares to claim that any nation will remain in the light?  Who can claim that they are safe, above the fray and able to continue without fear?

All is imperiled by different forces of evil, some from within and others from without.  Evil knows which doors are left open and what weaknesses are vulnerable.  No nation stands as a light upon the mountain, able to guide the world and keep it safe.  All are corrupted and weakened.  The torch of faith has been left behind, at the very moment when darkness comes and all the other lights are being extinguished.

This is my sorrow.  Where is the light?  Who carries the torch?  No one.  All follow other lights and these lights will soon be extinguished.

One light will not be put out or even dimmed.  That light is still hidden.  I have never allowed it to be exposed.  This light is totally unknown, both to the world and even to the Church.  The hiddenness has kept it safe so no wind can blow out its flame.  Only as the world falls into darkness will I slowly, ever so slowly, bring this light forth.  Suddenly, the light will be set upon the lampstand and the darkness will have an enemy capable of dispelling it.  The great battle will begin. Seemingly, the darkness will put out the light (just as Satan killed Jesus), but God will restore the light to the whole world.  This is what is taking place in these world events.  In this hour of darkness, the light will remain hidden until it is time to come forth.

Comment:  Our Lady goes far beyond what we see in these world events to speak of her hidden light.

1. The Complicated Phenomena of Evil

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The time has come for the whole world to know the great secrets.  Let all be revealed so that the Evil One cannot destroy the truth or bring about confusion in the hearts of those who believe.

There will be two groups of people, those who try to walk by natural light and those who have received my light.  The natural light will slowly dim as the world is cast into greater and greater darkness.  What people placed their hopes in and on what they relied for security will be taken away.  My light will grow greater and stronger as these natural lights are put out by the Evil One.  So, let me begin to reveal the great secrets.

The time is very short.  I have acted in powerful ways to delay and delay the darkness, but there are too many forces in too many places.  If one is held back, then the other is allowed to come forth.  Often one evil opposes another, as can be seen by the conflicts in the Middle East in which one terrorist group wars against another.  Suppressing one natural enemy allows another to flourish.  Evil is a very complicated phenomenon, not easy to understand because it violates truth.  Satan often allows one evil to be attacked so a greater evil will come forth.  This is why the undiscerning mind, devoid of my light, often becomes Satan’s instrument.

Minds and wills guided by only natural light will inevitably be the unwitting causes of greater evil.  Only hearts bathed in God’s light can see the true path to peace.  Expediency always takes the wrong road.  Faith alone shows the way.  That is why I must reveal the great secrets, even if only a few will accept my words.

Comment:  Our Lady shines a great light on what is happening as Iran seemingly is defeating ISIS, but is establishing its own kingdom.

2. Why Heaven Must Wait

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The time is not yet ready for the full saving action of God’s power to flow forth from my Immaculate Heart.  How I wish the world and the Church were ready.  However, to pour out the fullness of my gifts at this time would not have the effects that are needed.

I will explain the visions of my heart.  The world is not ready because it has not yet come to the brink of hopelessness.  The full darkness has not descended.  If I were to release all of these graces and destroy all the evils, the world would not realize that anything truly of heaven had done this.  It would attribute the changes to natural causes and go merrily along its way.

Much more important, the Church is not ready.  The great expectancy about the gifts flowing from my heart is not present.  In spite of all my apparitions and revelations, the Church is not awake.  Few realize that the Father has placed these mysteries in my heart.  Few seek them avidly and there is no great, widespread fervor centering on my Immaculate Heart.  The Church looks in other directions for answers or sees itself as passive and helpless, not realizing its power or that the true path to world peace lies in these mysteries that I am revealing.

How much Jesus wanted to begin his ministry to Israel, but he had to wait.  First, the Baptist had to appear and prepare the way of the Lord.  Only when the fervor of Israel had been stirred did Jesus know that it was His time to appear at the Jordan and be baptized by John.

These are the mysteries, the way heaven interacts with earth.  Heaven cannot just pour out its gifts.  Earth must be looking and searching, so the gifts are welcomed.  These are the mysteries.

Comment:  Our Lady tries to enlighten us about our role in preparing for her gifts.