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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/2-5/15 ★ keep your eyes on Jerusalem, Satan eyes it with envy & jealousy, Only that city still holds the divine blood in its soil

It is when you see all about you falling into ruin
- message to pelianito 4/4/15

Nehemiah 9:6-7 And Ezra said: “You are the Lord, you alone; you have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host; the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. To all of them you give life, and the host of heaven worships you. You are the Lord.”

“My beloved children, victory is near! It is when you see all about you falling into ruin that the triumph is most near. Do not despair; do not lose hope, but always and everywhere place your trust in me. Be like our Mother at the foot of the cross, she who did not lose faith even for one second. Unite your will to hers as she united hers to mine. This is a sure way to live in the Divine Will. Children, I am blessing you and my Mother is blessing you. Rejoice! I have conquered, and I will conquer again!”
O my Jesus, I place all my trust in your merciful Heart. Thank you for blessing us! In your mercy, allow us to be channels of your blessing to all those we encounter, so that hope and trust in you may spread wherever we go. Blessed Mother, thank you for your care. Please pray for us. Jesus and Mary, we love you! Amen.

9. Jerusalem in God’s Plan

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Listen to my sorrows and learn of my deepest wounds.  These come from the Church.  How close I have held my Church for all of these centuries.   I saw it detached from its Jewish roots.  I watched it severed in two, East and West, and then cut again into Protestant and Catholic.  Each of these divisions wounded me deeply.  How I want all to believe in Jesus and be one.

This must take place in Jerusalem, as the passion of my Son is relived, as blood is shed in love for Israel and as Jerusalem becomes the home of all truly revealed religions, united in full diversity of worship and cultures, rejoicing in a unity that I have final brought about.

These are the hidden secrets of my heart.  I speak so all can understand what is truly taking place.  Only in Jerusalem, was Jesus’ blood shed and the nations redeemed.  Only that city still holds the divine blood in its soil, the blood that both purifies and unites, the blood that alone can wash away division and unite the nations.

In the new era of faith, when all believe, they will naturally turn their eyes to Jerusalem as the holy city, the city of cities, the heavenly city which alone can unite the world in faith.

In all of the Middle East turmoil, keep your eyes on Jerusalem.  The heavenly Father always regards it with love and Satan eyes it with envy and jealousy.  Jerusalem is both the prize and the reason for the turmoil.  Now it faces new dangers.

Comment:  The Middle East events can be understood by all who realize how the Evil One wants Jerusalem to be destroyed.

10. I Am Already Among You

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Mary   (Good Friday)

I have poured out the sorrows of my heart and revealed its deepest secrets.  Now, I must bring this to a conclusion.

Many are confused and scared by the world events.  Their eyes are opened.  They see that technology cannot promise peace.  The world is safe only when human hearts are not filled with evil and when hatred does not control human decisions.

People see that these problems will not be resolved soon.  They can see that evil grows and the climax has not been reached.  They do not know what lies ahead and they feel helpless in the face of powers far beyond their control.

They welcome my words, knowing that I will watch over them and that the heavenly Father has given me the task of guiding human history.  They have found new faith and a great confidence.  They experience fear from world events and hope from my words.

Let me end on this note of hope.  I am already present in the world events.  Without my intercession, they would have already destroyed the earth.  I have constantly pushed back the plans of the Evil One and delayed the hour so I can prepare my little ones.  I will continue to push back and to mitigate, never allowing Satan’s evil to hit full force.

Now, I come to the great secret.  Every heart must watch for me.  I am coming, in little ways and big ways.  Already, I have begun.  No need to wait for some future moment that will never happen.  By then, it will be too late.  My presence and my gifts are already upon you and your family.  This is my message.  I am already among you, preparing you for the hour.

Comment:  Our Lady gives this locution on Good Friday, which Jesus always called “the Hour”.

1. A Mother’s Loving Truths

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Because this time is so precious and so short, I must speak clearly and all must listen attentively until all of the truths and mysteries are engraved in your hearts.  With this light, you will not falter, even in the great darkness.  Inscribe these truths in your souls.

First, I am with you, every moment and in very special ways.  Second, I will never abandon you and I will see you through the darkness.  Third, I will raise up my Church in a great light, a surprising light.  In the darkness, the Church will become ever more faithful.  Finally, never lose hope.  When the darkness comes, gather and do not scatter.  Help and encourage one another.  Light comes when people are gathered.  These are simple words of hope.  Place them in your hearts.

This is my promise.  For years,  I have spoken.  These words will continue.  They will be given daily as a constant guide.  They will accompany you on the journey.  Walk  by them and you will not fail. My words contain more than wisdom.  They hold my help and my promises.

It is not the strong who will persevere and triumph, but the faithful children who know they need their mother’s words.  These will arrive triumphant.  The future events are the fruits of evils placed for centuries in human history.  They will come forth in a fullness of violence.  I will keep protected all who know my words, who call upon me and who reach out to others.  How tender is my love for each one.  I wish I could appear to all.  For now, I use these little words to convey my feelings.

Comment:  Our Lady, so much wanting to help us, promises her words as our guide.

2. Our Lady’s Many Revelations

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Mary   (Easter Sunday) 

Of all women on earth, I alone brought forth the Savior of the world.  In that great mystery, I was plunged with him into the center of human history. I stood at the cross and accepted His body when taken down.  I watched the stone close the tomb and then departed in sorrow.

Then came His day of rising from the dead and the many appearances to the disciples, which brought such joy.  This great mystery of salvation was revealed and then preached to all the world.  The darkness was cast out and finally, the light was put upon the great lampstand of the Church.

From the beginning, I was with Jesus in all His ways.  By my Assumption, I am uniquely one with Him in His resurrection.

My heart is plunged into all of human history, rejoicing in the victories and sorrowing in the losses.  How I have waited to reveal my heart.  I am quiet no more.  All is pouring forth in these daily words.  Do not be astonished that I speak so fully and openly.  I have stored up these thoughts and feelings for centuries, waiting for this hour to reveal them all.

I have used many means, many places and many messengers.  I have appeared to some and spoken to others.  Do not be surprised by the multiplicity, for there are so many hearts to touch and so many places which must hear.

Now, I use these little locutions, not to dominate but to highlight all my other messages and to explain their multiplicity.  At the center, are the Fatima apparitions, all the others led up to those special visions.  Medjugorje is in the same stream and keeping alive that gift by the daily appearances.  Kibeho is special to me, because I so love the African people.  Akita has its own unique gift.

All are part of a pattern.  All fit together.  They are my words, spoken at different times and in different places but all coming from the same, motherly heart.  Listen to them.  Study them.  Each has its own blessing.

Comment:  This century has witnessed a multiplicity of Marian apparitions.  All are part of Our Lady’s plan.