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Friday, April 24, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/19,20/15 ★ My words are not for the curious seekers, My words are urgent. I speak now before all the events break forth.

10. The Great Call To Devotion

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The time is short and the mysteries are many, so let us move quickly or else we will not reach the goal.

Many say that they follow me and indeed, they are of good will.  However, their hearts are not firm and their eyes frequently wander from the goal.  To these I speak mysteries so that, once they understand that the time is short, they will take their hearts away from worldly pursuits and give themselves to Jesus’ kingdom.

For these, especially, have I spoken about these mysteries.  My words are not for the curious seekers.  I speak for the devout souls and for those whom I can easily call to devotion.  So, let me bring these teachings to a conclusion

I have placed these mysteries before you and allowed you to see the forces which are shaping the world events.  Enlightened by this wisdom, you must reorder your daily life and all your priorities.  I did not speak so you could know the times and the seasons.  I spoke so you would look into your heart and remove what is superficial and what wastes your time.  I want you to cling to me with all your heart.  I want you to put away what absorbs you.  I call for a deeper response and a more extensive commitment.  Enlarge your tent.  Do not limit me.  Do not give me the crumbs.  For your own good, I want the whole loaf.

Are you ready for this total consecration?  Are you willing to give yourself to me without reserve?  Look at all these mysteries that I have just revealed.  Do you believe that life will just go on with little change?  Do you think that your devotion is deep enough to withstand the coming floods?

I reveal all these mysteries only so that you will act.  My words are urgent.  I speak now before all the events break forth.  You must change.  You must deepen your religious practices.  You must heed my words.  Come, let us set out in a new direction.  I who invite you to walk, will also accompany your journey.

Comment:  Our Lady ends this series on the mysteries with an urgent invitation for us to act on this revealed wisdom.

1. Becoming a Vessel of Election

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Before I can build, the obstacles must be swept away.  People implore the heavenly Father for gifts, but their hands are filled with earthly things and they cannot receive the heavenly favors.  So, I will speak of the needed cleansing and purging.  Let us begin with the human heart.

How complicated is that heart, filled with so many different desires.  From the earliest years, desires flood the heart.  Even though the desires of years ago are forgotten, they leave their effects.  Also, many choices have claimed the  heart.  These are more serious.  Their power still lays hold of the heart.

Finally, the human heart is caught up in all opportunities which the world dangles before its eyes, reaching out even when the fruit is forbidden, drawn into new darkness and refusing to face the addictions which lay hold of it.  The heart must struggle to accept my graces because it is taken up with other cares.

Cleansing the human heart is my first priority.  Many would want me to reverse world events or to bring about a worldwide outpouring of the Spirit which would suddenly change everything.  They are looking in the wrong direction.

I begin now.  I begin in your heart which is so filled with obstacles to divine favors.  I will act quickly.  I do not have much time.  I will act completely because the heavenly favors are large and powerful.  But I need you to understand and allow me to remove the obstacles and the earthly things to which you cling.  I speak to all.  I want everyone to become a vessel of election.

Comment:  Usually, Our Lady speaks of world events.  Today, she speaks of the most important event, the cleansing of your heart.