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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/16-18/15 ★ “Keep your eyes on Jerusalem”, The West does not even know who is the real enemy, At the very hour when it seems that evil will triumph & the Church can do little, that is the very moment

7. The New Sacred Waters

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The darkness grows.  Fears increase.  People wonder what lies ahead.  So, I must continue to reveal the great mysteries.

Evil spreads quickly, but goodness takes time to build.  Evil is like a fire which can destroy a lifetime’s work in one hour.  These are the two opposing forces.  Can a child be conceived and come to birth in one day?  Does a little boy become a man in one year?  Goodness, like growth, takes time. Yet, death can occur at any moment.

So, I must speak of this mystery of time, of which we have so little.  For centuries, Satan has plotted to bring forth his fires.  All see them now.  Whole countries are torn apart.  The fires of violence flare up unexpectedly. 

Governments are toppled.  Civil wars rage.  Cultures are torn apart.  Millions of refugees have nowhere to go.  How easy for a fire to consume quickly.

What will I do?  What is my response?  Can I restore civilizations in months, or even a few short years?  Has all of this caught the Heavenly Father by surprise?  Of course not.  He foresaw every move of Satan and He prepared sacred waters (for the normal waters used by human leaders are only like oil that adds new weapons to the fires).

These sacred waters are new and different.  They flow in the hearts of people of good will.  They have been flowing for decades.  How many I have called to prayer!  How many, after the years of preparation in prayer, am I now calling to go forth in my name?  These are the sacred waters which alone can quench the satanic fires.  They are flowing in many hearts.

I will join these people.  Many do not even know each other, as yet.  As I join these streams of sacred waters, they will grow and become a mighty river, spreading my name.  Let them work with hope, not allowing the great odds they face to deter them.  All must work in the vineyard where I have placed them.  Their little vineyards will grow and join with other vineyards.  All will prepare for the great moment when the dam of these sacred waters breaks open and the world is flooded.  This is my promise but all must pray and work and fast.

Comment:  We easily see Satan’s destruction.  We need Our Lady’s words to believe that God also has prepared for this moment.

8. The Bride Awakens

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The time is short so I must speak a mighty word to awaken the nations.  Can the world awaken in one day?  Can the Church set up and take notice in one moment?  Did this not happen at 9/11?  Did not the whole earth awaken?  If evil can awaken everyone, how much greater can God’s glory?  These are the hidden mysteries.

I have already given great signs at Fatima that should have awakened the Church.  At other apparition sites, I have promised permanent signs, to awaken the Church to God’s glory and power.  These are special signs but words must prepare for them and words must explain these signs.  Otherwise, the power of the sign will be lost.  So, I must speak about these mysteries.

The whole Church must be awakened by powerful calls in many places and in many ways.  Do not be surprised as these signs multiply and grow more powerful.  The Church does not respond anymore to tiny whispers or gentle nudgings of the Spirit.  Faith has grown cold.  Ears no longer hear.  Hearts no longer quickly respond.

How can I awaken the whole Church?  How can I rouse its spirit?  It is a sleeping bride, not conscious of the love of the Bridegroom or aware of its new destiny.  At the very hour when it seems that evil will triumph and the Church can do little, when the powers of the world fail miserably to stem the tide, that is the very moment when the Bride will awaken, first to meet its bridegroom and, only after His kiss of love, to become what it has always been meant to be, the great light of the nations, the light for all the Churches to unite and the source of the healing of division between Christ’s Church and Israel.  I speak so that many awaken now and do not wait for the signs.

Comment:  Our Lady promises a Great Awakening, but we must prepare now.

9. The Inevitable War

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All leads to a moment (both a place and a time) when the clash takes place, the great battle of the armies of heaven and hell, the decisive battle that turns the war in favor of the ultimate victor.  Where and when all of this occurs is usually hidden, but I have already revealed that it will happen in Jerusalem.   “Keep your eyes on Jerusalem” were the opening words of these locutions.

Can you not see the wisdom in these words?  Look at what is happening in the Middle East.  Every day Israel is threatened more and more.  The security of neighboring nations is being ripped away.  Its archenemy, Iran, gains greater hegemony and constantly expands its borders.  The treaty moves ahead, just as I said, allowing Iran to feel relief from some sanctions.  Its financial wounds are being healed, and its whole body experiences greater strength.  Its leaders are more entrenched.  Meanwhile, Israel is left to ponder its future, knowing that it stands more and more alone.

These events happen before your very eyes.  All can see. But what are the mysteries behind these events?  What forces bring them about?  Where are they going?  What is their purpose?

Armies try to choose their places and times.   They use strategies so they gain the most favorable positions.  Then, their forces can take maximum advantage.  Satan always maneuvers.  He deceives the West.  He pretends to attack one place but really holds his great troops back for a better opportunity.  He confuses, putting forth one group but holding a greater one in reserve.  This is the intellect behind the events which cause such great confusion.  The West does not even know who is the real enemy.

Now, I speak the great mystery of my heart to clarify the situation.  A war with Israel is inevitable.  All the evil is ultimately directed there.   Israel holds Jesus’ treasures, the soil bathed in his blood and the places made holy by the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Jerusalem also contains the mystery of Church unity that so many yearn for, and the union of the Church with Israel that Paul desired and prophesied.  These are enormous blessings which God wants to pour out upon His Church and Israel.  Satan understands God’s design and is preparing all his armies to destroy Israel before this happens.  That is why I say that a war with Israel is inevitable.  Everything else is just a preparation or a subterfuge.  When this war breaks out, I want the whole world to know how great are the stakes.

Comment:  Our Lady gets closer to the heart of the mystery – God’s plans for Israel.

"Pray for all priests. Persecution is upon them. Holy priests are needed. Do you expect them to persevere without your prayers, and support? Pray for My consecrated Sons each day. Pray for the graces they require to perform their mandates to the best of their ability. Support My Sons by tokens of your love, and affection. Never judge a priest. Never speak against a priest. Never attack a priest, for you attack Me.  I will judge them. This is all you need to understand. Pray, and trust in My master plan. Pray this night for your parish priest, and rest in My love. This is your duty. Arm your priests with prayer. Satan plans to destroy My Church. Do not assist him in this." message to Jabez in part ~ 4/21/15