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Monday, April 20, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/12-15/15 ★ Now, the floods will begin to come & the structures will not stand. Let no one blame the heavenly Father. It is man, influenced by Satan, who has put all of this in place. I am ready to cast fire upon the Church.

3. A Hundred Years of Evil

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Despots and tyrants come and go, but the forces of evil always move on, finding new ways to break forth and destroy.  Each wave builds upon the past and prepares for the future.  Each has its time and place in human history.  An evil man arises, cloaked with great power, destroys parts of society, passes from the scene and leaves behind new forces of evil which prepares for the new evil that lurks in the wings, waiting to come forth.

Today, the final forces of evil are slowly coming on the scene, prepared for by the two world wars, the dropping of the atomic bombs, the arms race, the Cold War, the Vietnam War (that so changed American society), the rise of militant Islam, the debacle of the Iraq War, the Arab Spring, the Syrian Revolution, the rise of ISIS, and now the growing  hegemony of Iran.  One follows another, each with its purpose that often is not seen.   Each destroys some element of society, softens the resolve of the nations, and opens new doors for future evils to enter freely.  As a result, the world finds itself in a strange land of endless evils, helpless to restore order.

Such has been the mystery of evil in this century since I appeared at Fatima to prescribe the road to world peace, a road that has not been followed.  Even more, this road has been hidden, covered over and ignored even by the Church that was meant to follow and to reveal it to the nations.

The road of Fatima is still the only road to peace.  I have plotted out that road and have watched my pleas constantly ignored and turned aside.  I do not change my message.  I cannot change what the heavenly Father has decided.  He has provided this path to peace.  I am only His messenger.  The road to peace must pass through my Immaculate Heart.  It is easy to find if the Church merely looks in the right direction.  It is late, but not too late.  I must raise up my priest son on whose heart I have inscribed this message.

Comment:  Our Lady reviews these 100 years of war that should have been a century of peace.

4. The Power of the New Eve

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Many watch and look, but they do not understand.  They see the various leaders of nations with their goals and ambitions.  They see the flow of arms and the secret alliances.  They see the shifting nature of military power which always tries to gain the advantage.  But they do not understand the powers of heaven and hell.  They do not know how to mobilize or how to attack the enemy at the heart of his strength.

As a result, this war grows greater.  Yesterday’s armies and their weapons are replaced by greater numbers and newer means of destruction.  Evil constantly grows and no one speaks about the powers of hell which lie at the center of this evil.  So, I must reveal the mystery and the satanic plans.

The heavenly Father conceived a plan to bless the whole world and to have it enter into a new garden of peace.  This would happen through the new Eve, the Woman in whose Immaculate Heart all the world could easily discover Jesus and experience all of His blessings.  This era of peace began when I revealed the miraculous medal and led the pope to declare the dogma of the Immaculate Conception (1854).  By this act, the foundation for world peace, never seen before, was set in place.

After that, I appeared often, leading to my great appearances in Fatima.  How I rejoiced in those days.  In the middle of the Great War (1917), I was unveiling the Father’s plan of peace.  In these nearly 100 years, what has happened?  Has there been peace?  Why not?

Satan understood.  He had already unleashed World War I, but now he was to be vanquished, and even banished.  His victory over the first Eve was to be overturned.  He could not allow this to take place.  He has brought about the most destructive century of all, and his powers flow forth with greater and greater intensity.  Meanwhile, God’s plan for the Woman has been set aside, hidden in a Satanic darkness.  Yet, the plan still has its power to destroy Satan and bring forth peace.  These are the great mysteries.

Comment:  Our Lady explains the mysteries which lie behind the events of this century


5. New World Leaders

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Doubt and fears spread and many wonder what the future holds.  They do not understand the great mysteries that I now reveal.

Certain people have given their hearts to evil.  No one chooses evil directly.  They choose a selfish good that includes some evil.  Once they taste that good, they also accept the evil, which begins to claim their heart.  Success after success accompanies their decisions and soon they accept total evil, the power of Satan.  They do not understand his control because he has blinded them by their stunning success.  They have risen to the top, occupy a powerful positions and are acclaimed by many.  All the while, they strew evil everywhere, an evil wrapped in good paper.

Who can debate with them?  Can they not point to all their successes?  But these successes are built upon evil, just waiting for the moment of testing.  They appear to be sound but they are built upon sand which the floods will quickly wash away.

These are the modern mysteries.  During this century, Satan has raised up many false leaders, especially in the fields of economy and politics.  They have made sinful, evil and destructive decisions, while building empires that gained their acclaim, false empires that carry within the seeds of their own destruction.

Now, the floods will begin to come and the structures will not stand.  Let no one blame the heavenly Father.  It is man, influenced by Satan, who has put all of this in place.

Is it too late?  I have promised that the road to peace lies only in my Immaculate Heart.  This road includes the economic and political areas. It extends to every aspect, especially the family.  Let this message be preached.  It is late.  It is very late.  This road to my peace is not the journey of one day and it is not a path of ease.  However, if the whole Church commits itself completely to my Immaculate Heart, I will raise up world leaders formed by the Holy Spirit to take the world in a different direction.  Nothing else will be sufficient to withstand the floods.

Comment:  Our Lady requires a total consecration if she is to save the world through new leaders.

6. Casting New Fire Upon the Church

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I have poured out my mysteries so all the world can understand.  Now, I must speak even more clearly so the Church sees and acts.

O Church, I have come to you in great light and great power.  I come to you because you believe and have faith in my role.  You understand all the basic truths – that I was conceived without sin, that I conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit and brought Him forth while still remaining a virgin. You know that I was assumed, body and soul, into heaven and that I am crowned in glory as Queen of heaven and earth.

All these truths are firmly established within your sacred teachings.  You also know that I appear to chosen messengers and you have approved the supernatural nature of these revelations.  You gather all this history and make it available to the Catholic faithful.

Many times you are criticized by others who do not understand your teachings and who believe that you exalt me too much.  Yet, you stand firm in these teachings and have outlined them for the believers.  You also exalt those saints who have written about me so eloquently.  The Holy Spirit has done all this and, for all of this fidelity, I praise you.

Now, I must speak to you as Jesus spoke to the Church of Ephesus.  All of these were moments of great fervor, a first love, a new enkindling.  I must say this from my deepest mystery and sorrow.  You have lost your first love.  You have dampened the fires.  After accepting my words and great promises, you have promptly forgotten them and put them aside.  You have taken up human thoughts and human ways, setting aside the great fires of Marian devotion to give yourselves to what you think is deeper theology.  You write all your beautiful documents and you elaborate all your theories about Church life, but you have no fire.  You fail to enkindle devotion and people find no attraction to your services.  You need new fire, a new enkindling.  I am ready to cast fire upon the Church.  How I want it to burn!  Let those who have ears, listen to these little words of my locutions.

Comment:  In revealing her deepest mystery, Our Lady speaks about casting fire on the Church.

message to Jabez ~ Sunday, 19 April 2015

Children of My Divine Will,
I rejoice in you. I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender in all confidence. Do not delay. Draw near to Me, and remain in My love. Rest in My arms of Love, Beloved. Do not let your hearts be troubled. Pray without ceasing. Repent of all transgressions, and keep My commandments. Honor Me in all that you say, think, and do. Make all necessary changes to honor Me. Place Me first. Do not seek promotions from men. I will promote you. Trust in Me. I ask you to serve in all humility, and I will raise you to positions of authority in order to best work in My vineyard. Desire to please Me in all things, and trust in Me to do the rest. Walk in humility. You are My ambassadors, and I will strategically place you all over the Earth. My Dominion extends to all confines of the Earth. I will leave no area unprotected. Hear Me. Be filled with My Spirit, and listen to My voice. I will direct you. Remain in prayer. I count on you. I bless you now. My triune blessing is yours to share. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom