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Thursday, April 2, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/30,31 - 4/1/15 ★ Satan’s plan against Jerusalem, When the Iran Nuclear Treaty Is Signed All will be lies.

Our Lady of Medjugorje 4/2/15 Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, I have chosen you, my apostles, because all of you carry something beautiful within you. You can help me to have the love, for the sake of which my Son died and then resurrected, win anew. Therefore, I am calling you, my apostles, to try to see something good in every creature of God, in all of my children, and to try to understand them. My children, you are all brothers  through the same Holy Spirit. You, filled with love for my Son, can speak of what you know to all those who have not come to know that love. You have come to know the love of my Son, you have comprehended His Resurrection, with joy you cast your gaze towards Him. My motherly desire is for all of my children to be united in love for Jesus. Therefore, I am calling you, my apostles, to live the Eucharist with joy, because in the Eucharist my Son gives Himself to you anew and with His example shows the love and sacrifice towards the neighbor. Thank you.”

6. Pope Francis and Stray Sheep


Now I come to the center of my heart from which flow the deepest mysteries.  When someone turns to me, I embrace them and bring them as quickly as possible to my heart’s center so they never leave.  Yet, they are free to leave and to return to a world that also embraces them and captures their heart.

This battle between myself and the world has been waged for centuries but now it comes to a crisis.  More and more people have been drawn away and are now engrossed in a world that will soon collapse under its own weight.  The structures can no longer hold.  The violence escalates and the economies shake.  When this happens many will have nowhere to go.

That is why I send Pope Francis.  He is the herald of God’s mercy.  He seeks out the stray sheep.  He opens hearts that have been entrapped.  He shines the light of faith into new areas.  His messages ring true.  People see his goodness and his love for all.  For the first time, some people are awakened to faith.  They feel one with him.  They rejoice in his spirit and see the attractiveness of God’s kingdom.  This Francis effect will go far and wide and is not limited to the inner walls of the Catholic community.

Do you not see that I have already begun to act, that Pope Francis is the early dawn of the new day?  Let the good will pour forth.  Let all speak well of him.  Let all bask in the warmth of his love which truly reaches out to everyone.  I will use all of this to prepare the world for my great gifts which lie ahead.

Comment:  Our Lady speaks constantly of Pope Francis preparing the world for her great gifts which will soon follow.

7. When the Iran Nuclear Treaty Is Signed


Pens will be put to the paper and the nuclear treaty will be signed.  All will be lies.  The West deliberately closes its eyes to reality.  Iran, the future nuclear power, delights.  Suddenly, it is propelled into a new, unthinkable position in the Middle East.

How did this come about?  Step by step, the powerful nations of Israel and Saudi Arabia have been set aside.  Their interests go unheeded.  Iran has been chosen to come forth and to assert its power, when clearly it fosters terrorism everywhere.   This is totally unexplainable unless you realize Satan’s plan against Jerusalem and that he controls powerful leaders to do his bidding.

What I have said at the beginning of these locutions, “Keep your eye on Jerusalem” is proving true.  God plans to use Jerusalem as the center of worldwide evangelization, a place of unity for all the Christian churches, and the one place where the Church and Israel can finally be united.

This is the Father’s plan of worldwide evangelization that is being prepared for by Pope Francis and will be carried out by the next pope.   Satan sets his own strategy, to destroy Jerusalem before any of this takes place.

Both kingdoms have an urgency to fulfill their plan first.  Satan wants to destroy Jerusalem. God wants to exalt it to its highest and most important moment.

Comment:  Our Lady, more clearly than ever before, outlines both God’s and Satan’s strategy concerning Jerusalem.


8. All Look to the Church


What began as a small group of Jesus’ disciples has become a worldwide Church, headed by Pope Francis who is trying to lead the Church into deeper waters, engaging it with the problems of the average person.  His approach has won wide acclaim and he, himself, is seen as a prophetic figure upon the world stage.

He will continue to move along the same path.  His stature will spread and grow.  Many will learn the simplicity of his heart and will see the Church in a new light.

This is so important.  I must strip away all the prejudices and false ideas that have accrued.  I must have the world see the Church in a new light of its true simplicity, a return to the simplicity of Jesus’ lifestyle, a stripping away of worldly signs and symbols.

When Pope Francis has completed his tasks, when many have a new interest and a different view of the Church, I can then bring forth the pope of Fatima.  It will be late but the consecration will be done and the graces of my heart will be released.  No one will be able to stop this enormous flow of graces.

It will be late and many events will have taken place.  Many will have lost hope and some will have succumbed to the darkness. The trials will have begun with their great difficulties.  The two parts will converge.  Pope Francis’ simplicity and the world events will cause everyone to look to the Church as their only hope.  For this moment, I have prepared my priest son.

Comment:  Our Lady describes the importance of Pope Francis in getting the world to look to the Church for hope.