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Saturday, March 14, 2015

San Antonio, Texas & Tokat, Turkey ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/6/12 ★ One sign will be the weather often seen as natural phenomena but there are forces behind them.

Satan is strong and wishes to destroy not only human lives,
but also nature and the planet on which you live.

2. The Many Signs

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No one knows the day or the hour. Only the Father. Yet, signs and warning can be given that alert hearts and help them to prepare for the hour, whenever it might come.

One sign will be the weather – at times, violent storms and hurricanes. These are often seen as natural phenomena but there are forces behind them.

There are the signs in human life – strange events, people who are led to unusual acts of cruelty and people who seek notoriety by their evil deeds. All of these have already happened but no one has seen them as signs of future evils, harbingers that something very serious is out of order.


I will speak of the human heart and how twisted it can become. Having turned away from its Creator, it also turns away from God’s beauty in creation. It turns to what is twisted and depraved. It exalts forms of art that shock and deform nature, bringing it down to its basest and grossest levels. All of this, you have also seen happen in your midst. Sacred things are profaned in art and what is holy is shredded and torn asunder. Nothing is seen as worthy of veneration. This, too, you have also seen. All of these are signs of a society that has fallen deeply and which grovels in its wickedness. Read the signs. They are everywhere.

@ 8:20 what the h*ll is that!! please note - these phenomenom/events are real & disturbing,  the video's message is 'new age'. we have no control over anything except falling on our knees & begging God to save us from the forces of evil & the hands of the wicked. the little brother