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Thursday, March 5, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/1-3/15 ★ A Nuclear Iran, Mankind cannot save itself, Satan has plans to destroy the Earth.

4. Endless Waves of Blessings


My gifts will be like the waves of the oceans, always coming, one after another, never ceasing. When one wave comes, do people not look for another? So it must be. A new awareness, one gift awakening to the next, never ending until the moment of death.
Mankind cannot save itself. Extricating itself from one problem, it finds only more waiting to come. So, it will be with my blessings, one after another, always more powerful, deeper and longer lasting.

The waves of my power have already begun. I do not speak of tomorrow but of today, of now, of this moment, of this present situation. Can I be any clearer? O reader, my waves are already washing up upon your spirit! I am already working within you. Let your holy desires come forth. Let hope spring up within. Let light dawn upon you, a fresh inner light that can overcome any darkness.

I will lead you to new decisions, which will safeguard these inner blessings. How important these are. The old will be cast aside. You will change, all under the power of new hope. A new life, within and without.

Stand firm in these inner waves of blessings. Rejoice in them. They bring a life that you could never imagine before. There is more to come.

Comment: Our Lady uses so many images to try to describe what she is doing now within each heart.

5. The Echo of Mary’s Own Words


As darkness covers human life and evil gains sway over the worldwide events, I will give new lights, never before seen, lights which Satan cannot destroy. This will be my light. I will raise up my priest son. I will also raise up thousands who will mirror his light, receiving it, multiplying it and passing it on. These will be children of the light. They will be in every country and in every land.

This light will burn brightly every day. Right now, this light is hidden, but soon I will place this light on the largest and greatest lampstand. The light will go forth, far greater than any television station. All the world will be invited to walk in this light.

The voice will be gentle, and threaten no one. The words will be my words, pouring forth for every need and every situation. These words will be multiplied. More important, they will be associated with a person whom all know and love.

I will stand with him and he with me. We will be as one heart and one voice. I will speak and he will echo. My words will be pure light, easy to understand and even easier to follow. If they are rejected, I will speak again. If they are accepted, then I will speak even louder and clearer.

I will not allow the world to be plunged into a darkness in which no saving light exists. I refuse to allow Satan to control the thoughts of the world. He cannot stop this light.

Now, you see what I will bring about, a Church that speaks my words. All the world will know that they are my words and do not belong to anyone else. Such will be the greatness of the light that will be needed in the darkness.

Comment: Our Lady’s promise is so clear. She will speak to us through her priest son.

6. A Nuclear Iran


I offer all these words and blessings because I see what lies ahead. As I place before the world what will take place, all take heart that heaven has not abandoned earth and has planned for these dark moments.

As the West faces even more serious problems, disputes break out among its leaders, divisions occur, and what needs to be united is broken. This, too, is part of Satan’s plan. One saying “Go this way” and another shouting, “That is the wrong road to peace”.

At first, these divisions will seem to be the ordinary process of discussion and resolution. However, this will not be the case. Beneath the surface discussions, the hearts of the leaders will be vehemently closed to the plans of the other. There will be a total clash of cultures, a hardening of positions.

These leaders each have enormous resources. Instead of coming together for clear and coherent strategies, they will split, not on the surface but in truth. I am speaking now of a nuclear Iran. Decisions that could have adequately addressed the problem will become a lost opportunity. This is very, very serious, although not seen as such at this moment. Only in looking back will the world see how the division was brought about by Satan to allow Iran to develop its nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran will totally shift the balance of power in the whole world.

This should never have been allowed to take place. Delay, delay, delay. This has been the strategy. Put off. Put off. Never face the reality. Such is the atmosphere that Satan creates for his designs.

I see it. I will plan for it. I am already making my moves to bring the Church into greater and greater light, so that in the darkness ahead there will be at least one great voice of light.

Comment: As Our Lady speaks of these problems, we know that she has not abandoned us.

Message from Jesus the Redeemer, St. John the Baptist Eucharistic ChapelCosta Mesa, California,10:30am, 3/1/15

My dear son,
I come to you today as the Redeemer and Saviour of all mankind, for in the very near future my return to all of you, as prophesied, will transform the Earth into a place of renewal and a return to the ways of your Lord and Saviour.

My journey with all of you, since my birth and transformation to an earthly incarnate being, was only the beginning of the plan of the Father in Heaven to return this earthly place to the plan that the Father has always had for those of you who occupy the Earth during your ever so brief existence here.

Surely by now you recognize that you are spiritual beings created by the Father in Heaven and that you have a mission here during your earthly life to do the will of God. How far have the inhabitants of Earth fallen from the ways of the Lord that sins of greed and power over others have become the rule of the land - instead of what the Father intended - that all of God's children would live here on Earth during your earthly existence to honor and serve the Father in Heaven and not to worship the riches of this earth, which will disappear into nothingness, when each and every one of you returns to the spiritual existence from where you came, hopefully in a state of grace.

My journey with you now is the same as it was 2000 years ago, when I became one of you in physicality in order to fulfill the promises of the Father in Heaven which has been prophesied to mankind since the ancient times.

Now in these times, I am here among you, my brothers and sisters, to fulfill the prophesy of my Presence in the End Times, for you are now in the greatest time of change for modern humanity in that the Great Transformation is soon to take place, so that all of you living on the face of the Earth will be confronted by a very visible manifestation of the Father in Heaven through His Son, for I am the Lord, Saviour and Redeemer of the world.

Look forward with anticipation to the events that are to take place to transform all of humanity from the darkness in which you now live to the Light of the Father in Heaven, which will soon be revealed to each and every one of you in a magnificent manner, so that you will truly know that you are experiencing the Love of the Father in Heaven as well as His Son.

Then you will truly know that the Great Transformation is taking place that will cause all of you to bow before your Creator and realize that all of your sinful endeavors on this Earth were in vain, for you will recognize that only through the Father in Heaven and His Son will there be true salvation in the eternal life, as it has been ordained by the Father in Heaven.

I ask all of you, my brothers and sisters, to prepare for the Great Illumination of Souls, for the events will happen very soon in preparation for the Great Shaking that will catch the attention of all of humanity.

The Great Illumination of Souls will prepare all of you to be Servants of your Lord and Saviour, as well as prepare you for the great geophysical and geopolitical events that will occur in conjunction with the Great Transformation - for all of these events will happen in your times to assure that the New Heaven and New Earth that the Father has promised you will become the reality of your new earthly world!

Thanks Be To God!
Message ended 10:43am

message to Pelianito 3/1/15

Psalm 99:5 Extol the Lord our God; worship at his footstool. Holy is he!

“Beloved, if you knew the power of praise, if you fathomed one small portion of its depth, you would not cease to praise your God. Extol your God! This is the Christian’s secret weapon, for evil cannot exist where God is praised. Let ‘Holy!’ be your cry. Let not your lips open unless you are praising God in your spirit. The soul that praises God continually in her heart will never have to confess sins of speech, for the odor of praise will emanate from her words, even when she speaks of mundane things. Praise is a remedy for sin, but not just a remedy, for it can prevent sin. Ponder this deeply, my children. Praise God continually in your hearts. In the Divine Will alone is this possible. But I have made this gift available to you, so make use of it. Do not let so powerful a gift lie dormant. Children, live in praise through the gift of the Divine will. I am near.”

Heavenly, Father, Son and Spirit, Mighty God, Blessed Trinity of Love, in the Divine Will I ask for the gift of continuous praise. May every beat, breath, and movement I take or make be a reverberation of praise in my soul and in all of heaven! May your holy name be glorified! May your praises be sung on earth as in heaven! In me O Lord, I want you to find the praises of the Gloriana* eternally repeated in me through our Most holy Mother. Holy are you! Holy! May all creation worship you! Amen. (*Gloriana: The angels and saints in perfect communion with the Blessed Trinity; the perfect unity of heaven.)


message to Jabez 3/5/15

Children of My Divine Heart,
I love you with an everlasting love. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and End of All. I Am. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender in all confidence. Give Me permission to love you. I yearn for your love. My heart breaks for love of you. My heart breaks as I witness your disobedience, and rebellion. Hear Me. Time is of the essence. Events foretold will now manifest in the lives of humanity. Events foretold will slowly begin to unfold before your very eyes, but do not fear. Satan has plans to destroy the Earth. Your world will undergo many calamities, disruptions in weather patterns, and man made cataclysms. Be warned. Do not fear men. Be strong. Pray for the graces you require, and remain in prayer. I will guide, and protect you, Beloved. Keep My commandments, and seek out My consecrated Sons. My Chosen prophets will now be known to you. I have instructed them to come forth, and to serve in all humility. They will answer My call, and take up arms to fight, and do My bidding. You will recognize them for My seal will be on all they say. They will invite you to live as saints, and to put an end to all practices that offend Me. They will not compromise My divine will, and spread lies. Look to the Holy Scriptures for discernment, My Little Ones. Repent. Get to know Me. I Am, your heavenly Father, commands you to obey. Seek My face, and abide in Me. Honor Me until you draw your final breath. Honor Me, and freely give yourselves to Me. I force no one. I respect your choices, but you must understand that you condemn yourselves to eternal damnation, when you choose Satan over Me. I bless you now. My triune blessing is yours to share with those who cross your path. Shalom