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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/7-9/15 ★ the evil imbedded in human hearts, Satanic intelligence, &, the scope & depth of world terrorism

2. Centuries of Decisions


The future path is unknown.  Leaders make their decisions while filled with confusion.  They lead this way and then that way, always responding to the latest problem.  Where have they led this world?  This is what I will explain.

Satan has prepared for centuries for this moment in history and everyone must see today’s problems in light of the centuries.  Over these centuries, Satan has raised up enmity between nations.  At one point, they are friends and sign agreements.  Suddenly, they are at war, killing each other.

When the war is over, scars are left.  Divisions remain.  People do not forget.  So, over the centuries, the same nations take up their weapons again.  The fighting is renewed.

When the war is over, the people say, “We must defend ourselves against the next war.”  So, money is spent on weapons even when no war is taking place.  The weapons get more sophisticated.  The weapons spread because one nation wants others to be aligned with them. Man’s history becomes either war, preparing for war, or lining up friends who will be allies in wars.  Do you not see Satan’s plans during these centuries?  War has determined everything.

Now, he has his alignments.  The sophisticated weapons have fallen into the hands of so many.  What was meant to be the ultimate protection against enemies has become the ultimate goal of the enemies – to gain the same nuclear weapons.

Everything comes to a climax.  How will the world be disarmed?  The only path to peace is disarmament.  Stockpiling weapons is a short term goal that inevitably leads to just the opposite. Very soon, your enemy has the weapons that you invented.

This is my promise.  If the nations allow me to take human history into my hands, I will lead all the nations to peace through disarmament.  This is a step by step path, just as the present situation has come about by many steps.

Comment:  Who, today, believes that disarmament will ever take place?  Yet, Our Lady promises to lead us to peace through disarmament

3. Centuries of Hatred


The path is so slippery but world leaders believe that their wisdom and their resources can prevail and restore world peace.  What a mockery!  They do not see the centuries.  They do not see the evil imbedded in human hearts and they do not believe in Satanic intelligence.

They are deprived of faith and do not believe that they need the help of heaven.  So, they slip each day into a deeper morass, wondering why their human solutions are of no avail.  Such is the blindness of world leaders.  They have hearts that are no longer placed in a religious culture.  They are rooted in secular theories and cannot understand the religious fanaticism of the opponents.

Everything shifts.  They do not understand the various groups that spring up, with all the different names.  One surprise after another, until they begin to see the scope and the depth of world terrorism.

These are not problems that have begun in one day, one year or even one generation.  The problems go back centuries.  They are contained in religious thinking and in the streams of hatred toward the infidels that have poured forth from these religious teachers since Mohammed.

Religious wars are not new.  Attacks against Europe happened centuries ago and were repulsed only by a fervent Christianity that could fight false religious faith with the fervor of true religious faith.

O world leaders, where is your faith?  Where is your fervor?  Can you overcome fire when you have no fire in your own hearts?  I say this from the housetops.  Peace will come only when religious faith returns.  So, let the fires of faith be lit again.  Do not trust in the fire of your weapons that can only kill.  Trust in the fire of faith in your hearts.  Return to Notre Dame (Our Lady) and I will lead you.  Right now you are on a slippery and dangerous path.

Comment:  Without religious faith, Europe and the United States will lose.

4. A Tomorrow of Greater Darkness


An inevitability has set in.  Problems everywhere and no permanent solutions, like a ship caught in stormy waters without a sure rudder to guide it or a captain who understands the correct direction.

Different leaders offer various solutions but the problems are everywhere.  One causes another and solutions quickly become new problems.  The world is caught up in a darkness which seemingly has no tomorrow.

There is a tomorrow, but it will be a tomorrow of greater darkness.  I will say it again and again.  Only I can lead the world into a true tomorrow.  I am the dawn.  A ship that turns away from me, will find only the night.  A ship that turns toward me will slowly but surely come into a new day.

For centuries, decisions have been made to reject me, to forget me, and to put me aside.  Even though I constantly intervened, appearing in many places with my saving messages, no one listened.  So, the great darkness has descended and will continue to descend.  Yet, my words and my promises do not change.  However, time is running out.  The darkness spreads and the ship plunges deeper into the night that has no tomorrow.  This is the darkness of nuclear war and the first steps take place in Iran, quickly followed by others and the emergence of a new world power built upon the atomic bomb.  This future is not far ahead.  It looms already on the horizon and world leaders foolishly turn their backs on the possibility.

I speak now so the whole world knows that I see what is ahead. More important, that the world know that I love earth, I love mankind, and I have power to slowly but surely lead the world into a true tomorrow, when this horrible night is over and the light comes.  My dear children, at this point I can offer you only my words because so few believe in me.  My powers have not yet been released.

Comment:  Today let each of us ask God to hasten the moment when Our Lady’s powers are released.