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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/4-6/15 ★ there must be worldwide intercession, call down Heaven’s powers to change the situation!!

Little children, at all times 
fill your heart with even the smallest prayers.  

7. Bringing the World to Jesus


I will not turn back from my course.  I will never abandon mankind.  Can a mother forget the child of her womb?  I have brought forth the whole human race in the pain of Jesus’ death.  I am in this battle until the finish, until I bring to new life everyone whom I can save.  This is my enduring promise.

For many, life continues as usual.  The problems seem so far away, as if meant for others.  I see everything before me.  The whole world, all the nations.  All of time, past and future.  All the forces, good and evil.  I also see the role which the heavenly Father has given to me in this special time.  “Bring the world to Jesus” is His command.  So, I work with every ounce of my strength to draw the world to Jesus.  I say to God, “Father, they have set Jesus aside.  I need more powers and I need more people”.  The Father has given me all that I need.  He has clothed me with the sun and put the moon under my feet, those lights which control the days and the seasons.  He has crowned me with the stars so I can be seen even in the darkest night.

I say this for one reason, to prepare a people who believe in me, a people who understand the Father’s plan.  Then, I will act and my actions will be understood.  People will say, “It is the Woman”.  They will respond.  My actions must not be fruitless. They must be a call to action.  Millions must be stirred.  Do not forget the Father’s command to me, “You must bring the world to Jesus”.  That is what we will do together.

Comment:  Our Lady promises her unending, worldwide actions to bring the world to Jesus.

8. Prayers That Reach Heaven


Only the gifts that pour out from my heart can save the world.  I must explain these gifs because people might believe that I will miraculously save the world without any effort on their part.  So, I must be clear because these gifts are already flowing.

These are saving gifts which must be received.  They are powerful gifts which will transform but only if the person freely accepts and acts.  They will change everything, but only if millions and millions of people allow the gifts to have power over them.

The first gift is always faith that heaven will help earth, a faith that leads to praising God and interceding for His protection.  If there are worldwide problems, there must be worldwide intercession.  If there are national problems, there must be national intercession.  If there are family problems, there must be family intercession.

The prayers that surely reach heaven are when hearts are joined.  Love one another.  When two people love one another they can change the whole world.  When their hearts are joined as if they have only one heart, they are a furnace of love and others can join them.

Enough of your discussions, your meetings, your constant watching of world news.  Why sit passively and listen, when you can call down heaven’s powers to change the situation?  These are the gifts pouring out from my heart.  Come, gather with your heavenly mother.  I will join your groups and bring greater gifts.

Comment:  During World War II, people of faith flocked to churches to pray for our country.  Our Lady wants to restore this intercessory prayer.

1. Foolish Decisions of Leaders


As the clouds gather in the heavens, all await the storms.  Such is this moment on earth when so many clouds appear on the horizon.  These are the problems which I will speak to now.  An anxiety fills the air.  People are not settled.  They know that things are not right.  They do not know what forces will break through.  They cling to their present way of life but they know there are no guarantees of its permanency.

They do not see what they can do.  The enemies are hidden and the future is clouded in mystery.  Life seems the same but it is not as before.  All of this is truly a new state of affairs.  Permanency has been shattered.  All is contingent, waiting upon future events.

In these locutions, I try to address those events, looking at them from every possible angle.  Describing them.  Predicting them.  Outlining their causes, their nearness and their effects.  All moves ahead.  Causes bring about effects and these causes are deeply planted in cultures, in human hearts, and in decisions, past and future.  Such is the state of the world, a precarious state in a time of urgency.

Dare I speak of what will happen?  Where will the breakthroughs of darkness occur?  There are so many sore spots.  Some are places of great violence.

Others are places of great weakness in the structures.  But what I speak of today is foolish decisions by world leaders.  The evils are already planted in society.  However, by the foolish and even foolhardy decisions of leaders, these evils have been allowed to grow and multiply.  Now, these same leaders, after years of withdrawal, will reverse themselves and rush to foolish decisions that will only cause the evil to erupt more quickly and in new places.

I wait and wait to help my loving children.  May they not lose faith in me.

Comment:  Our Lady foresees foolish decisions that will cause more evil disruptions.