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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/25-29/15 ★ the world is entering into a time of unprecedented darkness, The Papal Visit - He pushes on to his goal, step by step. He does not fear

1. God’s Surprising Decision


I speak constantly because these times are like none other.  Every event is part of the great clash between good and evil that has gone on since the beginning of time.  In the past, there have been special moments of that clash, sometimes resulting in a great flow of blessings.  At other times, there was a collapse of goodness and a destruction of blessings.

Since this struggle goes on each day, I must speak each day.  Not a single day can be wasted, when my words do not go forth.  Today, I begin to speak special words from the inner depths of my heart.  These words will reveal my inner thoughts, my deepest fears and my greatest hopes.  Let us begin.

As maiden of Nazareth, I heard the angel’s words.  The message was clear but difficult to believe.  I was to conceive a Son by the power of the Holy Spirit.  In my innermost self, I believed and He was conceived.  I was pregnant.  My body had received God’s power.

How alive I felt at that moment because I was lifted up so high.  At the same time, I was totally immersed in human life.  God brought me into His vision of history and I began to see all that had happened and how the word had reached that moment.  I began to understand all that would take place.  The vision was dim at first but gradually became clearer, especially as Elizabeth spoke her words to me.

In the stillness of Israel, unknown to all the world, God had begun to respond to all the forces of evil by His astounding decision to become man and live among us.  This mystery I will unfold for all of you.

Comment:  Our Lady promises to share with us her vision of the world’s history. 

2. A Somber Mother


Words cannot express the depths of my feelings.  I have watched the world that was bathed in light be taken captive by a darkness that grows ever more powerful.  How much I have tried to break through and to establish God’s reign.

I have appeared in so many places, always trying to make my voice heard.  I have raised up many faithful messengers who suffered much.   My words were planted in their hearts and they tried to awaken the world.

Now, I am somber, like someone who sees the reality which lies ahead.  How I have tried to divert mankind from this path.  I have used my Church.  I have sent my messengers.  I have made my promises.  I have spoken of the future.  I have both warned and encouraged.

I have shown visions of hell to children and also revealed the glories of heaven.  By all of this, I reveal the intensity of my feelings and the gravity of the situation.  So, I am somber like someone who has tried everything and accomplished little.

All who know me know that I will not stop, not even for one moment.  I refuse to admit defeat.  I will not abandon my original plan, to raise up the church as the light to all nations and to use the Holy Father as my instrument in saving the world from destruction.

This plan still lies in the center of my heart.  It still has its time.  It will not fail but you are not to wait.   Spend each day with me and my plan will come forth more quickly.  We will not be defeated by darkness.

Comment:  Our Lady calls herself “somber”, an excellent description of one who has tried so hard and not yet succeeded.

3. The Papal Visit


Why do I pour out my heart like this?  Why expose the wounds that history has inflicted upon me?  Would it not be easier to be silent?  Yet, if I did not speak out, no one would understand the mysteries of good and evil.

How important for the world to understand that it is entering into a time of unprecedented darkness. Do world leaders speak in these terms?  Do any of them understand?  Do they lead their people into God’s presence?  They see only the here and now, the problems and their solutions.  Yet, their solutions are no solutions at all.

I want to speak about the Holy Father.  He, indeed, sees the full perspective.  He understands in the depth of his heart that all of the calamities come from the Evil One whom he detests.  He knows that there is no dialogue with the devil.

When he comes to the United States, he will speak of these deeper mysteries.  He will appeal to the spirit of faithful people.  I will guide his words, which will be sent throughout the world.  On each of these days, I will give him the world’s greatest stage.  He will go from place to place and be with many.   At every moment, he will be the person dressed in white.  I have brought about his visit and it will be a special moment, an invitation to the whole world to return to the mysteries of my heart.  I will guide him but all must pray so that his visit becomes much more than a media event.

Comment:  The pope understands the clash of good and evil.  Let us prepare for his visit.

4. A Pope of Mercy


Let my heart pour forth its sorrows, for in sorrow much can be learned.  The desires of man are so great that they push him on, even when his path is evil and destructive.  Vindictive and angry hearts, which can destroy the world, have the means of communicating their evil to millions of other hearts.

Quickly, peace turns into war, and calm into violence.  You have seen this in country after country.  Stable governments collapse.  Society is ripped apart.  Victory is followed by slaughter of opponents.  All of this comes from evil hearts that now have the means of communicating with millions.  Earth has never seen this before.  Mankind has never had these powers of worldwide communications.

Now, I have raised up a new Holy Father with the message of mercy.  His voice goes forth.  He is exalted even by the secular press.  He pushes on to his goal, step by step.  He does not fear.  If he makes a mistake, he corrects it and moves on.  The message comes from his heart and he has lived from his heart for decades.  Such is the person whom I have placed on the throne of Peter.  He calls people to conversion and away from division and hatred.  His message is preparing the way.  Another pope will follow him who will complete the gift and consecrate Russia.  (2016)

Comment:  We must see the great popularity enjoyed by Pope Francis as an important part of Our Lady’s plan.

5. Pope Francis – Preparing the Way


What is hidden must come to the surface.  All must be revealed before it is too late.  Otherwise, the evil in man’s heart will pour out upon the whole world and completely destroy its beauty.  Unless I revealed the deep truths and mysteries, no one could understand and all would succumb.

Let yourselves be drawn into my mysteries.  With your natural eyes, you can see only evil, constantly spreading and devouring, changing whole nations in just a short time.  Where peace had reigned, there is discord, strife and endless civil war.  These are the mysteries of evil, a burning lava destroying everything in its path.

Centuries ago, from the heavenly Father’s heart, came forth all of creation.  Two thousand years ago, again from the Father’s heart, came forth His only begotten Son, Jesus.  Now, I reveal the great mystery.  A new stream has again come from the Father’s heart, awaiting for this moment.  It is hidden in the most unlikely place, the heart of God’s mother.  I am ready to pour out these mysteries, these powers which alone can turn back the lava of destruction.

I have raised up Pope Francis to prepare the way.  Even he does not realize the role that I will have him play.  So many important doors were closed to faith. So many hearts were shut tight.  Many were unwilling to see truth or to consider God’s existence.  They were far removed from the light of faith.  I have sent Pope Francis to go after these strayed sheep, to reach out and embrace all in God’s mercy.  So many are hearing his voice, that many others are forced to listen.  He has become the most important figure on the world stage.

Rejoice in this wave of goodness.  It prepares for my great gift which will quickly follow his papacy.

Comment:  Our Lady rejoices in the work of Pope Francis.  She knows the role he must fulfill in God’s plan.