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Saturday, March 21, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/15-19/15 ★ the events that now grip human history & hold it in its claws


1. Our Lady’s Hidden Stream


Jesus said, “This is the time of fulfillment”.  These are my words, also, a time when all comes to a completion, when the good and the evil clash, as they have never clashed since Jesus’ death on the cross.

This clash lies beneath and behind all the events that now grip human history and hold it in its claws, claiming many lives, distorting many truths, and allowing evil to establish new strongholds everywhere.

The human race is encircled by evil, with so many of its supply lines cut, all according to Satan’s plan.  Truly, this is the time of fulfillment but it is not God’s fulfillment that is happening every day.  The Father’s fulfillment still lies hidden in my Immaculate Heart.

Some see and understand and to these new streams go forth.  I cannot wait until that moment when the dam of my heart breaks open and all the graces pour forth, the saving graces which alone can avoid the fulfillment of all that is evil.

Do not wait until my great events occur.  You must come to the living waters right now.  The streams are already pouring forth in quiet and gentle ways.  Thirst for these waters.  Seek out those streams, those places where your soul can be nourished.  Today is so very important.  Remember, this is a time of fulfillment – for some a fulfillment of all that is evil and for others a fulfillment of salvation.

Comment:  Our natural eyes see only the growing evil in all the events.  By faith in Our Lady’s words, we are alerted to her hidden streams that we must seek out.

2. Today’s Mountain Stream


The stream pours down like water from a mountainside, able to bless every part of the valley.  However, many will resist this stream.  Others will reject it, not realizing its saving power.  I speak so all can understand and can receive the full power of this stream.  I will bring about two actions, external and internal.  In the times of darkness that lay ahead, I will certainly give external signs.  These are needed to help people believe and not lose heart.  However, only external signs are not enough.  My streams must reach the inner heart to truly be effective.

These inner mountain streams are already pouring down upon the valley.  Do not wait for external signs, even though I promise that these will come.  The inner streams are much more important and are flowing right now.

The war between light and darkness will continue.  The breakthroughs will occur, but if millions have experienced these inner streams, the truly devastating aspect will not result.  So many talk and speculate about future signs and wonders.  They overlook the great miracles, the inner workings, the tiny and hidden acts, that I want to do today.  For so many, today will be a great day.  Heaven will come to your heart.

Comment:  People miss the present gift by thinking of the future.  They miss the inner gift by focusing on the external signs.

3. Mary’s Centuries of Preparation


Why wait for the signs and wonders when my great gifts are already flowing down the mountain of heaven.  For centuries, Satan has planned for this moment, placing evil in so many decisions and placing darkness in so many hearts.

I, too, have prepared for centuries, when I brought about the reforms of the Council of Trent and the rise of the great orders (16th century), when I sent missionaries to the new lands of the Americas, when the great light of faith spread to Africa, and to nations in the Far East.  I prepared for this moment by the saintly popes of this century, and by the Little Way of St. Therese.

I prepared by the many places of apparitions and messages, trying so hard to reveal the mysteries of my Immaculate Heart.  Some blessings were rejected but many were accepted and are now part of the Church’s life so that I can truly say that the battle has been prepared for.  The streams have been planted on the mountain top and are flowing into the valleys of daily life. Blessed are those who seek out these streams.  Even more blessed are those who widen the streams and make these streams known to everyone.

Come, I need apostles of my Immaculate Heart.  I need people to go into the highways and byways to invite all to the banquet of the living streams.  The more who drink, the wider and stronger the streams become.  They will multiply and go wherever people thirst for them.  They will refresh and renew.  When the battle begins, the enemy must not find my children weak and listless, but filled with divine strength, understanding all by divine light, and ready to conquer by a living faith.  All of this comes by drinking from my streams that even now flow down the mountain side.

Comment:  Our Lady uses clear images to describe great spiritual gifts that she is making available to all.


4. Millions Must Respond


I do not hold back these living streams.  Only if people understand my actions and all that I plan to do, can I pour them forth in more powerful ways.  I would lead every single person into these mysteries of my heart.  They are great mysteries, only slowly revealed, all that the Father has placed in my heart.  Until now, these mysteries have been concealed, saved until this present generation, hidden from all ages until these moments when the world arrives at the brink of destruction.

I say all this to give hope and all who listen will know that as they see the world move more deeply into the darkness and as the clashes of civilization grows, as even new groups and sources of evil arise and move human history to the brink, they will know that the Father has planted these mysteries in my heart, reserving these special gifts until this time in human history.

I speak each day because these blessings are so great and millions must be prepared to receive them.  Today, I speak to you who already believe.  Cherish my words and do not see them as a rebuke but as a fresh invitation.

Your hearts are not deep enough.  They can only receive shallow waters when I want to give you deep and profound gifts.  Your hearts are not still enough.  If I gave you deep waters, you would spill most of them.  You do not believe enough because I am speaking now of blessings that you have never seen before.  Let us begin now to walk on your deeper path.  I say “your” because each person’s path is unique and individual.

Do not stay still in your devotion.  Take my hand and we will make progress.  We must forge ahead and walk in faith.  What was sufficient yesterday is not enough for today’s blessings.  Come, we will find the new as we search together.

Comment:  Our Lady invites millions of us to deepen our devotion and receive her new gifts.

5. Climbing the Mountain


These streams of graces can wait no longer.  They have already been delayed by those who thought it prudent to set me aside and use other means.  They did not see the Father’s plans.  They walked in their human reasoning instead of in the divine light that I was revealing.  Now, the Church can see the results.  Oh, my Church, how battered and torn you are.  How many have left your house, like prodigal children. How many are not even baptized or initiated into your numbers.  How many no longer see you as the light that you once were.  How many look back and wish you were like you used to be.

I know that the modern world presents new challenges and diverts many to its own paths, but it did not have to be this way – the quick collapse, the great fall from your high place, and the darkness that engulfs you.

Come, O Church, take my hand and I will once more lead you to the top of the mountain where I will place you like a light upon the lampstand.  The modern world is coming apart.  The great human structures are falling under their own weight.  The lies of secularism are being exposed for it cannot quell the passions of the human heart.  The difficulties in the world can remove man’s blindness and help him to see.  But what if there is no light?

That is why I must preach each day. You are to be my light. Take me into your heart.  The streams come down from the mountain so you can climb the mountain with me.  There is an appointed time.  We must arrive before the darkness comes, so all is in place.  No delays.  No other goals.  Join with others.  This is the great task of the Church.

Comment:  The world’s problems get people to search for other light but the Church must be filled with light to help these people.