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Friday, March 20, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/14/15 ★ The world & its systems - filled with technology, empty of faith, teetering on the brink of collapse


9. Taking the Wrong Path


When the ways of man diverge from God’s path then, inevitably, humanity walks into a darkness which it does not see.  For a long time, mankind has left God’s path.  By means of great inventions, man now moves along his own path at greater speeds and this path is traversed more quickly.   In a short period of time, new technology gains greater powers for man and allows him to move even more quickly away from his Creator.  Mankind creates its own world, putting together what might even be called “a new creation”, far removed from God and reflecting a humanity dedicated only to itself.

Such is the present state of the world, which is filled with technology and empty of faith, a world that teeters on the brink of collapse.  These are the problems which I will describe.

God created the human person to live on earth, to increase and multiply and to bring forth the fruitfulness of the earth, where all enjoy its benefits, so that everyone could see the goodness of God and give to God worship and thanksgiving.  When mankind sees God as the source of all blessings and gives thanks, all is kept safe.

Mankind has diverged from this path.  The powerful ascribe the blessings to their own efforts.  They reject God.  They build a world where many are poor.  They protect themselves by weapons.  Inevitably, distinct classes arise – rich and poor, powerful and weak.  Hatred and envy gain adherents.  At the same time, powerful weapons are invented and economic structures grow more complicated.  The world and its systems move to the point of no return, when no force or power can bring them back from the brink.  This is my vision that I share with all.  Who can dispute with me?  Who can say it is any different?

Only two options exist, either mankind continues on this road without God that leads to untold destruction or mankind turns back.  What voice is loud enough and what force is powerful enough, to turn man back?  What human person, no matter how holy or how intelligent can reverse the path of centuries?  Only the Woman can do this!  Place all your faith in the Woman and prepare for that moment when she takes the center stage.  The Father has given me this task.

Comment:  Our Lady accurately describes the world’s path that has brought us to the present crises.