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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/13/15 ★ the Moment of all moments

8. This Generation’s Legacy


A moment comes when everything breaks forth and all can see.  Such will be the future moments of human history.  Already, the hidden fires are bubbling up, giving warning signals, but, as yet, the fires have not broken forth for all to see their fury and size. I have spoken about these evils, planted for centuries and now present in so many places and in so many ways.  What is new will be their bursting forth and the changes they will bring about.

This is my message.  These fires must burst forth.  This is the only way that human history can be cleansed and a time of true peace follow.  How strange to speak of true peace before the war has taken place, but this is my message, so listen carefully.

Every generation passes on its legacy to following generations.  In God’s plan, each generation has a purpose.  If it fulfills God’s will, it passes on blessings.  “If it rejects God’s plan, it passes on sin and evil, a corrupt and evil generation”, as Jesus would say.

What will the present generation be?  That is still to be decided but never has the question been so important. Awaken to this moment.  That is why I speak so clearly.  This will either be the generation in which the world is torn apart or is healed and made secure.  Every generation holds its history in its own hands.  This generation holds all the future generation in its hands.  Such is the moment.  I cannot be any clearer.  Now is not the time to buy and sell, marry and give in marriage as Jesus described his generation.

All must awaken to heaven.  All must look to heaven and heed heaven’s words.  I will raise up my new messengers, with gifts and powers never seen before.  I will place the light on the lampstand.  I refuse to allow earth to be plunged into total darkness.  Even so, I cannot remove free will.  This generation, like all the others, holds history in its own hands.  This generation will not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled.

Comment:  Our Lady correctly says that each generation leaves a legacy of good or evil.  Our present generation is different.  It holds all future generations in its hands.