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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 2/27,28/15 ★ I cannot wait for political leaders. I cannot even wait for the Church to act. , There must be two great responses to these destructive events.

2. Man’s Search For God


These times and circumstances call forth heaven’s new gifts, which have been reserved for these moments of human history.

God creates every human heart for Himself, placing in man’s spirit a stirring for unending happiness.  These inner desires bring about man’s ceaseless activity, from morning until night.  In every action, man is really seeking heaven.  Even in his sins, man seeks this eternal good.

When the human heart finds God, peace comes.  The person has a goal and has found the road of his divine call.  He is changed and remakes his world according to God’s plan.  Although heaven offers this gift to everyone, much depends upon whether the culture is immersed in this faith and constantly invites its citizens to find God.

Modern culture obscures heaven, substitutes earth and pretends that the human person will be satisfied with the toys of today.

As these destructive events begin, man sees even these earthly pleasures being taken away.  There must be two great responses to these destructive events.  Heaven will do its part, making available graces that have never been poured forth.  Man must do his part.  He must set aside all that fascinates him, all the glitter and the mirrors, all the dazzling lights and the instant gratifications.  He must resolve right now, “I will allow my heart to seek the living God”.  I will guide your search.

Comment:  As these destructive events remove mankind’s illusions, he will be more receptive to God’s inner stirrings.

3. The Great River Within

As the fires of hell come to the surface in destructive events, cannot the saving waters of heaven also come forth?  When and where will this happen?  Right now, within the heart of everyone who calls on me.

I cannot wait for political leaders.  I cannot even wait for the Church to act.  I must begin now to pour out the living waters of the Holy Spirit, who has been placed in the souls of all the baptized.

Satan cannot touch this impenetrable castle of the human spirit, made for God alone.  How he would like to invade there and cast his ultimate fire, removing man’s free will and absorbing the human spirit into his spirit.  This will never take place on earth.  Until man’s final moment, no matter what sins have occurred, no matter what decisions have been made or evil brought about, God will always be able, in surprising and astonishing ways, to suddenly flood the human spirit with the refreshing waters of conversion.

These fresh and new graces I pour out right now, o reader, into your heart.  This is where I begin.  In your heart.  In your spirit.  Within your consciousness, your feelings, your hopes, your desires.  A fresh river begins to flow, the river of life.

Take it in.  Do not let it flow by.  The river is for you, no matter what has happened in your past life, no matter what your situation is right now.  In fact, I begin right there, exactly where you are.

My rivers are flowing, into hearts that have always sought me, into hearts that once knew me and into hearts that have never experienced my motherly love.  The rivers are flowing.  No one can stop these rivers because they begin within your heart.  Can you not hear them flow?  They are ready to take you in a totally new direction. They are my inner gift, my first answer to the new destructive fires causing these events.

Comments – What a great surprise!  O reader, in your heart right now is a new river of life.

The Virgin Mary’s message given on March 2nd 2014

“Dear children! You are my strength. You, my apostles, who with your love, humility and silence of prayer are making it possible for one to come to know my Son. You live in me. You carry me in your heart. You know that you have a mother who loves you and who has come to bring love. I am looking at you in the Heavenly Father - your thoughts, your pains, your sufferings - and I offer them to my Son. Do not be afraid and do not lose hope, because my Son listens to his mother. Since He was born He loves and I desire for all of my children to come to know that love. I desire that all those who left Him because of their pain and misunderstanding may return to Him and that all those who have never known Him may come to know Him. That is why you are here, my apostles, and I as a mother am with you. Pray for the firmness of faith, because love and mercy come from firm faith. Through love and mercy you will help all those who are not aware that they are choosing darkness instead of light. Pray for your shepherds because they are the strength of the Church which My Son left to you. Through my Son, they are the shepherds of souls. Thank you.”