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Saturday, February 28, 2015

the 'Neo-Cats': Yes, Kiko, let's bring back the good old days when the people really ran things!

the "Iron Age of the Papacy" (872-965), a particularly horrible period in church history during which there were no less than 24 popes, seven of whom were assassinated or died under suspicious circumstances: * While there is no doubt that Archbishop Apuron is lying, stealing, cheating, and assassinating the characters of the priests whose souls are entrusted to his care, I have always allowed for the fact that he doesn't know what he is doing, either because he is mentally ill or because he is an entranced member of Kiko's cult. In any event, if the pilot is compromised, it doesn't matter the reason. The first course of action is to get him out of the driver's seat before the plane goes down. Then get him help. 

An Intercessor for Priests