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Thursday, February 12, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 2/5-10/15 ★ This is the genius of Satan who will continue to use this diversity to bring about more gaping wounds. After the death of the pope, the forces of evil will be spent.

2. The Endless Fuel for the Fires


The very depths of hell are now opening up, endless depths that will continue to pour forth its fire, enveloping all.  The world sees but does not understand.  The fires have no reason.   They follow no logical path.  They are diabolical fires, guided by hell’s evil intelligence, kept hidden so they could grow, but now manifested so they can strike fear.  Nations rush in, only to be burned by the fire, and later enveloped by it.

Mankind has never seen the like of this because the fire has endless fuel, the oil of hatred present in the hearts of millions of young Muslims who always nourished hope of a different life.  Now, this life is seemingly offered to them through the radical groups that had been so marginal.

The events have caused these young people to face a decision.  Their own societies are being split in two and they must decide.  Destabilization of their cultures, a tearing away of existing structures, all of this I prophesied long ago.

Now, these endless fires, burning for so long beneath the surface, are seen by all, Muslim and non-Muslim.  For many, these are fires burning in far away lands.  For young Muslims, the fires have already entered their lives and are shaping their future.  “Should I join the radicals?  What other options are left to me?”  These are the burning questions which every young Muslim must face.  They are the constant fuel for these new fires.

Comment:  Terrorism has roots in a Muslim culture and draws its constant fuel from the young.

3. Terrorist Groups United for Satan’s Goals


The wounds have festered.  Now there is just one, gaping wound that has spread everywhere.    All are being drawn in.  Nothing remains as it used to be.  New wounds, new deaths, new violence every single day.  How much can the body take and sustain life?  Never has anything been seen like this.

I speak today of the linking up of the terrorist groups and their joining forces.  They do not need to have political unity to fulfill Satan’s commands.  All act in the spirit of Sharia Law.  All speak of Allah, of Jihad, of death to the infidel.

Many point out that rivalries exist between the groups but they miss the deepest unity. Although they vie among themselves, and at times destroy one another, they share the same evil intent.  By their very diversity, they spread more quickly, each with their own plan and goals, each with their own inner structure.  This is the genius of Satan who will continue to use this diversity, and even this enmity between the groups, to bring about more gaping wounds.

Suffering is Satan’s goal.  Inflicting pain is his only choice.  Who inflicts it or how it is administered is of little importance.  He wants pain and suffering inflicted upon friend and foe alike.

Who can heal the wounds and quiet the anger?  Can bullets and drones and airstrikes bring this about or, is the whole world caught up in an endless inflicting of pain, even in efforts to be of help?  Until the West turns to heaven, there can be no solutions, but only a continuing downward spiral into hell’s sufferings.  This is my view which I have spoken of so many times and in so many words.

Comment:  Understanding the events demands an understanding of Satan’s true goals.

4. The Twisted Faith of the Terrorists


Let the whole picture come together so the face of terrorism can be seen by all. The evil is placed so deeply in the heart of their culture and has been nourished for so long a time, that superficial solutions cannot be effective.

The evil is rooted in their beliefs about Allah and what pleases him, in their faith that violence is Allah’s will, and that self-inflicted martyrdom gains eternal life.  Who can erase these beliefs from their hearts?  Who can turn them to the heavenly Father of Jesus, who preached just the opposite – non-violence, forgiveness and a martyrdom that was freely accepted at the hands of persecutors?  The West has its weapons but has forgotten, lost, set aside, and, has often ridiculed its own faith.  Now, it faces a foe who gathers its zeal from its beliefs, as distorted as they are.

Is it too late?  Do we have any chance at all?  These should be your questions.  Instead you fight over policies and discuss strategies, when you should be talking about a return to faith.  Do you even see the connection between the millions of your own unborn children whose blood you have shed and the blight of terrorism that now sheds your blood??  Do you at least see that you are trying to defeat a foe blinded by a false faith when you place no importance on clinging to your own true faith?

I say this now because as the face of terrorism becomes clearer and the extent of terrorism touches everyone, these questions will grow much more important.

Comment:  The terrorists have faith, albeit a twisted one.  The West has set aside its faith.

5. The Culmination of the Drama


Bombs, explosions, deaths on every side, peace talks, and failed negotiations – a constant cycle which now takes center stage.  But what has not been seen in this unfolding drama?  What waits in the wings?  You can see what is present.  The future is hidden from your eyes.

I have said that the events would begin in 2015 and that all previous events were just a preparation.  The events would then speed up, one after another, each one linked, each one the next act of the drama, until all comes to a conclusion.

These are the present moments.  The curtain has opened.  The drama has begun.  Satan has written his script, prepared his actors, placed them in their positions and now actively guides their steps.  He knows the story he has written, quite a different script from God’s original plan.  He has the stage all to himself, having removed all those who would be able to oppose him.  Only the Church remains, the one light that still shines, set aside by world leaders and rejected by so many.

This is my message.  This drama of death, wars, terror, destruction, the division of countries, the millions who must flee their homes, the intense and useless sufferings, the failed plans, the weak initiatives, and the quick spread of evil will continue and become even more serious.  If allowed to go to its conclusion and end according to Satan’s script, nothing would be left.

The only hope lies in the Church because there I will begin my intervention.  I will enter this drama only through one door, the Roman Catholic Church.  This will be evident to all.  There will be signs from the very beginning, as clear as the sun rising.   In the beginning, the world will only know that the Woman has begun to act.  What I will do and how I will accomplish this will still be hidden.  By that time, the darkness will be so great, that all will receive and welcome this rising sun.  This hope and welcoming is extremely important.  Then, I can accomplish all that I intend.

The vision has its time.  The Fatima vision will be the culmination of the drama. The death of the pope, the bishops, priests, religious and laity in Jerusalem will be like a new Calvary, the greatest moment of darkness before the light of the resurrection.  After the death of the pope, the forces of evil will be spent.  The tides will be reversed and will flow in the opposite direction.   I will have gained the victory, the purification of the human race in the most merciful way of all.  The pope will take upon himself the sins of the world and relive the great mystery of the Lamb of God.

Comment:  This locution is a very deep revealing of both the events and their meaning in God’s plan.  Our Lady alludes to the saying in Habakkuk, “The vision still has its time, presses on to fulfillment and will not disappoint.  If it delays, wait for it.  It will surely come, it will not be late” (2:3).

6. Satan’s Many Weapons


In this war, what will be held back?  Nothing.  This is the final battle, the culmination of centuries.  When total victory is in sight, no need to plan for tomorrow.  Everything and everyone goes into the war.  Everything will be drawn in, like wooden houses in an enormous fire.

The focus is upon the Middle East, Russia, the Ukraine and Africa, but the sparks of the blaze have fallen also in Europe.  With very few operatives, the terrorists have forced these nations to spend millions on security.  This is money which they do not really have, money which they just print.

Satan does not fight his war with just weapons.  A building can be destroyed by fire or by a collapse.  It really doesn’t matter, because the building is useless.  The economic collapse of the West is closer than anyone believes.  The structures already shake.  The burden of debt grows. The price of fighting terrorism increases.  Satan links all of his evils.

He holds many different cards in his hands and he knows when and where to play them.  His important ploy is surprise.  He attacks whatever is not protected.  He always has his enemies looking in the wrong direction.

Where terrorism works, he uses that.  Where economic instability works, he uses that.  Where fear and confusion work, he uses that.  Where poverty dominates people’s lives, he uses that.  How many cards he holds and how well he knows to play them.

Only heavenly wisdom understands him and only heavenly power can defeat him.  That is why I must reveal Satan’s works.  More and more battles will be lost until mankind learns to call upon heaven.

Comment:  The world’s focus is upon the terrorists and Russia, but Our Lady warns that Satan uses many evils to gain his victory

7. The Day of Accounting


The costs are high and resources are stretched beyond the breaking point.  Yet, this is only the beginning.  There will be more and more money dedicated to weapons and security, and new walls that are meant to protect but will also limit freedom. Satan builds his pressure and extends his power.  It has become impossible for leaders to keep their eyes on every aspect.  The power to govern correctly slips from their hands with too many issues to confront at once.

These are the hidden problems which seep into a nation’s bloodstream and wear down the system.  Who can take these into account?  All just assume that a nation can absorb all of these burdens and not collapse.

Satan has many approaches.  He knows well the weak links, the parts that cannot handle the coming burdens.  He knows that the economies of the West operate on money that does not exist.  In the Middle East he uses the fires of terrorism to quicken his victory.  In the West, he uses spending to arrive more quickly to the day of accounting.

The days of accounting will soon come for the West.  No country is an island.  When the day of accounting arrives for one, it affects all.  No country can divorce itself from the global economy.

O West, Satan turns his eyes to your economies.  His terrorism has cost you millions, but that is not his most powerful weapon.  Nations have become tired of austerity programs.  They have rejected leaders who took them on that path.  They have chosen others who, like true politicians, have promised what they cannot deliver.  A confrontation, a tremendous clash, will cause a splintering and attempts to patch things together.  The great economic weakness of the West will takes center stage.

Comment:  While some terrorism attacks in Europe have gained the headlines, the greater problems lie in the weakened economies.

The work of rebuilding must begin now
message to pelianito 2/10/15

Nehemiah 2:17
Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, so that we may no longer suffer disgrace.

“My children, now is the time for the rebuilding to begin. Yes there is much more to come, and much more must be torn down, but the work of rebuilding must begin now. Just as an architect must work hard before the first stone is laid, so too must you lay the groundwork of prayer so that what is built is firm, the materials strong. What you see now crumbling is what was hastily put up. Everything rooted in me endures, even if for a time it is not visible or evident. My children, you have a crucial role in the building up of the Church. Take time to pray, to adore, to fast, so that what will be built will give the most glory to God. My little ones, I am counting on you. Nothing is too small to be offered. Give me everything, wrapped in the Flame of Love and you will see miracles!”

Heavenly Father in the Divine Will I go back and re-do all I have ever done so that you may be glorified in all the acts of my life. I wrap this offering in the Flame of Love so that your kingdom may come and your Church may be rebuilt as an impregnable fortress, mighty, pure, and holy. Jesus in Mary I trust in you. Use me as you wish to accomplish your designs upon the world. Amen.

A Time of Many Troubles 
message to Wings of Prophecy January 29th, 2015

A time of many troubles is coming for My people.

This shall be a time of much shaking in the earth, of nations changing in historical proportions, of much fear throughout the world.

You are wise who prepare by rooting yourselves in My Word. By following My Word in all you do, you shall be protected. But woe unto those who ignore Me or refuse Me in that time, for their way shall be fraught with evil and lack.

The ways I am changing nations shall bring much glory to Me. Many will turn to Me in their distress and know that I AM Lord.

Do not fear, My children, for you I hold safe in the palm of My Hand.