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Saturday, February 7, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 2/3,4/15 ★ Terrorism is Satan’s weapon, the secular world destroys faith & leads to eternal death.

7. The Secular Road and Everlasting Death


The secular road leads only to worldly goals not to eternal life.  When faith is snuffed out, these eternal goals are removed.  The person never seeks life after death.  They only vaguely perceive heaven and do not make it their goal.

They veer off, enticed by what is here and now.  They remember only vaguely the voice of God, their eyes turned to the glitter and their ears attuned to the new sounds arising from earth.  They give themselves to “buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage” as Jesus said, while rejecting His words that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

The problem is not what they find in a secularized society, but what they do not find.  They never discover the pearl of a great price or the treasure hidden in the field.  They are found asleep when the bridegroom comes.  Not allowing their soul to be bathed in eternal light, they grasp for earth and are filled with what passes away.  They have no room for the treasures of heaven.   Worldly wealth cannot buy you eternal life?  You must seek treasures that the thief of death cannot steal from you.

I came to Fatima to save the world from the great destructions of the 20th century, but, more important, I came to save millions from eternal fires.  The same two issues are still on the table, only to a much greater degree in this 21st century.  The secular world is like dry wood, an easy target for the demonic fires, which not only destroy the body but, even worse, cast the soul into eternal death.

I did not hold back these truths.  At Fatima, I showed the three children the souls in hell.  Hell is a word that the secular world does not want to hear but it has to be spoken.  Let no one say that the secular world is neutral.  It destroys faith, blinds people to the road to eternal life, steals Jesus’ power to grant eternal happiness, and leads to eternal death.

Comment:  We so easily accept the secular, forgetting that it destroys faith needed for salvation.

1. Terrorists With Fire In Their Hearts


The powers of terrorism have touched so many places and have been so openly displayed, that all are realizing the full extent and purpose of those who would shake the earth so they can control it.  But what is seen is so small compared to what is hidden, and what has happened is so little compared to the full powers which they seek.  So, I must speak again about the full and complete darkness of worldwide terrorism.

For years, they have grown, protected by a secrecy which they, themselves, fostered.  Now, they grow by publicity and by events that are televised.  Their many names are known everywhere.  They have become a household word, known to all.  Being known, they can more easily recruit.  Being feared, they can more easily destabilize.  Without lifting a finger or even having a plan they cause nations to spend millions on security, due only to fear of an attack.  They enjoy power to cause fear, even when they have no power to cause destruction.  All of this is on the surface and easily seen.  I must go to the heart, what cannot be seen by eyes that think only in human terms.

Terrorism is Satan’s weapon, which he has carefully fostered for centuries, fueled by hatred, by poverty, by clashes of civilizations, by lies, by the interests of the rich, by mistakes of political leaders, by violence and by deaths.  The Middle East and Northern Africa are cauldrons of boiling water which have just begun to overflow.

The West, as always, replies with weapons.  However, the West does not experience the fire of peace in its heart like the terrorists experience the fire of hatred and destruction.  So, this war is quite uneven.  The West has the greater weapons but the terrorists have the greater fire in their hearts.  So much more to say.

Comment: Our Lady asks if we are ready to look deeper, into our hearts.  What does the West lack in its war on terrorism?