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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 2/11-15/15 ★ All is falling apart.

8. The One Who Wields the Key


How great the nations must struggle to maintain life and the security of their citizens.  Strains appear everywhere.  Violence within and violence from without.  All is falling apart.  Where are the rays of hope?  Who even dreams of a brighter future, indeed if there is to be a future?  Pain, panic, violence, fear, destruction, and a great uneasiness prevail.  Darkness grows and hope dwindles.

Who appears on the scene as s savior?  Who can be raised up?  Many people will arise, trying to claim the mantle of savior, attempting to show that they are the one called to restore peace.  I have reserved that role to the one who wields the key.  I have not given it to another.

No one will rise up in his/her own powers.  No one will climb the mountain and claim the fire of life.  No one will be able to disperse the coming darkness.  I will allow all the world leaders to fail.  All will see that even those who have great nations at their command cannot quell the destructive fires.  As these events, of every kind, spread their evil, world leaders will become helpless. The whole world will see the futility of their efforts.

Then, and only then, I will raise up my priest son who will wield the key; placed by me in his hands, my special son whom I have prepared for decades.  I will bring him on the scene at the darkest moment.  In him, the nations will place their hope and he will not disappoint because he is a child of Fatima.

When he assumes the Chair of Peter, the Fatima graces will be released and the great battle will begin.  Until then, human responses will be of little avail.

Comment:  Our Lady explains that there will be a total failure of world leaders to limit the present evil.  Having seen their hopelessness, the world will rejoice when she raises up her priest son.

9. The Only Light in the Darkness


So, where does this road end?  One day leads to another and one era opens out to the next, but where does this time of terror and destruction lead?  That is still not determined.  This year is still being lived out.  Its legacy is far from final.  Nothing is settled.  The battle still rages.  The forces are still being brought forth.  Much is still hidden.  In fact, most of what will happen still lies in the background.  I have said this clearly.  The events before 2015 have prepared for this year.   From now until October 13, 2017, will be the decisive years.  By then, the world will see either the great destruction or the great victory of the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Clearly, not much time is left.  During these years, the world leaders will walk in great darkness because their own hearts are not purified.  They see no need to turn to heaven and they do not call upon the people to seek heaven’s aid.  The people also are to blame for they have chosen sinful lifestyles, rejected religious faith, deliberately chosen secular goals, killed the unborn and walked in their own personal darkness.

America is to blame.  The nation that I chose to be a light to the world and to bless the world by its abundance cannot even pay its own bills.  I say all of this to convince everyone that the world leaders walk in their own darkness and are totally helpless to bring about the light.

Now, I come to the last remaining hope for the world, my Church, my Roman Catholic Church, with its pope and its Fatima powers.  Catholics are so unaware that they, who have suffered so much and have been set aside by so many, hold within their Church the only light and power that can overcome the darkness.  My message is so clear.  Go back to Fatima.  All the events, especially the darkest and more destructive events are meant to have one tremendous blessing.   The Fatima light which has been hidden under the bushel basket of denial will finally be freed and set upon the lampstand.

Go to Fatima.  Read the story.  Believe the promises.  Live the messages.  Go to Medjugorje, for it shares in the great Fatima gift.  As all the lights of the world go out, everyone will see that one candle remains that alone can light up the whole world.  The proud and the mighty cannot understand the wisdom of God.  This is only revealed to the little ones.

Comment:  Our Lady provides a clear summary of her basic messages.

1. The Beginning Instructions


The way to light is not arduous or filled with great suffering because I will be with you.  It is when you walk away from me that the path becomes destructive and dangerous.  At times, people even lose their immortal souls.  Such is the sorrow of my heart.

The way to light is not a journey of one day or of one decision.  It is a path that requires both fidelity and great understanding.  I will provide everything.  At this moment, I invite the whole world to walk with me.  I have not yet come upon the world stage.  That moment has been blocked and delayed.  The circumstances are not yet right.  Mankind has not yet turned and sought heavenly help.  All of that will come later.  We cannot wait.  We must set out on the road of light.  Surprisingly, we can make great progress even while the world plunges into darkness.

This will be my personal miracle to each person who hears my words in these locutions.  While the world goes one way, into darkness, you will go the other way, into light, not into the false light that has too often guided you, but into Jesus’ special light that I have reserved just for you and your loved ones.  All will be blessed.  I will begin immediately.  Listen and see and walk.  Do not be just a hearer of my word but a doer.

First, I must assure you that this gift is true.  You have read my locutions.  You know that 2015 is the beginning year of the events.  You already see and learn daily about these events.  If Satan has decided to unleash his darkness, why should I hold back my light?  These are my beginning words.  As you read and hear of all the events of destruction and turmoil, let your faith increase.  Just say to yourself, “If Satan is releasing his darkness, Our Lady must be sending forth her light”.   In this way, what was meant to cause you fear, will increase your faith and draw you closer to me.

Comment:  Only reluctantly does Our Lady speak of darkness. She rejoices to teach us her path to light.

2. The First Step Into Light


The Way of Light is filled with blessings.  However, the person must leave go of darkness so their hands are free to receive.  This is the first, and the most difficult step, because the person sees only what they are giving up and does not yet experience the gift.  Let my words teach you.

I will not delay.  As soon as you let go of sin, I will come with light.  As soon as you turn your back on the darkness, the light will envelop you.  The purging will not be all at once, but in gradual steps that you can easily walk.  The first step is to overcome your fears, “What will life be like without my sinful attachments?”

Let us begin with those sinful attachments.  What in your life is obviously from darkness?  What do you do that, in the goodness of your heart, you do not want to do?  What steps do you take that you always regret?  What leads you into sin and darkness?  As you hear these questions, what comes immediately to your mind?  That is where your path to light begins.

Now, do not say, “I will wait until tomorrow” or “Some other time” or “I am not ready just yet”.  The same grace might not be yours tomorrow.  If you are not ready now, then how will you be ready if you delay?

This path to light has many steps that lead to the greatest freedom.  You cannot take the others, until you take the first.  Just resolve within yourself. I need only your permission to act.  Just pray, “I will throw away the darkness and walk as a child of the light”.  It is done.  Your will is resolved and your feet have chosen a different path.  Now, I can explain all the blessings.

Comment:  Our Lady will do everything for us.  However, she needs our free will.

3. The First Three Steps


I must teach this way of light quickly because the darkness can already be seen.  This path has only little steps, but it has great gifts.  These I pour out on all who walk.  This is the first truth.  You do the little things and I do the great things.  At every step, huge blessings await.  This is why I must teach.

People think that they must do great things, especially as the darkness comes.  Really, they must do only little things, but these acts are so important.  They dispose and prepare the person for my acts.

The first little act is always faith, and faith comes from hearing.  I speak.  You listen.  What happens to the word?  You either accept it or reject it.  If you accept it, then it enters your heart and you set out on the path of light.  If you reject it, my word sits by the wayside, and you choose other roads, roads of darkness.

The second step is hope.  “I am on a journey.  Mary is with me.  I will not go astray.  She will protect me.  If I fall, she will pick me up.  If I fear, she will calm me.  Even if I sin, she will lead me to forgiveness.  It is different now.  I am not alone.  The Virgin is with me and she is my mother”.  Such are the thoughts of hope, always casting out the darkness of doubts.

The third step is a choice, a choice of love, when your will embraces me.  How many times and with such great tenderness, I have embraced you.  But that is not enough.  You must embrace me.  Do this now.  This great act of love seals everything.  Once you embrace me, I will never let you go.  I will always show up.  I will intervene.  When you embrace me, you give me permission to act as your mother.

You can see that this path is very easy but you would never have found it unless I revealed it to you.

Comment:  Our Lady gives a beautiful teaching on the three inner acts that begin the path.