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Monday, January 5, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/1,2/15 ★ When the door is open, I bless everyone in the house.

1. The New Year Promise


Believe, so that this will be a year of faith.  I will be with you guiding you with my words.  When I give you promises, believe.  When I give you directions, obey.  When I teach you, remember.  Natural light will not suffice.  Supernatural light must show you the path.  Now, let us begin a new year with a promise.

I will be closer to you than ever before.  You will know that your love for me has never been greater.  All of this is a gift, poured out right now before this year unfolds.

Walk into this year with faith.  Do not look at your material blessings and think, “I am secure.  Nothing is at risk.  The year will be filled with abundance”.  Rather, say, “I have Mary with me.  She will accompany me.  She will never leave my side.  She will show me where to walk and what to avoid.  I am safe in her arms”.  This must be the theme of this year, which holds so many surprises, in which what seems powerful crumbles and what seems weak grows strong in faith.  The new year is upon us.  We have no choice except to let it unfold.

2. Inviting Mary To Come


I want peace and I will work until the world has peace.  I have already laid the foundation for peace.  Within the Catholic Church, these forces for peace are already present in the clear teachings of my role as Mother of the Church and in all of my revelations that are approved or are still taking place.  These are reservoirs of peace which are waiting to be released.

Look at what I have already accomplished.  I have given many promises, released many powers, converted many hearts, given many signs and stirred much devotion.  Most important, I have pointed out the path to peace.  I have asked people to live by God’s laws, to say the rosary, to use the sacrament of Penance, to fast and to keep the First Saturdays of the month.

If people would just believe me, I would come close to them.  This is the secret I now want to reveal.  What power is contained in these little acts of devotion?  They are invitations, not my invitation to you but your invitation to me, to come, to be close, to protect, to bless, to calm and as always, to spread peace.  Using these devotions opens doors that I can easily enter.  Setting aside the rosary, keeps the doors closed and when totally rejected even locks the door.

I want to come but I wait until my children invite me.  When the door is open, I bless everyone in the house.