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Friday, January 2, 2015

January message to Mirjana, "Begin 2015 Under the Mantle Of The Holy Mother of God!"

Pope's Angelus: Begin 2015 Under the Mantle Of The Holy Mother of God!

January message to Mirjana

Dear children, I am here among you as a mother who desires to help you come to know the truth.

While I lived your life on earth I had knowledge of the truth, and by this alone, a piece of Heaven on earth.

That is why I desire the same for you, my children.

The Heavenly Father desires pure hearts filled with the knowledge of the truth.

He desires for you to love all those whom you meet, because I also love my Son in all of you.

This is the beginning of coming to know the truth.

Many false truths are being offered to you.

You will overcome them with a heart cleansed by fasting, prayer, penance and the Gospel.

This is the only truth and it is the truth which my Son left you.

You do not need to examine it much.

What is asked of you, as I also have done, is to love and to give.

My children, if you love, your heart will be a home for my Son and me, and the words of my Son will be the guiding light in your life.

My children, I will make use of you, apostles of love, to help all of my children to come to know the truth.

My children, I have always prayed for the Church of my Son, and so I also ask the same of you.

Pray that your shepherds may come to shine forth with the love of my Son. Thank you.


Your humility alone can spare you from what your Lord has planned message to Pelianito December 29,2014 

Nahum 1:3 The Lord is slow to anger but great in power, and the Lord will by no means clear the guilty.
“Little ones, be littler still. Show me your abject poverty, your complete lack of merit, your utter dependence on grace. Your humility alone can spare you from what your Lord has planned. Yes the guilty will face justice, but are not all men guilty? Does not every heart carry the tendency to sin? That is why I exhort you to be humble. Lower yourself. When I see a soul humbling himself I see my own Son in him. I see him clothed with the merits of my Mother, she who was the perfect embodiment of humility. Take every opportunity to grow in humility. Embrace each opportunity as Christ embraced the cross. Children, if you knew the true value of humility, you would sell all you have to obtain it.”
Heavenly Father, help me to embrace humility without counting the cost. Grant me every grace I need to “sell” all my prized possessions, namely those things I cling to that keep me from attaining this virtue in greater measure. Without grace I cannot do this, Lord. I am poor in virtue, completely without merit outside of grace. Mother, show me how to walk path of humility with greater fidelity. Jesus help me! Amen.