........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ayers, Klonsky, & Obama family connections, &, "'Grieving Mother' of dead Sandy Hook kid is ACTUALLY a gun-grabbing rep for GOVERNMENT OF SWITZERLAND, pushing UN gun-grabbing scheme!"

10 Large Earthquakes in 7 days time — global unrest event underway DS.T1009

via theverge

This is a massive blow to Obama and the liberals who think religious liberty should only operate on their terms.

the Ayers, Klonsky, & Obama family connections: The True Bill Ayers Revealed – The Communist & Domestic Terrorist cdrkerchner
~ & that 'Grieving Mother' of dead Sandy Hook kid who is ACTUALLY a gun-grabbing rep for GOVERNMENT OF SWITZERLAND, pushing UN gun-grabbing scheme! BS,ESQ @ BR

when Commander Fitzpatrick lost his rights so did you. thejaghunter

Photos, speeches and articles on our pilgrimage of Pope Francis Holy Land en.lpj


Fr Slavko Barbaric on the Immaculate Heart of Mary

This is a motherly call, because every mother carries within her heart the deep yearning to be with her children and to be there for them so that her children can also be there for her.So that we may better understand this wish of Mary’s, let us think a bit about Mary’s heart.

We believe that she was conceived without sin as she told Bernadette in Lourdes when she said that she was the Immaculate Conception.

Her heart was obedient toward God; her heart was full of love, trust, hope and faith; her heart was merciful, and she was also the mother who kept her Son’s words in her heart and thought about them a lot; her heart was full of peace and completely subservient toward God and toward others. That is why she went to visit Elizabeth, that is why she could, out of this peace and love, see at the wedding of Cana that the people had a problem, and her heart inspired her to intercede with Jesus for this family. And when Mary wishes of us to come closer to her, then this also means that our hearts should become more similar to hers.

So every opportunity of practicing patience and trust in faith, hope and love and every attempt at forgiving really makes our hearts more similar to hers, and especially so when we are in difficulty or have problems and then remain firm and do not lose faith, hope and love, we are coming closer to her heart – her heart that also knows suffering and that still remains loyal to Jesus throughout His sufferings.

Here it becomes important for us to ask ourselves whether the yearning exists within us to remain close to our mother? This means that we should ask ourselves what hinders us in this yearning, or what suffocates our yearning for being near to her.

Every one of us will certainly find something in our lives that distances us from Mary's heart. But in general one can say that whoever wishes to come closer to Mary must dispose of all pride and to practice humility at all times. Whoever wishes to come closer to her heart must dispose of every uncleanness in order to become more similar to her Immaculate Heart. Everything positive that we do brings us closer to her heart, and especially so when we carry in our hearts and reflect upon God's words.

This way we will come closer to Mary and in our lives Jesus will then become alive as he did in Mary’s life. This way we will also discover what it means when he says that those who do the will of the Father are also his brothers, his sisters and his relatives.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

★ 'The destructive events, for many, will be the removal of their last hope. No. It is far better if these events are avoided by prayer and sacrifice.' ★

60. The Power of the Evil One July 20,2011 - Mary
The greatest light that has ever shone upon mankind will come to it as a gift of the heavenly Father. This moment must be prepared for by hope. Yes, you must hope when there seems to be no reason to hope for the future. Hope, that is what I preach. I will explain later. For now, let all my children begin to hope. Your mother sees what you cannot see.

~ 3. Our Lady’s Three Sorrows Jun 2nd, 2014 - Mary
~ 8. The Milk of Hope Feb 1st, 2014 - Mary
~ 4. Protecting the Children Jan 14th, 2013 - Jesus & Mary


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago
(June 21-27, 2014)

June 21, 2014 (11:10am)
Tell My beloved children I’m giving you plenty of time to prepare for the coming future catastrophic events your country will endure. If you are not ready it means if you read these messages you didn’t take them seriously enough to heed them. Oh, My children, God is merciful to his loved ones. He wants everyone to be saved and safe. There will be many more messages that will tell you what you are to do and also you will be guided to the refuges that are appointed for you. You will be asked to be generous with your food and accommodations. Many will be totally unaware and therefore unprepared to help their families. These things will occur before you are led to the refuges. In those places, there will be supplies of food and water, but not enough to satisfy your wants. You will learn to do without many comforts you are used to. Your country will be in utter chaos and you will be protected from the hands of your enemies which includes your government and others seeking your whereabouts. I know this all sounds like a nightmare but unfortunately these things are going to happen. Your government will take over any property they deem important for their plans. These people who will take over your country will eventually become victims of their own evil schemes and many of them will succumb to the evil people who want them out of the picture. I know this is a lot for you to know about, but it will help you in the future. As you were told you must be able to defend your faith. If you don’t know the basic teachings you will fall prey to the false teachings that will be spread from the pulpit in some of your Churches. These things are already happening so pay attention to what you are hearing. Continue your prayers and fasting for Pope Francis. His time is getting shorter every day and his strength is slowly declining.
I love you, Jesus.

June 22, 2014 (11:35am)
Tell My beloved children there is going to be a major conflict in the White House over how the immigration is being handled. Some want more to be done to have more illegals in the country and others are pointing out how much the American people are against what they are doing. Your president is paying no attention to the advice he is given. He will use executive orders to usurp what power he thinks he needs to get more of his agenda carried out. He thinks his party will win in the next elections by using some of these immigrants to vote illegally. He will try to stop any states from making voters show any identification. He is beginning to fear that they might lose in the elections so he is prepared to call in the paid terrorists to start race riots to allow him to call in Marshall Law to control the violence. He thinks by doing this there won’t have to be an election and he can maintain his power. My dear ones, this man is getting desperate so look for anything to happen. My children, there is a lot being done to bring about a resolution regarding the impeachment of this president and his Administration. There are enough documents now to prove reasons for this to happen. The powers behind your president are getting nervous since their plans are being threatened. They want to get rid of this president since he is no longer useful to their cause. There are so many ways they can accomplish this. Don’t be surprised if some day your news will report his demise. Yes, My children, you are hearing right. Many things can change to alter your president’s power. Keep praying for Pope Francis. He is in pain now even if it doesn’t show yet. You must be prepared for major changes in the Church after he is gone.
I love you, Jesus.

June 23, 2014 (9:32am)
Tell My beloved children to enjoy the life you now have with your family. Go to Church together. Pray together, especially the holy Rosary. Soon your life will change and you will only have memories of how things are now. My dear ones, as you have been hearing on religious programs your Pope Francis is slowing down and cutting back on his summer schedule. He is beginning to feel very weak and sick. Pray often for this holy man. He will have much to suffer as he nears his end. My dear children, the Administration is constantly sending out someone to stop real truth from emerging. They go around all the talk shows on tv trying to convince the public of lies they tell to cover for the president. There will be more information coming regarding the conflict in the Middle East. The powers behind the scenes are not happy with the way your president handled the stories that were supposed to keep your country from getting involved. Because of his ego he wants to take credit for any peace proposals that will be conjured up. The powers behind the scenes didn’t tell him to do this. He took it upon himself. Oh, My dear ones, pray for your men and women who will be sent to fight this war. It will be done on the pretext of saving the people in the Middle East counties from the extreme terrorists taking over individual cities. The real reason is money and power for this president and to distract from the scandals. Pray My children, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

June 24, 2014 (9:36am)
Tell My beloved children there isn’t much time before all the sins you ever committed will be revealed to you. This will be the Illumination of your soul. It will be as if you would be judged by God if you were to die that day. This will be a terrifying experience for some of you. In fact some will die from the shock. Be in the state of grace, My children. Remember My timing is not the same as yours so be prepared for this to happen at any time. After this many will turn back to the Lord with deep sorrow for their sins. Unfortunately many more will pay no attention to it once they are no longer confronted with their sins. They will go on living the way they always have in sin. They will think this was just their imagination since it will feel so strange when it happens. My poor children won’t take advantage of this great privilege they receive to see their sins as God sees them so they can repent and change their ways. Oh, My children, there are so many evil people in your country trying to take you into Socialism. Fortunately through your prayers and the grace of God this will never happen. The powers behind the scenes are looking for someone to replace your president since he is not following their orders. Look for anything to happen. As you were told these people are desperate and have no consciences so are capable of any evil. Oh, My dear ones, now you are hearing little by little of your Pope Francis’ failing health. He is getting weaker every day. You don’t know how long he can last. Pray for his moral strength and courage to endure to the end.
I love you, Jesus.

June 25, 2014 (9:52am)
Tell My beloved children there will be a lot of surprises in the upcoming elections in the fall. Every trick the Administration and their party pull will fail. The American people no longer trust them and their votes will show this. The Administration is not aware that this is going to happen so they feel rather confident they can cheat their way in as they have always done in the past. My dear ones, as told to you earlier the powers behind your president are not happy with him and they are planning on how they can get rid of him and replace him with someone they can better control. Your present thinks he can do anything he wants no matter what he is told to do so he no longer can be useful. Oh, My children, as you hear on talk shows and also by watching tv there is so much crookedness involved with this Administration. The ones heading different agencies have purposely been spying on anyone’s or any organization opposed to this Administration. They have been found out by the American people but still feel they don’t have to answer to anyone for all the lies and deceit involved. Soon there will be major changes in the Administration. They still feel very safe since there is so much going on with paid off judges and even Congress itself. So, My children, a lot is going to happen very soon that will change the outcome of the fall elections. There may even be people who will mysteriously die. As you know these people are desperate to keep their power and they have no consciences. Pray for your dear Pope . He doesn’t have much more time. Be prepared for what will come with the anti-pope who will replace him. Don’t be taken in by his charismatic personality. Underneath this is an evil man.
I love you, Jesus.

June 26, 2014 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children to notice the weather patterns. One day it is hot the next day it is cold and many more days of rain and flooding. These are all signs of the times. Are you paying attention and heeding these warnings? Yesterday you were told the Illumination is coming. Sadly, there are so many of My children who have never heard this before and so they will be shocked and unnerved when this occurs. You who read these messages are very blessed. You are told and therefore are made aware of what is actually happening in the world. You can tell all the lies you are being told are being purposely spread to protect your president. My dear ones, are you using this information to help you get closer to the Lord? That is the purpose of these messages. If you are not praying more as a result of these messages, you are reading them out of curiosity and they aren’t going to help you. Oh, My dear children, this Administration is so out of control it will take a miracle to undo the damage they have done and continue to do. As you were told the powers behind your president are looking for ways to get rid of him. It will take a lot of manoeuvring to try and replace him but they think they can. Oh, My children, look for major changes to take place in this Administration very soon. People in Congress are also getting fed up with the way the president over steps his bounds and does what he wants. There will be those who will want him to account for his actions even if he has to be impeached. Your president is beginning to feel insecure as he sees some of his past strongest supporters challenging him. Pray for all this to happen fast so your country can be saved. Pray, My children, for Pope Francis, you will see how he is failing. He is in such desperate straits.
I love you, Jesus.

June 27, 2014 (9:53am)

Tell My beloved children there is urgent need for prayers for Pope Francis. Pray that his pain will lessen and he will have a quiet and peaceful death. He is getting closer every day to his coming to be with Me in Heaven. Oh, My children, your president is feeling very angry and insecure after the decisions of your Supreme Court were unanimously against him. That won’t stop him. He will continue to try and get away with outrageous things in spite of this. Oh, My children, he won’t be your president for his full term. The powers behind him have decided he is no longer useful to them so they have devised a way to get rid of him. Don’t be shocked if you hear of his assassination before his impeachment. There are going to be many changes in the Administration in the weeks to come. Even some in the media are getting fed up with the lies they have to tell in order to keep their jobs. Yes, My dear ones, as you were told everything this president and his Administration try will fail. They can see how public opinion is going against them. As long as they think they can win the elections in the fall by all their cheating and dishonest tactics that’s all they care about. Your country is about to undergo major changes overnight. Be prepared for food shortages and for the government to close all the banks. It is then that the Churches will all start to close when the anti-pope takes the place of Pope Francis. All this sounds unbelievable I know but it will happen very soon. I hope all of you reading these messages are in the state of grace. You know not the hour or day when your soul will be required of you. Are you ready?
I love you, Jesus.

Friday, June 27, 2014

the BP Oil spill: “the biggest cover-up we have ever seen.” = BP fuels the U.S. military, Sandy Crooks, 10 Facts About The SWATification Of America, & then there are the black muzzies

Did BP Assassinate This Man? deathandtaxesmag

& another 'mysterious' death: Breaking: Tea Party activist who photographed Senator Chochran’s wife in scandal found dead benswann

tax-paying-American-lil'schlubbie's $500 MILLION: ISIS CRISIS "All in all, this epic string of jihadi jail-breaks has let loose over 2000 alleged terrorists and militant gunman for hire." 21stCW

"The noose is getting tighter around Sandy Hook."

#3 50 percent of the victims of SWAT raids are either black or Latino. ZH

"Let's be real, how many of these households have flatscreens, cellphones, XBoxes, or spinners on their cars." Dangertime@ZH

again, w/feeling: Toddler Tries to Intervene as Mother Is Brutally Beaten by Vicious Muslim (Video) GWP

"Of course liberals become righteously indignant when you say that their beloved Soccer was somehow inspired by Karl Marx’s philosophy on government and culture. Put your indignation away, lefties; you could hurt somebody with that thing!" Soccer Stinks, And Not Just Because It’s A Commie Sport rotten-core

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/23,24/14 & JULY 4th, 2012 ★ Feast of the Sacred Heart - Am I not the Woman Clothed With the Sun? Can I not and will I not clothe you, America, in my Sun?

The Holy Trinity is the God of the Impossible
messages to John - the servant of God 6/22/14

Actus reparationis

the very stronghold of Satan Jul 24th, 2013 - Mary

359. America’s Future New Life July 4th, 2012
Mary’s Promise

Is there some way that America will survive and keep its place? Do I have a surprise in store for America? Do I hold a special gift in my heart? Am I not the Woman Clothed With the Sun? Can I not and will I not clothe you, America, in my Sun? I reveal this to you. See and heed, sons and daughters of the Republic. In you I have placed a seed of greatness that still waits to be opened. Every American who comes to my heart, can be nourished in this seed and a new harvest will be planted.

6. The Center of Material Creation
Jun 23rd, 2014 - Mary

The mystery of the human person stands at the center of material creation. All was created for the human person who alone can thank God. Does the heavenly Father just like to paint beautiful skies or form planets? Is he like a child in a sandbox building castles? God is a person and has created the human person to know and love him. He wants the person to become like himself and to live forever.

Like Adam, who enjoyed paradise but felt lonely without human love, so the heavenly Father wants the human person to give him divine love. The greatness of the human person is his capacity to be divinized, to be made like God and to love God as God loves himself. This call can only be fulfilled by the Holy Spirit of God poured out by Jesus.

Jesus stands at the center of all history, nailed to the cross from which he gave up his Spirit. The mystery of each human person is found only in Jesus’ opened heart. Go there and you will find your name written. Stay there and you will discover who you are. Surrender to Jesus and you will fulfill your call.

7. The Correct Surrender
Jun 24th, 2014- Mary

I come to the heart of the problem, which is the heart of each person. The human person is like a fortress, with their will at the highest and most protected place, a free will that makes the final decision of what to surrender to.
It is faced with daily decisions and says “yes or no” a hundred times a day. From these decisions, comes success or failure.

O soul, you say “yes” to this and “no” to that, but I am knocking now at the door of your will. A heavenly visitor has come. I offer you a heavenly choice. I offer you a chance to surrender to what is above you. The heavenly Father wants to lift you up and recue you from the frustration of human life. (This is his plan for the human person.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/18-22/14 ★ Mankind is Over the Brink - PRAY4USA June 25 - July 3

June 25 - July 3

LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/11-17/14 ★ the collapse of Iraq will send shockwaves, Europe will tremble, every political leader will be powerless.

1. Call from God
Jun 18th, 2014 - Mary

Every human person has a call from God, a word placed in the deepest part of their person. God places this call at the moment of their conception, when he directly creates the human person. For so many, this call is a seed that never opens and the person’s talents are spent on other goals. Even with great worldly success, the person might never have fulfilled their divine call.

God’s whole purpose in creating mankind was that each seed would come forth. This seed is the person’s identity, who they are meant to be, what they should become and the good they should accomplish.

When society is ordered and filled with faith, many understand and respond to their call. When society is confused, then the person finds this difficult. I am speaking now for two reasons. First, people must become aware of this divine power placed within them. Secondly, people need help to understand and to fulfill their call.

Come, this will be an exciting journey. We will travel to the very center of your personhood and discover who you are. You will set aside the false images that flood your mind and grasp what is true.

10. Leading to the Ultimate Fire (Special Locution)
Jun 18th, 2014 - Jesus

Keep your eyes focused on the Middle East. I told you a long time ago that the war in Syria would not end quickly and because it would continue that many structures would be destroyed. This ripping apart of stability would open the door. Syria was always the fuse even though the explosions would take place elsewhere.

This violence is rooted in two things, the centuries of memories and religious beliefs. This Middle East fire is so deep, so strong and involves so many people that no human power on the face of this earth can put it out.

What happens when fires cannot be put out? They continue. They grow. Moments of greater and greater destruction take place.

From now on, there will be no peace. These fires will never be put out. They will lead to greater fires and ultimately, to the great fire. All of this is true unless heaven begins to act.

2. Deprived of Divine Light
Jun 19th, 2014 - Mary

I want to bring you into the deepest mystery. The human person, has God’s plan stamped forever on the soul. This is man’s hidden identity, unique to each individual. Discovering and fulfilling this destiny was meant to be easy, like a journey on a road filled with light. Sin changed all that. The straight road became difficult, narrow, twisting, filled with obstacles and plunged into darkness.

Jesus came as the light of the world. Many walked in that new light and society was bathed in light. Cultures of light came about. Many began to know God’s call and live it out.

Now, the darkness comes. The lights are extinguished, one by one. Yet, each person retains this force within themselves, this divine call. When darkness comes, people wait for the light to act. However, the divine call never waits. It persists. It cries out. It wants to shape every decision. This is the dilemma of modern man. He carries within himself a divine call but is deprived of the divine light. That is why I speak. My locutions will offer you, O reader, the light which your culture should have provided you. Listen carefully to all my words.

3. The Mystery of the Person
Jun 20th, 2014 - Mary

The human person is infinite, able to exist only by a unique act of God’s will. The person is formed in the great mystery of the Trinity of persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is called to a greatness, which is hidden in God’s will but gladly revealed.

How does each person arrive at their own greatness? This is the mystery I will explain. Every person is born into a culture. If the culture is devout and filled with light, then the person can more easily find their way. God acts within them from the earliest years and the soul sets out in the greatest light. If, however, the person is born into a culture of darkness, they do not realize what God is doing within them. Their inner divine light is covered over and their choices are limited to earth.

This is the great struggle now taking place between the Woman and Satan. Millions of people live all their lives in darkness, their divine call is lost. As this darkness has spread, many have abandoned their faith and many more have never received it. So, I use these locutions to cast an inner light. They pierce the darkness and offer everyone an opportunity to discover God’s call.

11. The Voice of Light
Jun 20th, 2014 - Jesus

In the middle of this darkness are many voices of light, but so many of these voices are tiny. They are voices of lay people, of children, even of religious women who are given words from heaven. These are important voices, little rays of light, but they are ignored by many. Your locutions are a big voice because of Monsignor Esseff and the stature that I have given to him. Early in his priesthood, I sent him a little girl with heavenly messages.

Then I led him to Padre Pio and later, to Mother Theresa. He has held worldwide positions and is known everywhere. People cannot ignore the light that has his name attached.

When the terrorists raise their flag over all that they will control in Iraq, a new level of terrorism will begin. They will have their own land and their own resources. This is new. They will not just be a government that allows terrorists. They will be a government of terrorists. They will not govern in order to bless their people. They will govern to destroy the world. No one can imagine the new level of this threat.

4. Personal Light in a Darkened Culture
Jun 21st, 2014 - Mary

Before a person can discover their call, they must be awakened. What a special blessing that is, a moment when the veil is pulled back and the great door opens. This moment comes at different stages. Sometimes, the person is very young (even a child). For others the blessing comes in adolescence or young adulthood.

As the years slip away and the opportunities are no longer present, it is more difficult but not impossible, for a person to be awakened and to realize, “This is my call. This is why I was created and to this I will give the remaining years of my life”.

This awakening is God’s gift. (What a special moment.) The moment is always prepared for. Those who receive the enlightenment as children usually have devout parents whom they obeyed. Those who receive this in adolescence or young adulthood have either been faithful for years or have had a conversion.

Right now, I speak to the whole world. My Immaculate Heart is pouring out extraordinary gifts of light. The growing darkness has covered over the usual ways of this awakening. I will circumvent the culture. I will conquer the darkness that surrounds you. I will come directly to your heart. Even though your culture offers you no door to God, you will know that I have given you a light. While darkness surrounds you, a new light will fill you. You will know this has happened and by these locutions you will know what to do.

12. Mankind is Over the Brink
Jun 21st, 2014- Jesus

Formerly, mankind was on the brink. Now it has gone over the brink. The previous century was filled with many evils and mankind was advancing into the darkness. Although these evils did not lead mankind over the brink, the constant delays in seeking heaven’s help caused that moment to come even closer.

However, even with all that had happened, the evil was still contained and could be avoided. Now, the evil is no longer contained. It has spilled out of its container and is everywhere. When did this happen? Only recently, as the Syrian revolution destabilized the whole region and allowed the terrorist groups to emerge, knowing that they would meet no American resistance.

It is too late for earthly solutions. Only heaven’s light and heaven’s power can save the world. For this reason, I have raised up these little locutions. No one else sees what has happened nor understands what is taking place. Mankind is no longer on the brink. It has gone off the brink. The evil is no longer contained. It has broken out of its container. Earthly light is no longer enough. Mankind must begin to follow heaven’s light.

This darkness will continue and mankind will go deeper and deeper into the darkness. At some point the world and the Church will remember my words that only heaven can save mankind.

5. The Mystery of Human Existence
Jun 22nd, 2014 - Mary

God does everything so that the human person discovers the mystery that God has placed in his heart. Unfortunately, each culture is filled with darkness and so many do not have the needed light to read what is within, to understand these inner mysteries. That is why I speak.

Within you, O reader, is an intellect which shares God’s power to know. You also have a spiritual will, quite independent of your lower desires. Do not confuse the two because they war against each other. Inside you also is a power deliberately placed there by your Maker. He made you for himself. Deep inside that power is your call, who you are meant to be, whom you are to love, and to work with and what you are to do to fulfill your call.

All of these are powerful forces within you that lead to your happiness. God calls you to the deepest joys, the greatest accomplishments and, finally, a place with Jesus forever.

You are not free to rip these mysteries out of your soul. You cannot say, “I will no longer be a human person.” Even your death will not end your human existence. I come to you to help you. Together, we can discover the road to your happiness.

The 33rd anniversary of the first apparitions in Medjugorje

Saturday, June 21, 2014

ANY QUESTIONS: Sandy Hook Lead Investigator dies 'suddenly', will Lois be 'Fuddyed', Feds advertising for Crisis Actors in Houston for July 4, Google Adds Home-Monitoring Startup, 6 other top IRS employees also lost emails around the same time, controlling feral swine by poisoning them w/preservative used to cure bacon,

Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Maj. William Podgorski Dies Suddenly FO
~ Holy BAD LUCK, Batman! BR, & just keep scrolling down!
~ "the Sandy Hoax exit strategy. The Regime is cleaning up loose ends."
~ "Wonder how Laughner is doing since he assassinated Federal Judge John Roll in January of 2011.
And, what's up with the investigation in the murder of Jack Wheeler just days before in Delaware?"

And that’s where things get sketchy. tct
"Keeping in mind the establishment GOP, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John McCain et al, together with K-Street lobbyists and The U.S. Chamber of Commerce led by Tom Donohue, all benefit from the IRS targeting conservative groups."
"the emails that are missing are probably the most damning as they may be linked to Malik Obama, Barack Hussein Obama's brother who is a financier of the Muslim Brotherhood." FO
~ "Sometimes, I do fear a Fuddy will be the end of Lois Lerner."
~ "Question: If you're trying to "Save kids who are allegedly getting molested by their cult leader," do you MURDER THOSE SAME KIDS by bringing in tanks and burning their building to the ground with them inside?"

BOOM: Louisiana Rejects Common Core CT

Google Adds a Home-Monitoring Startup to Its Creepy Arsenal thewire

BREAKING: Lerner’s Computer Mysteriously Crashed 10 DAYS After House Leaders Asked About Targeting GWP

Bacon preservative tested as feral hog poison cnsnews

Thursday, June 19, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/11-17/14 ★ the collapse of Iraq will send shockwaves, Europe will tremble, every political leader will be powerless.

> ★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/11/14 ★ as the world plunges into darkness
> ★ Locutions to the World 6/6-8/14 ★ All of this has happened before your very eyes
> ★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 6/7-13/14 ★ you are living in Revelation

1. The Shockwaves of Iraq
Jun 11th, 2014 - Jesus

I told you that the timetable for the spread of terrorism would move ahead quickly with the American withdrawal. The terrorists would be international and not limited by national boundaries. They would join forces and no longer be isolated. They would see victories in their grasp that they thought would be years away.

The events in Iraq will send shockwaves. Other governments will realize how helpless they are. As the terrorists claim great victories, they will recruit many more.

Europe thinks that it is far away but the collapse of Iraq will be such a blow that even Europe will tremble. All is ablaze, but far sooner than anyone imagined. The timetable is moved up. No one will grasp the depth, the magnitude and the results of this collapse in Iraq.

2. The Papacy’s Greatest Moment
Jun 12th, 2014 - Mary

I want to speak of the pope’s role in world events and his relationship to world leaders. The papal office is worldwide. The pope travels and is welcomed everywhere. He is, truly, the only universal figure on earth.

I want to speak of three phases of the papacy. Centuries ago, the pope was a central figure in the formation of Europe. As Europe sent forth its explorers and its missionaries, the role of the pope was also extended.

All of this gave rise to the modern papacy in which the pope, by his travels and the means of communications, is seen and heard all over the world. In spite of this high profile and worldwide recognition, he is not seen as integral to world events. This role is given to political leaders who make the daily decisions which determine war or peace, prosperity or poverty.

I speak now of a third moment, a future moment close at hand, when political leaders will be completely helpless in the face of the events. In this moment of great darkness every political leader will be powerless.

At that moment, I will raise the papacy to its greatest height. When mankind asks, “To whom shall we turn?”, suddenly the great light of the papacy will shine out upon the world and all will realize, once again, the great gift of the Catholic Church.

3. Satan’s Enticements
Jun 13th, 2014 - Mary

The Catholic Church has existed for centuries and will continue to exist until the end of time. This is Jesus’ promise, “I am with you always, until the end of the age” (Mt.28:20). But it is about the next few years that I must speak. In these years, Satan will attack the Church as never before. She is the last and final bulwark that prevents his worldwide domination. If he destroys her, he would have no adversary that is his equal.

He will entice the Church with the false goals of popularity, acceptance by the world, and acclaim by world leaders. The world will welcome the Church with open arms. Currently, the world criticizes the Church for its moral teachings. The world says the Church is bigoted and out of touch. The world wants the Church to compromise, to adapt, to change, just as so many other Christian Churches have done.

The Catholic Church loves all mankind. It is universal and reaches out to everyone. However, how can the Church save a drowning world? Must it join the world in the water? Should it not stay on firm ground to throw the world a lifeline? The enticement is to adapt, to jump in and to be more immersed.

4. Events in Iraq (Special Locution)
Jun 13th, 2014 - Jesus

The events in Iraq are not just moving up the timetable. They are a breakthrough of such magnitude that no world leader can foresee the consequences. This is the breakthrough which gives new life and new existence to terrorism. Now, they will take over a whole country with all its resources. They will establish Sharia Law and claim a victory of great magnitude. Other governments will fear and world markets will be affected. The magnitude of the breakdown taking place in Iraq is difficult to describe.


I can only use the word “magnitude” because the terrorists will bring about the collapse of an existing government. World leaders do not grasp the hearts of the people who have been told so many things which they no longer believe.

For them, reality lies with those who are waving their weapons. The terrorists are experts at causing fears. Even though their numbers are small, they can overwhelm many who fear and no longer believe the promises of their government.

5. The Coming Synod
Jun 14th, 2014 - Mary

The Catholic Church has existed for 2000 years only because I have held her in my heart. This happened from the very beginning because I was with the disciples on Pentecost Day.

Now, I must place the Church even more deeply in my heart because of all the events that will take place. The Synod of Bishops looms on the horizon. This Synod does not result from great fervor or a pouring out of the Spirit. It results from the breakdown in morality, the walking away from Church teaching, the new pressures of modern life and the growing secularism even within the Church.

In many areas, the Church is crumbling. Even the foundations are weak. The Synod will be an attempt to patch the Church together, to stop the exodus of its many members, and to usher in a time of return, a welcome-back. This will be the spirit of the Synod just as “opening the windows” was the spirit of Vatican II.

But what will result from the discussions at the Synod? Such discussions, although animated by sincere desires, carry within themselves great dangers. They carry seeds that are not always seeds of new life but of darkness. Such seeds will be present and that is why I must protect the Church from now until the Synod is completed.

6. A New Role For the Pope
Jun 15th, 2014 - Mary

After Pentecost, as the apostles set out, I went with them. This was a gift given to me by the Holy Spirit. For all these centuries, I have been the Mother of the Church. Nothing has happened in the Church, the great moments and the sinful moments, that have not been recorded in my Immaculate Heart.

Right now, I want to reveal the Church’s present situation, the dangers that surround it, and the events that are coming. I want every Catholic to know this revelation. It is not to be secret and sealed for years, only to be revealed later. This time is short and the whole Church must have this revelation. The more Catholics who see and understand, the safer will be the Church and the world.

The Holy Father heads the Church but the papacy should not just be a teaching office. These events have a role to play in world history. This role has been removed from the papacy over the recent centuries. However, the events have already begun which will throw the world into the greatest confusion. These events will have a secondary result of making the papacy grow more and more important. This will be a surprising shift. Only as events bring the world to its knees, will the world look again to the papacy and the Catholic Church as the one source of light out of the darkness.

7. Satan’s Worldwide Plan
Jun 15th, 2014 - Jesus

I must speak out. I can no longer hold the words in because the world and its leaders do not understand all the events that are taking place in Iraq and Syria. These events are just flashpoints. Satan has his pot of evil boiling over, first in one place and then in another.

Right now, Satan foresees the possibility of setting the whole world ablaze. He does not yet possess all that he needs but, for the first time, the possibility of pouring out his flames upon the whole world is becoming possible.

To explain, I must speak about World War II. That, too, was Satan’s pot of evil boiling over. However, at that time, Hitler and Mussolini did not contain the amount of evil that is now present. Also, there was a faithful and firm America that was a wall against that fire. Satan, however, did win a great victory when the atomic bomb was discovered. As the door of one evil closed, a greater door opened.

Satan sees two things. First, he sees the extent of his evil powers. He sees all the people whom he holds and all of the weapons which they possess. In assessing his own strength, he knows he does not yet have enough evil to cover the world.

Second, he sees President Obama, who singlehandedly has neutralized America which now sits on the sidelines and merely follows the events. As Satan sees these two realities, he knows what he must do to seize this opportunity to bring about the moment when he can set the world ablaze. When that moment arrives, he will act immediately.

I must also speak clearly about the Church which has so failed the gift of Fatima. Sister Lucy was a faithful messenger. As World War II began, she alone knew why. My mother had told her that this war would break out during the reign of Pope Pius XI if the Church did not listen and heed her messages.

The work of Fatima and the task of Sister Lucy were meant to be fulfilled during her lifetime, but the Church did not listen to her. She was a religious, who lived a hidden convent life. She could only send messages. When these were rejected, she just sent more messages.

I will no longer send messages to the popes. They have never listened and they still do not listen. Instead, I will send a pope who himself is the messenger. He will need to deliver the message to no one. He knows what he must do.

I say all of this because no one sees the magnitude of what is happening in the Middle East nor how close Satan is to gaining the power to turn the whole world into his hell.

8. Oil On the Lampstand
Jun 16th, 2014 - Mary

The future of the Church will not be an easy path. First, the Church has suffered from so many sides. Its critics rejoice because their voices are so strident and their words are so well received. Second, the Church has inner enemies who are hidden and do their work without being seen. They want to strip the Church of her supernatural elements so she can appear a fully modern institution. Yet, of these I do not speak.

The Church will share in events which will shake the world. Not only nations but the Church, also, will be shaken. The structures, the finances, the very work itself will be endangered by these events.

However, the Church will have the strength of faith not shared by the nations. This is why I must speak now. When the events begin, fears and even panic can enter into the Church. However, a moment will come when a great light of faith takes hold. The Church will say, “It is for this very moment that we exist. In the darkness, we will be the light to the nations”. There will be a fresh resolve. The events that should destroy the Church will be used to lift her up and place her light on the lampstand. At last! At last!

9. Prevailing Over Hell
Jun 17th, 2014 - Mary

All see the Church’s organizations and its institutions. However, what really is the Catholic Church? Why is it so important at this moment? We must go back to Jesus’ promise, “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mt.16:18).

Does any other institution have that promise? Has it been given to any nation or union of nations? Only the Church has the promise, “Hell shall not prevail against you”.

As hell pours out its fire, and as Satan seeks the total destruction of the world, he knows that only the Catholic Church has Jesus’ promise. “Prevail” does not just meant “to survive”, it means to overcome, to conquer, and to gain the victory.

If the world were just a group of nations, even strong nations united perfectly, Satan could still win the victory. However, the Church exists. It is in the world (as Jesus said). It lives in history, just as the nations do. It suffers. It bleeds. It sorrows. It lives and it prays. That is the Catholic Church. Someday, in the very midst of the great battle that lies ahead, when Satan attempts to reduce the world to ashes, the Church will also prevail. The Catholic Church is the only hope for mankind and Satan knows Jesus’ promise.

Media blackout of Iraqi war dead OR where have all the anti-war-'Occupiers' gone?, &, you can laugh it off if you wanna,

"He made me believe again that there truly is hope and miracles can come true, sometimes you just have to hold on long enough and don't give up." Michelle Cross

No Engine Combustion = No Water Vapor = No Contrails = No Persistent Contrails = Chemtrails CP

night time chemtrailing
targeting the full moon
1. If the powers to be are selling the deception of Solar Radiation Management / Climate Change to the public, why Chemtrail the full moon?
2. Are they trying to hide something in the atmosphere or in space during a full moon?
3. If they are hiding something during the full moon can there be connections to Military applications and or UFO activity?
4. Is this repeated chemtrail / full moon connection being documented in other areas of the U.S. or worldwide?
5. Why the 7 to 10 day break in chemtrail activity?

shielding Soetoro: Media blackout of Iraqi war dead TDS
~ Imagine that, 'Occupiers' committing acts of violence and targeting police. DTG

What is a joke?
The destruction of order.
Why do people laugh?

Chaos theory, sacred geometry, mind control

These are the same dumb smart people who get us into unwinnable wars, wrecked the economy, and don’t know the differences between the sexes. GFP

Obama Officials Confirm Sandy Hook Was False Flag and No Children Died CP

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/11/14 ★ as the world plunges into darkness

8. The Church’s Greatest Moment
Jun 11th, 2014 - Mary

In the early, dark hours of the morning, the sun is making its way bring the light of a new day. Such is my action within the Catholic Church. Deep within the Church lies the great Sun of Justice, a gift not shared by the other churches. Right now, this special light is preparing the Church for its greatest moment in history.

As the present darkness makes its way to midnight, the light of the Church will be seen as the only hope. The greatest moment in the Church’s history will come as the world plunges into darkness and actually comes closer and closer to the full darkness of midnight. Then, the great lights which I am preparing in the heart of the Catholic Church will shine for all the world.

This preparation is two-fold. Some already know and are preparing to be my great instruments of worldwide light. Also, every Catholic must know that their Church has been assigned this great task and they will be part of this light for the world. Oh, Catholics, begin to prepare. Live as children of the light and a moment will come when you will share in the Church’s greatest moment.

America: the ongoing, well-funded attack on the Catholic Church cal-c

Canada: On Verge of Banning Christians from Professional Life IIAET

Iraq: Foreign intervention won’t help Iraq, says Baghdad archbishop CH

& Fowler, Mich.: "The houses in these two villages eight miles apart in Central Michigan are orderly, with Virgin Mary statues in front yards, American flags on front porches and unlocked front doors. Faith is the center of life, those who live here say: Everyone is Catholic, everyone is related and everyone shows up at Mass. The youth groups are active. Nearly all the students attending the prom in the villages begin the festivities by attending a regularly scheduled 4:30 p.m. Mass, dressed in their party attire." NYT

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WWIII: off to the Golf Course for Bari as UN armored cars seen in Georgia, USA

Enter into battle, and keep your wits about you. ... I now raise an army of prayer warriors, message to Jabez 6/17/14

via Babylon is fallen… ap

WARNINGS IN BOTH IRAQ AND SYRIA: Apparitions of the Blessed Mother and allegedly Jesus in Iraq at Mosul
Damascus, Syria, 1982 (Our Lady of Soufanieh)

How Obama Is Creating An Islamic Caliphate IN

“Because of the government’s foolish policy of foreign interventionism, the US is faced with two equally stupid choices: either pour in resources to prop up an Iraqi government that is a close ally with Iran, or throw our support in with al-Qaida in Iraq (as we have done in Syria). I say we must follow a third choice: ally with the American people and spend not one more dollar or one more life attempting to re-make the Middle East. Haven’t we have already done enough damage?” Ron Paul @ Ben Swan
~ meanwhile: Soetoro Goes Golfing CT
~ ISIS Use US Stinger Missiles to Shoot Down Helicopter in Iraq FO
~ The Iranian angle in Benghazi (yes, there is one) RA
~ What's Wrong With These Two Headlines? RFN

UN armored cars seen in Georgia, USA

The Pope: "Even some prelates are corrupt"

“Lets just keep our heads down until this Vatican 2 craze blows over” SW@BCI
~ "The allegation of "bullying" is baloney. They have almost nothing to say in their defense, so they can only make things up. Since when is this defined as bullying: "Sisters, you are teaching things that are not part of the Catholic faith. Please stop. Here is why you should stop and why they are not part of the Catholic faith".
This goes on for 6 years, at least, with the most forceful thing being done is having a meeting with the nuns, and deciding that since they constantly continue to push non-Catholic theologies, their speakers at future conferences must be approved by the bishop. "

Monday, June 16, 2014

Paralyzed by Mandatory Flu Vaccine, the Trilateral Commission, the Minerva Research Initiative for “Mass Civil Breakdown”, Lake FUBAR Sloshing Again,

via Da Mihi Animas

Obama’s NWO Black Flag Of Jihad In Iraq & A Fleet Of Toyota Tundras Filled With Repackaged Muslim Brotherhood Goons Nomenclatured As ISIS! PVC

And tying it all together, is – who else – the NSA:
The “Minerva Research Initiative” – The Pentagon’s Preparation For “Mass Civil Breakdown”
~ now go here: the Trilateral Commission: grooming the population jonrappoport "there are only 87 members of the Trilateral Commission who live in America. Obama appointed eleven of them to posts in his administration.
For example: Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary;
James Jones, National Security Advisor;
Paul Volker, Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee;
Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence.
Several other noteworthy Trilateral members: George HW Bush; Bill Clinton; Dick Cheney; Al Gore."

~ meanwhile: "AND the silence from the left is deafening.The anti-war liberals don't say $hit about their messiah Obama and his continuation of Shrub Bush's war mongering." TCN

Nancy Pelosi Attacks Archbishop gfp

Nurse’s Aid Awarded $11.6 Million for Being Paralyzed by Mandatory Flu Vaccine hin

Natural antibiotics to stockpile now: 10 herbs and foods that kill superbugs NN

MAJOR flooding in Italy as Mount Etna erupts during hailstorm

Lake FUBAR Sloshing Again lasinkhole

Greenpeace ‘Rocked By Finance Scandal’ CD

(#NY22): RINO PAC attacks Tea Party challenger to prevent another Cantor-style upset iotw

The stage is being set for World War III HSUS

Syrian Forces Expel Rebels From Christian Town on Turkish Border toc

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bâri’s little Unexplained Pakistan Trip, Lois L. & the 'missing' emails, Mugging by Catholic bloggers,&, Prayers requested for Phoenix priests

I will take what is rightfully mine. I will claim that which was stolen from Me, and restore My people. message to Jabez 6/14/14

"I couldn't greet people and tell them I love them from inside a sardine can, even if it was crystal!" Pope Francis

On Friday morning in Madrid, Spain, two feminist activists chained themselves half nude to a crucifix on the altar of Almudena Cathedral, in protest for the rights to free abortions for women. aleteia

Prayers requested for Phoenix priests

"Commenting is similar to blogging for some people and they exploit it to the max to make it their personal platform for thoughts and ideas that no one would otherwise find acceptable or helpful in personal face to face communications or which no newspaper would publish. It is also a great opportunity for anti-family, anti-life propagandists to flood LifeSiteNews with their nonsense. We are not going to give them that platform, but we do allow some of it for the sake of dialogue."
Steve Jalsevac / Mugging by Catholic bloggers
~ & a little bit about Mark Shea PLC

“Is Barack Obama a KGB Agent?”
how to make sense out of the UKRAINE

Attention: Questions About Obama’s Unexplained Pakistan Trip; Got Passport Records? birtherreport
~ "CIA chief Jihad John Brennan sanitized Hussein's passport records. That's how he got appointed CIA chief."
~ "And when Hastings wrote that article about John Brennan, that's how he got car-bombed by CIA."
~ "During the 2008 election, Obama's passport records were breached as well as Hillary's. It was never determined who did this or what was found. This would be golden opportunity for birthers especially birther lawyers like Mari Apuzzo to attempt to track down the individuals who did and what they found out."
~ "Lt. Quarrel Harris was set to testify about this breach. Was shot dead just in time."
lotsadots @BR
~ & then: "the arsenic-poisoning death of Michael Cormier.
He's the CORONER TECHNICIAN who dropped dead the day his (LA Coroner's) office released the Breitbart autopsy report to the public."

& this via Falcon: The Post Collapse World Will be Violent & Brutal & BUSTED: Media Fails to Mention Vegas Shooters Involvement in “Occupy Movement”

That was before they got the Utah facility up and running..so solly. "Hey jackass Congressman, they didn't build the super facility in Utah to just collect email headers, no one believes you are "overseeing" the NSA and no one believes the NSA's limited hangouts and sad fkng attempts to cover its ass. You can all stop pretending." Gaius Frakkin'@ZH

Friday, June 13, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 6/7-13/14 ★ you are living in the Book of Revelation


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago
(June 7-13, 2014)

June 7, 2014 (3:34pm)

Tell My beloved children to learn their faith and know it well. The anti-pope is waiting in the wings ready to destroy everything the Church was founded on and that is Me, Jesus Christ. You will be glad you did when you hear some priests, bishops, cardinals and theologians teaching the false ideas of the anti-pope. Some of them will ignorantly follow the anti-pope since they might agree with some of the things he is saying. Oh, My children, you are living in the Book of Revelation. Read this and you will see for yourselves how all things going on in your country now have been spoken of in this book and it will also give you some idea of what will occur in the future. The Lord is always there for you, to comfort and guide you along the way. There is soon to be such turmoil in your country that you haven’t witnessed in your past. The signs are all around you, My dear ones. You only have to be open and have your heart in the right condition to see it. Oh, My dear children, your dear Pope Francis will not be your pope much longer. It’s hard for you to imagine what your Church will look like once he is gone. Pray, My children, pray, but always keep focused on the Lord so as not to lose faith. I am with you and you will experience a New Heaven and a New Earth when it is all over.
I love you, Jesus.

June 8, 2014 (9:43am)

Tell My beloved children that the Holy Spirit will come down on the Church in a special way today and on all families to give them peace. Oh, My dear ones, if you only realized the power of the Holy Spirit in your lives, you would pray to Him all the time for the gifts He has to offer. You all need wisdom so you can discern the good spirits from the evil spirits who are allowed to prowl around to see who they can conquer. Oh, My children there is so much evil in the world. It doesn’t have to be this way. If everyone prayed to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction what a peace filled world this would be. There is so much hate and jealousy over someone’s success in this world. Everyone has gifts that are given for the praise and glory of the Lord. Unfortunately too many of you think you are the cause of the gifts and you use them for your gain and are filled with pride. Oh My children, thank God for all your gifts and talents and use them for the good of others. There will come a time when your gifts could save your life and the lives of others. If you use your gifts for the intention of pleasing God you will receive many graces. My dear ones, your country is already under attack and the attacks will escalate throughout the warmer weather. Be on your guard at all times. You never know where the enemy will strike next. Protect yourself with blessed medals, especially the St. Benedict medal. The enemy will avoid anyone wearing these blessed medals. So, My dear ones, I hope you are all praying for your holy Pope Francis. He will be with Me in Heaven soon.
I love you, Jesus.

June 9, 2014 (9:21am)

Tell My beloved children to look for major conflicts in the Middle East. Your president and one of his cabinet members have made a deal with the enemy and it all involves money. Oh, My children, I know it’s hard to believe but your president is greedy and power hungry and will do anything to destroy your country. Of course he will never be thought of to be anyone involved in this but he is the instigator. Yes, My children, there are many terrible things about to occur in your country. Just pay attention to all the unexpected violent deaths that are happening around your country. These are evil men inspired by satan himself to do these things. Many more attacks will take place on unassuming victims. Be in the state of grace, My children, you don’t know where these things will happen next. My children, pay attention to what you are hearing from the pulpit. Many priests have been misinformed and they are spreading their errors. Oh, My children, there is so much confusion coming to the Church through some of the Cardinals who are not true to the Church. These are men who have been planted years ago in the Church to destroy it. They are very cleaver how they disguise who they are. These are some who are trying to get your Pope assassinated in a devious way so nothing will be suspected. These things will never be known. Oh, My children, you must pray and fast for your Church and for your country which will be under a major attack in a very short time. Remember to keep focused on the Lord so you don’t get discouraged.
I love you, Jesus.

June 10, 2014 (9:14am)
Tell My beloved children I want them to have joy in their hearts no matter what comes into their lives. Some of the greatest saints endured tremendous pain and suffering emotional, spiritual, and physical and never lost joy in their hearts. When you surrender everything in your lives good or bad you will have joy and peace. So, from now on, surrender and trust in the Lord and see the difference you will experience. Oh, My dear ones, this president is planning further destruction for your country. He does anything he wants with nobody’s authority but his own. He has those who agree with his agenda working for him in the media and in his Administration. This is how he gets away with all his evil plans. Oh, My dear children, pray for his impeachment to take place as rapidly as possible before he does more harm to your country. He is a radical person and hates this country. He never should have been elected your president. The next man to take his place is God fearing and very moral, a man of integrity! This man will be ridiculed and persecuted by the media. In spite of this the American people will see the good he will accomplish and they will love and support him. I know it’s hard for you to understand how this can all occur and the time table for this, but it is going to happen when the time is right. Continue your prayers for your Pope. He is slowly dying. You won’t notice it right away but eventually everyone will begin to see his declining health. Pray, My children, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

June 11, 2014 (10:06am)
Tell My beloved children this president is getting very desperate. He sees members of his party distancing themselves from him. Many former supporters are no longer with him. They are afraid that this president is going to be impeached or imprisoned and they are running scared. Oh, My children, your country has never been run by as godless a man as this president is. He has always been surrounded by people of like mind, but now many are deserting him. There is so much that is about to take place both in your country and in your Church. I know you can’t see it yet, but it is all being prepared. My dear ones, your dear Pope is working feverishly to accomplish as much good for the Church as he can before the anti-pope takes over. There is so much destruction planned by this evil man. So many of My children will be deceived by him. He will be charming and charismatic and very likeable. Under this cloak is a very cunning and evil person. Stay alert to what you are hearing in your Church. Pray for discernment to know the truth. Be at peace, My dear ones, and remember to focus on the Lord with joy in your heart.
I love you, Jesus.

June 12, 2014 (9:24am)
Tell My beloved children I realize you don’t understand times and time tables for all these messages to bear fruit, but in My time and in My way all these things prophesized will come true. There are so many things that are in the making right now with this Administration. They realize the American people are waking up and they are outraged by what this Administration is doing. There will be more and more positive outcomes in future elections and the Administration can’t stop it from happening. There are meetings among those involved in the president’s agenda to plot what their next move is going to be. Oh, My children, all of these school shootings are being perpetrated by paid terrorists. It may look like its one student killing another, but there are others involved that you are not aware of. If you notice the killer is the one who takes his own life. This isn’t always what actually happens. There are others who do the killing so as to keep the real truth from coming out. I know it’s hard to understand but don’t believe everything you are being told in the media. Again you are being warned to stay alert and know your surroundings. These terrorists are everywhere now waiting to attack. Your president is running scared due to the scandals going public so be aware of anything he may do. Remember it is all to divert your attention away from his involvement in the scandals. Many of you are not convinced that your pope is going to die and the anti-pope is going to take over. Again, in My time table this is going to occur. It isn’t going to be much longer since he is being poisoned and it is gradually destroying his body. Your country and your Church are in great need of your prayers and fasting. Remember not to get discouraged as you see these predicted things happening. Focus on the Lord and ask for discernment of the spirits regarding the Church.
I love you, Jesus.

June 13, 2014 (9:33am)
Tell My beloved children what you were told in these messages regarding a major conflict in the Middle East is happening right now. You were also told that your president and some of his cabinet that he sent over there are involved majorly in this new conflict. It is all about money and greed. Oh, My children, once this president and his Administration are out of office there will be much work that has to be accomplished to get your country back as One Nation Under God. This president has caused so much harm and destruction to your Constitution it will be difficult to get it back where it should be. My dear ones, this will take some time since there will still be those who will try to thwart all efforts to stop Socialism in your country. There is still a lot to look forward to in spite of all that has to occur before this Administration is finally taken down. Your new president will be as a breath of fresh air after all you will have gone through. As you were told there is much suffering ahead. This president is so power hungry and he hates this country so much he is capable of any evil plan that suits his purpose. He is very cunning and clever and knows how to convince people with his lies and smooth talking. Oh, My children, you will start to hear more news of the declining health of Pope Francis. This will be purposely brought to the public’s attention so that when he does die no one will be suspicious. So, My dear children, you have a lot to pray for. The more you pray the closer you will come to the Lord and you will always have His peace.
I love you, Jesus.

the 'Neocats' & their spiritual enslavement, of the battle-readiness of Fr Terra, &, Custodia occulorum

PHOENIX: More about the murder of Fr. Walker
Fr. Z's Blog

when fervor shades off into fanaticism: like a K Street lobbying firm specializing in character assassination.
"Over the years, the group has been accused of excessive control over members’ lives, playing fast and loose with both Church teaching and the liturgical rules, fostering a cult of personality around Argüello and Hernandez, and dividing parishes by insisting that members attend their own Saturday evening services rather than the usual Sunday Mass." johnlallenjr

Fifty years ago Italy’s most famous modern saint was being treated like a criminal catholicherald

Custodia occulorum, or custody of the eyes. catholicexchange

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Russian nuclear bombers within 50 miles from California coast cofda

Bombshell: Benghazi Filmmaker CONFIRMED To Be An Agent Of Eric Holder Justice Department FO

ICE Is Facilitating Human Smuggling and Child Trafficking thecommonsenseshow

Libs should be tied to chairs and forced, to their shame, to watch this film about migrant workers Fr. Z's Blog

"Picture from the Drudge Report. This looks like a CIA operation. Look closely at the vehicles." ★FALCON★

4500+ Iraqi Soldiers Captured by ISIS (video)

Oregon High School Shooting Hoax: Another Government Created Violence Event mm

the unconscionable fraud that is psychiatry.

Booooorrrrriiiiiinnngggggggg! youngcons

"Nothing has been done, by time they deal with this I’ll be long dead" enenews

★ Locutions to the World 6/6-8/14 ★ All of this has happened before your very eyes, You, who have killed & continue to kill my children, the martyrs’ blood is on your hands, but it is a saving blood. I remember every single drop & hold each drop as holy.

★PROPHECY - June 2, 2014 - St Michael Archangel ★

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/1-7/14 ★

1. The Catholic Church and Terrorism
Jun 6th, 2014- Mary

In these locutions I have poured out my heart as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I have tried to explain all that is happening , why the reign of terror constantly expands and why those who should be standing firm are retreating.

I have tried to show the ever-growing power of these forces of evil. Formerly, they were isolated fires but in recent years they have joined together, entwined in their evil relationships. They have multiplied by their new unity. They see the weakness of the West and they understand that opportunities which they never conceived before are within their grasp.

They have found a friend in Putin, who has launched his own surprising offensives that have distracted the West. They recruit very easily because the young see them as the future victors. They terrorize and kill those who oppose them. Any means that gains their goals is legitimate for them. They are like the scourge of Babylon which destroyed Jerusalem, the boiling caldron ready to overflow.

Can I speak any more clearly? I have placed these truths squarely before everyone. Nothing is safe from their evil. Nothing will satisfy them except the complete domination of the world. Their tactics are well-known. First, they terrorize (using just a few people). Then they assault, sending in those who can do constant damage. They plant their friends among unsuspecting peoples. At a given moment, these friends rise up and the whole society is shaken from without and within. What was stable is destabilized. Unrest grows. Governments are powerless. All of this has happened before your very eyes, time and again.

What is my plan? I must remove the current leadership of America and raise up those whose hearts belong to me. Only the Catholic faith saved Europe and only the Catholic faith will save America and the world.

2. President Obama’s Great Mistake (Special Locution)
Jun 6th, 2014 - Jesus

President Obama is a man totally committed to the darkness because the forces of darkness have raised him up. They have protected him and served him well.

Now, he sees his world crumbling. In Europe, he has heard the voices and the whisperings. When he was elected, Europe rejoiced because he was different from Bush. America had elected a president with a different world view. America was not to be so powerful or so dominant. This was music to European ears.

Now, they see him in a different light. He is weak. He has withdrawn. Putin has called is bluff. Europe is vulnerable and no strong America is ready or able to guarantee its safety. Obama knows the voices, senses the attitudes and realizes that he has been lowered even in the eyes of Europeans who embraced his new idea.

Now, he returns home to America to face the questions that have arisen on every side, all of the scandals that have been piled high. Most important, he sees his presidency crumbling. He believed that he would be a great president who would leave behind a legacy. These ambitions burn in his heart as deeply as ever but his time is running out. Still, he will not forsake his ambitions or the ideas that he has always had but has not, even to this day, revealed to the American people. These ideas were supposed to come forth earlier, but he stumbled so often that he had to push them back. Now, he sees his time running out and his power slipping away. Yet, these dark ambitions that would totally take America down the road of European socialism have not been implemented. In these coming months, he will make huge mistakes.

He will not forsake his dreams. He will move forward quite boldly, as if he has been an excellent president. He will not put forth these new ideas to Congress to approve. He will move ahead without asking Congress. However, this time, the Democratic Party will not go with him. They will abandon him and cast him off, seeing that he has only a few more years of power. This will be his great mistake.

3. The Blood of Martyrs
Jun 7th, 2014 - Mary

For 2000 years, the Catholic Church has preached the gospel to all creatures. Today, this Church extends throughout the world, with a hierarchical communion of the Pope with his bishops, with their pastors and their people. This worldwide organization has been built upon the sacrifices of so many who, over these 20 centuries, have left their native lands to preach the gospel in the far corners of the world. Many who believed their word, have shed their blood for their faith. Today, this shedding of blood takes place more than ever, especially in Muslim countries that kill in the name of their Allah.

You, who have killed and continue to kill my children, the martyrs’ blood is on your hands, but it is a saving blood. I remember every single drop and hold each drop as holy. They are with me now and, in the spirit of Jesus, they plead for your salvation. Their blood has divine power and cannot be washed away with water. This blood is buried in your streets and in your cities. It cries out to me, not to condemn you but that I should come to you so that Jesus is also in your hearts and on your lips. That day will come sooner than you think.

4. The Church and History
Jun 8th, 2014 - Mary

What began in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, with a small group of Jesus’ disciples, anointed with the Holy Spirit, has now become an enormous Church, with members everywhere. How this Church has suffered! First it was cut in two (1054 Orthodox division). Then many parts were broken off (1517 with Luther). Now these little parts continually split into many Churches.

The Church has also sustained internal sufferings, the betrayal of its own members and the sins, even of its popes. Still, the Catholic Church remains the true bride of Jesus, beloved in his eyes and special in my heart. We direct our gaze of love toward her and place our hope in her mission.

She is the Church of history, going back to the apostolic times. She also carries the sins of her history, the massive burdens that other Christian Churches have thrown off. I have a special gift awaiting her. She will be freed of her past sins. While retaining all of her historical blessings, she will suddenly leave behind the sins of her past. She will be old in her wisdom and young in her freedom. Only the Father can bring this about.

Born with a hole in her heart, she saw Jesus before angels carried her home godreports