........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Monday, March 31, 2014

★URGENT PROPHECY ~ Locutions to the World March 22-31, 2014 ★ The Russian Bear, the Secret of FATIMA, the Army of the Immaculata

  • March 22, 2014: 1. The Joining of Hearts

There are more things that I must say so the world will know that I want to embrace it and save it.  What are the hidden elements of my plan?  I have spoken so clearly of Satan’s evil designs.  I must also reveal what I am doing.

This plan centers on the joining of my Immaculate Heart to Jesus’ Sacred Heart.  The two hearts are the beginning of the Father’s plan to save the world.

The revelation of the Sacred Heart, centuries ago, released a gigantic flood of blessings and saved the Church from darkness.  Unfortunately, the kings of France refused to listen and the full power within Jesus’ heart was not released.  The Church is facing the same situation.  How history repeats itself.  God provides his blessings but man refuses to listen.  This is why I must speak so clearly.  Not only speak, but act.

Comment:  Jesus told St. Margaret Mary (1647-1690) that he wanted the king of France to consecrate his country to the Sacred Heart.  All of the kings refused this request.  One hundred years later, to the day, the king of France was stripped of his powers and eventually was executed.  The bloody revolution and the destroying of the French Church should have been avoided.

  • March 23, 2014: 2. The Beginning Response

Much of God’s plan is still hidden and unknown.  However, when the events of destruction begin, his plan will emerge.  This will happen as people whom he has prepared will come forth.  In a time of war is there not a call to arms?  Are not other pursuits set aside?  So it will be with my army.

When the events begin, do not be overwhelmed by fears.  Do not withdraw and do not surrender.  All must stand their ground.   Those whom I have chosen and prepared must come forth.  Do not listen to the voices of fear and especially do not listen to the voice of anger.  Fear and anger destroy my plans.

I will raise up people of good will whose hearts belong to me.  Others will put their trust in them.  They will lead the world and the Church.  Voices that had been set aside until now will suddenly be listened to.  The foolishness of today’s world will be set aside.  The Church, itself, will realize that false solutions and superficial responses will no longer hold sway.

It will be a time of repentance, of profound changes and of deep and sustained prayer.  This will be the beginning response.  Although this invitation will be rejected by many, it will be big enough to make it a viable movement within the Church.  Then will come my great surprises.

Comment:  God’s response to evil will begin within the hearts of many good people.

  • March 24, 2014: 3. Very Special People

At the right time, those whom I have prepared will come forth.  One by one, I will place them.  I will put some into positions of authority.  To others, I will give gifts of speaking that will stir hearts.  To others, I will give powers of organization, so that thousands of people join together in the causes of light.

I will suddenly remove the children of darkness from their thrones.  This will be a sign to all that I am the Woman and I wield the authority given to me by the Father.

I will raise up my special sons.  One, I want to lead to the presidency of the United States.  The other, I will place upon the Chair of Peter.  Each will take place at the right time.  They will be signs to everyone that I have not forsaken the world.

In the meantime, I will comfort those who sorrow and guide those who seek my light.  I am working even now in the hearts of all who love me.  So, awaken, O reader.  Do not just wait until my words are fulfilled.  God’s plan demands your cooperation today, right now.  Let us not wait for some tomorrow which never arrives.

Comment:  Mary reveals those parts of her plan which involves people who love her.

  • March 24, 2014: 4. The Russian Bear
(Reader, these are very special locutions, given in an extraordinary way.)
The Russian bear has swallowed up his first territory (Crimea).  He is still hungry and will continue to swallow people and territories.  He only understands one thing – a force that will not allow him to do this.  The West sits at its tables and discusses, while Russia gobbles up its territories.

The West does not see the importance of the coming months., nor the extent to which Russia is ready to go, to add more people and more land to its empire.  When these months are over and Russia has reached the full extent of its aggression (for now), the West will have lost much of its prestige and will never regain the position that it holds now.

What is happening in these months will not be reversible.  These events will be like the amputation of an arm or a leg.

There will be a new world reality.  Everything will be tilted.  The ramifications will touch every country in Europe and America.  These leaders will have foolishly delayed, while Russia moved ahead with firm purpose.  All of this is the fruit of policies that have not taken the evil of Russia seriously, as if the collapse of the Iron Curtain or the removal of the Berlin Wall really changed the soul of the nation of Russia.

When these months are completed and the people and the land have been given to Russia without a single shot being fired by the West, then the next series of events will take place.  The West will be much weaker.  It has no leader and no goals.  Especially, it has no faith.

Comment:  Jesus  speaks about the next few months and the results of the Russian aggression.

  • March 24, 2014: 5. Using These Locutions
(Again a special locution)
I will no longer be silent.  For decades, I have been telling the Church that Russia is the problem and it must be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  The Church has chosen not to listen to my voice.  It has even silenced those voices, especially Sr. Lucy’s, which carried my message.  Now, you are reaping the harvest which you have sown.

I will wait no longer.  You, O Church, have buried my messages.  You have hidden them.  You have refused to reveal them.  You have even twisted them.  Because your voice does not send forth to the world the secrets of Fatima, nor do you obey the commands that I made at Fatima, I will bypass you.

I will begin to use these special locutions in a new and more powerful way.  I will hold back nothing.  I will reveal through these locutions what should have been revealed by the Church.  I will do this slowly, piece by piece, truth by truth.  I will do this in a consistent way so each person can easily follow my words and be led to the correct conclusions.

I must do this because you have not done this.   You have turned aside from Fatima and the Fatima prophecies about Russia spreading its errors.  You have not been a faithful watchman, warning my people and the world.  Because you have not used your worldwide voice, I will use this little voice of my locutions.

Comment:  For some reason, the Church has kept the Fatima secrets hidden.  Mary promises to use these locutions to reveal what the people need to know.

  • March 26, 2014: 6. Events Followed By Delays

In the time ahead, the events will unfold which will convince the world that serious changes have happened.  People will settle down, convinced that their lives will not be seriously changed.  These, however, are only the beginning events.  I have often said that the events will come in series, in groups of related happenings.  Everything will not happen at once.  God wishes to give mankind constant opportunities to repent and to turn to him.

Many will not read these signs correctly, thinking that these events are of human origin and that human solutions will avail.

The truth is this.  That these events do not suddenly crash upon the world is due to God’s mercy.    Some events are held back.  Other events are delayed.  Some events are not allowed to happen.  Some events are softened and not as destructive as Satan intended.  Even in destructive events, God’s mercy is at work.

Understand this delay, the putting off and the postponement for a later time.  Understand everything about God’s mercy.  The delays allow mankind to turn to God and to ponder what is happening.  If mankind and the Church use these delays to respond wholeheartedly, God’s mercy can triumph.  Even more events can be softened.  It is certain that earth must be purified.  That truth cannot be changed.  How earth is purified (by mercy or by justice) depends on mankind using the delays to listen.  This is why I pour forth these locutions.

Comment:  The first series of events was the revolutions in various countries.  Now, Russia initiates its aggressions.  When these aggressions are finished, a new series of events will happen.  Each series of events invites the world to seek God and his mercy.

  • March 27, 2014: 7. When Blessings Are Delayed

When all of these events have happened, the world will be even more vulnerable.  When it seems that all is sliding into a hopeless oblivion, I will finally come upon the world stage in the fullness of the gifts placed by the heavenly Father in my Immaculate Heart.  At this point, I can only speak about these gifts, trying to describe these special helps which will be totally accommodated to the world’s needs and completely able to reverse what everyone thought was irreversible.

However, accepting my gifts will demand a great level of faith and devotion.  These extraordinary gifts will need an extraordinary response.

Unfortunately, this pouring out of blessings will happen late, after much suffering occurs that was not meant to happen.  The earlier my blessings pour forth, the easier to receive them.  The earlier my blessings pour forth, the less damage inflicted by Satan.

O reader, see the importance of today.  Do not waste today.  Do not say, “Someday, Mary will solve all these problems”, as if you can sit back and watch. You must intercede.  You must fast.  You must ask with expectant faith.  The whole world needs your daily prayers, especially the rosary.

Comment:  Mary wants our day to be filled with spiritual activity and deep trust.

  • March 28, 2014: 8. The Two Realities

No one can see the end of the road, that moment when I defeat the Evil One.  Yes, the end of the road results in a victory, a final victory.  Satan is cast out.  The world returns to a simplicity.  Peace reigns for a while.   God’s presence covers the earth because people, having experienced the events, have turned their hearts to God.  That is the end of the road, but so much to travel before then and it is to these pilgrims that I must speak.

The time ahead will be filled with the greatest trials and the greatest helps which God has ever bestowed upon mankind.  You must see two realities to make the right choices and to not lose hope.

The first reality is that world history will be filled with catastrophes (that is the only word I can use) many of them caused by man himself, and in particular by Russia.  However, do not let fear fill your hearts because there is a second reality, a world filled with the greatest gifts ever given to mankind by God.  You must know that these extraordinary helps are available.  You must gather with others so your faith multiplies and is not stolen.  You must firmly believe in and seek the powers.  My words must always guide you.  Do not fear.  I am always with you.

Comment: Mankind will face moments of catastrophes.  In those moments, can it believe in God’s extraordinary helps?

  • March 29, 2014: 9. Unrest in the Ukraine

When danger is far away, a mother speaks in a general way, trying to prepare her children.  She gives them no specifics so they are not filled with fear.  As the trials come closer, she can tell them how to prepare.  When the trials are upon them, she gives very specific words, so they know exactly what is happening.  In this way, she lessens their fears and takes away their confusion.  A mother’s words console and give peace.

My words are specific and will grow even more so.  Amid your many fears, you can fully trust that I will speak to you.  Trust my words.  I will not lead you astray.  Now I must speak of the growing evil.

These months will focus on the Ukraine and the great desires of Putin.   Now that he has Crimea, where will he stop?  Is there some magic line that he will draw to say “this far and no farther”?  Will the West draw a line and be willing to back up their words with military force?

These questions and answers are obvious.  Unfortunately, devouring Crimea will not satisfy Putin’s appetite nor end his aggressions.  These months of the Russian bear are just beginning.

Comment:  Putin’s aggressions will lead him wherever he finds an opening.

  • March 30, 2014: 10. The Moment of Mystery

Now, what are we coming to?   I do not say a crossroads because mankind long ago came to that point and began to walk this present road.  We do not come to a dead end, because with human history, there is no dead end.  Time always moves along and new births are always happening.

We are coming to the moment of mystery, a great mystery far beyond the ability of man to even imagine.

In the face of this mystery, man will be totally helpless.  All the powers that he has taken into his hands will avail nothing.  All his human wisdom will be as foolishness.  In this moment of mystery, man will be confronted with supernatural powers.

How difficult to describe these supernatural powers to a world that is still stable and operating in its own power.  All I can say is that one event will follow another.  Gradually, mankind will see that its powers are of no avail.  Some will despair.  However, those with faith and all who want to receive my help (I will multiply their numbers) will call upon me and I will more and more manifest my power as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment:  Begin now.   Do not wait.  Give Mary power over your daily life.  Say the rosary.  That is the chain that bonds you to her.

  • March 31, 2014: 11. The Faith That Leads To Greatness

When the dust settles and the new realignment of Europe is completed, those countries associated with the West will have shrunk.  New dangers will arise because the borders of Putin’s powers will directly touch more of the West.  It will be a new reality, totally unforeseen by the West which was unprepared for these moves.

All of this will add much more quickly to the economic pressures which already plague the European nations.  One problem is added to another, all done very cleverly by a Satanic intellect that far outstrips human plans.  I have explained the forces that have quickly risen to the surface.  Many more are ready to come forth in other places and in other areas of human life.

When will these events drive man to his knees and to a return to the Catholic faith that so many have abandoned.  Faith formed the West.  Faith led to the greatness of the West.  Faith sent forth missionaries and found new lands.  The source of the West’s greatness is the only source of the West’s salvation.  Return, O West, to your heavenly Mother.  I await you.  My arms are outstretched.  You still hold a special place in my heart.

Comment:  In spite of all these problems, Mary always ends on a note of hope.

attn. CATHOLICS WTFU!: ROBIN KIKO HOOD & the 2nd Scrutiny Convivence, the Novus Ordo Mass: designed to deliberately protestantise the Catholic Church

“You alone have destroyed all heresies in the world.”
Prayer of Total Consecration By St. Maximilian Kolbe

"Our Lady, Destroyer of All Heresies"

“Why do the Revolutionaries who gave us the Novus Ordo hate Catholics so much?”
"The Novus Ordo goes along with one of its many nefarious bedfellows, iconoclasm (of an order not seen since the Iconoclastic Heresy of the Eastern Church or the so-called “Reformation”); it is culturally utterly impoverished, and all of us are as a result greatly impoverished – a catastrophe.

To sum up (and for what I say about the Novus Ordo, the opposite is the case for the true Roman Rite, the Old Mass, which I refuse to call the “Extraordinary Form”):

• it is a Mass specifically created (the first time this has been done in history) to meet an imagined sociological need of a supposed “Modern Man”.
• as the creation of a committee, it cannot possibly have any organic link with the venerable rite of at least 1,600 years which it replaced;
• it was, without question, designed to deliberately protestantise the Catholic Church;
• it has led to Christ and the Sacrifice of His own life for us sinners being thrust out from the centre to the periphery – both literally and figuratively;
• it is so often proud, oh so proud, trumpeting in its nature a “dignity” of Mankind that we sinners do NOT deserve;
• it is a cultural non-entity; a disaster;
• it banishes the soul’s private communion with God and through noise and distraction makes such communion well-nigh impossible;
• it cries out on every side its sheer infantility;
• it is the deliberate collectivisation of the Church’s worship in Marxist form;
• practically, there are as many forms as there are Masses. I exaggerate only a little to illustrate the fact that there are really many versions of the Novus Ordo, legitimate, semi-legitimate, illegitimate, and even scandalous. This has been admitted by the liturgical experts who, together with then Cardinal Ratzinger, participated at the Fongombault Liturgical Conference 2001 (Proceedings edited by A.Reid OSB in ‘Looking Again at the Question of the Liturgy’ with Cardinal Ratzinger, 2003)."

ROBIN KIKO HOOD & the 2nd Scrutiny Convivence junglewatch2

ATTENTION PRAYER WARRIORS: " World peace will only come when Russia, not the world in general, is consecrated to me.”, "People are saying only God can save us now."

7. The Plans of Russia - Mar 20th, 2014

Putin will not stop. He will move on and claim as much of the former territory as possible. When this stage of reclaiming the satellites is completed, a new order of relationships among world leaders will be formed. The full integration of Russia into the West that seemingly was happening will be shattered. The Cold War will be re-established, although in a different way, more in keeping to Russia’s advantage.

All of this will set the stage for the next series of events. Russia will grow closer to China. It will continue its significant role in the Middle East through its allies, Syria and Iran. Russia, under Putin, will use its geographic setting to its advantage, with doors open both to the West and the East.

In spite of Putin’s grabbing as much as he can, the European leaders have little recourse. They foolishly opened their doors. They gave Russia a place at the tables and respectability. They can only pull back a little bit. Their economies are intertwined and Putin will cleverly deflect the harm of the sanctions. He has strengthened Russia before beginning his military advances.

What does all of this portend? How does it fit into the picture that I have constantly painted in these locutions? The pieces all fit together. Satan’s timetable moves ahead, much more quickly. All of his friends see opportunities everywhere that they never dreamed would happen so soon. Many, many more events will happen. All of these are preparatory. Evil spreads because the good are so weak. The West refuses to act because the unity of faith and the motivation of faith are lacking.

More important, the clarity of vision and the decisiveness that I would give to the world through the Church has not gone forth. Both the Church and the West bear the blame.

The West will continue to lie in great darkness until the great light comes to the Church and attains the lampstand. In those days, it will not be the wisdom of man (even of the priest son whom I have chosen) but my wisdom and my light which will go forth. Oh, it will be late, so very late. Many will ask, “Where is heaven’s help?” God has placed all light and all help in my Immaculate Heart but I must wait until the Holy Father invokes that help by consecrating Russia.

My final question is this, “Is there anyone in the world or in the Church who does not now see clearly what I proclaimed at Fatima? World peace will only come when Russia, not the world in general, is consecrated to me.”

Ebola Spread to Guinea's Capital Raises Fears nbcn

YELLOWSTONE, Catholic Cleansing in the Crimea, Flight 370 Passenger Philip Wood, the Bizarre kikiane kitsch & the neo-Cat invasion in your archdioces, &, Nancy P. gets the abortion award!!

* 4.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Yellowstone: largest quake in 29 years
* 5.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Los Angeles – “chance of something larger”
* 100 recent earthquakes reported in swarm near Mt. Hood volcano all theextinctionprotocol


"Make your choice whom you side with; the United States of America or the Obama-Nation of Am-Africa. I've made mine. The Republi-Crat Regime through its triune tentacles has proven themselves over the past few decades to be self-serving domestic enemies of our Constitution which is our Soul. We either strangle them now with the Red, White, and Blue, or we hoist a white flag stained with crap!" freedomoutpost

~ Snowden Documents Show Mayalasia as Top US Intelligence Target CP

Ukraine To Work Off Rothschild’s Derivative Debts: Wall Street, IMF, U.S. Treasury, E.U. Commission In Liaison, Staged The Outright Takeover Of Ukraine’s Monetary System! PVC
& filed under maybe Puty isn't such a great guy after all:
Well that didn’t take long. Fearless leader and these thugs are making certain that Crimea is Catholic free. "Members of the Ukrainian Catholic Church are fleeing Crimea to escape threats of arrest and property seizures, a priest told Catholic News Service just four days after Russia finalized the region’s annexation.
“The situation remains very serious, and we don’t know what will happen — the new government here is portraying us all as nationalists and extremists,” said Father Mykhailo Milchakovskyi, a parish rector and military chaplain from Kerch, Crimea.
He said officials from Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, had called him in for questioning about his community and to ask whether he “recognized the new order.”
Father Milchakovskyi told CNS that he and his family and at least two-thirds of his parishioners had left Kerch for Ukrainian-controlled territory on the advice of Ukrainian Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of Kiev-Halych.
“All my parishioners are patriotic Ukrainians who love their Crimean homeland. But Russia is now seeking to drive us out,” he said March 25.
He said Father Mykola Kvych, pastor of the Dormition of the Mother of God Parish in Sevastopol, Crimea, also fled after being detained and beaten by Russian forces, who accused him of “sponsoring extremism and mass unrest.”
“During 10 years in Sevastopol, he never said or did anything against Russians,” Father Milchakovskyi added."
~ o look!: IMF Demands Austerity for Ukraine LF
~ Leaked US Regime Change Manual, Admits Ukraine’s its ‘Playbook’ counterpsyops

the fate of those who leave the Neocatechumenal Way:
A former 'itinerant' speaks of Kiko & Carmen
"the Bible with the lining of Kiko, the icon of Our Lady of Kiko, the Cross in style in the style of Kiko, the Paschal Candle with a pattern of Kiko, cup and paten designed Kiko, the hymnal of Kiko, the lectern cover designed by Kiko, carpets, guitar, tambourine and vestments are not yet designed by Kiko." neocatecumenali

“When you see how closed their minds are or oblivious or whatever it is — dumb — then you know what the fight is about,” Nancy Pelosi

meanwhile: All of the warning signs are here:
Welcome To The Gulag

. Scientists being funded to create a big lie
. Brown shirts being whipped up into hysteria over the big lie
. Kook and Nutter funded by government to create a fraudulent 97% consensus for climate disaster
. Concept of jailing dissidents being floated
. Rule of law being constantly subverted by the White House
. No effort to stop any of this by the loyal opposition
"The warning signs are written all over the wall. Don’t make any mistake about where they are attempting to take this thing. Climate change has nothing to do with science."
~ An attorney asks: Are Climate Skeptics Legally Liable for Criminal Negligence? WUWT


Sunday, March 30, 2014

URGENT PROPHECY★Jesus to Chosen Child 3/22-28★ revelaciones marianas 3/10/14 ★ The instant has ceased to be an instant, the Earth is completely sick, the "Gospel according to Kiko & Carmen"

Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago
(March 22-28, 2014) joycelist2


March 22, 2014 (2:40pm)
Tell My beloved children to stay close to the sacraments. There is coming a time when you will no longer be able to receive the sacraments. You won’t have a physical Church building where a priest would usually administer the sacraments. So few of My children spend time adoring Me, Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament. You are missing so many graces that are now available to you. Your priests should be promoting this from the pulpit. The average Catholic has no idea of the value of praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Oh, My children, the two countries who are seeking power and wealth are preparing for war. There is so much lying and deceit of the people. Both parties are talking of peace in public, but that is not the truth. As I mentioned wars can be prevented by fasting on bread and water along with praying the Rosary. Please make every effort to prevent this war from happening. You know what you have to do. Continue your prayers for the safety and protection of your country and your Church. They are in danger of being taken over by very evil people. You are living in perilous times, My children, and sadly too many of My children aren’t even aware of it. Pray for your Pope that he may feel your prayers and it will bring him the peace he needs in his heart.
I love you, Jesus.

March 23, 2014 (11:04am)
Tell My beloved children that war is brewing. You must pray and fast to prevent the devastation that will come if you don’t fast and pray. Oh, My children, your country is so in need of prayers. This Administration is so corrupt. They will use any means to keep their power including murder and character assassination. My dear ones, there is so much suffering about to come in such a short time. You can’t begin to imagine how it is going to affect each and every one of you. If you are prayer warriors and are in the state of grace you will still have much to suffer but you will be protected physically and spiritually and you will be at peace. If on the other hand you pay no attention to what you see happening in the world and are still living for yourselves and not for God, you will suffer undo harm both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The morals are so corrupt in your country. Most of you have been desensitized to sin. You think the only real sins are murder and stealing large sums of money. You don’t consider adultery or fornication sins because everybody does it so it can’t be that bad. Search your hearts, My children, and ask the Holy Spirit to tell you the truth of how you are living and what you believe in. Oh, My children, your lives are in danger and you are not even aware of how this will affect your souls. You must atone for your sins or you could lose your very soul. My dear ones, don’t stop praying for Pope Francis. The evil Cardinals in the Vatican are trying every way they can to get rid of him so they can put in a man they can control. This Pope has done so much good for the Church in the short time he was put into office. The evil Cardinals have an agenda and this Pope is making it difficult for this to be carried out. Pray, My children. Your Church will never be the same if and when they get your Pope out of the Papacy. He really needs your prayers.
I love you, Jesus.

March 24, 2014 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children it’s time to get plenty of food in since the unexpected is supposed to happen. Those of you who can afford it may want to purchase larger quantities of food for those who are not prepared. Take money out of the bank and use it for this purpose. Soon the banks will close and the value of your money will decrease rapidly. Don’t use this money for pleasure and leisure use it for others less fortunate. Oh, My children, as you have been warned, both sides of the US and Russia are preparing for war. This will be a show of power between two evil men. Yes, My children, I’m asking for continued prayers for your Pope. You don’t know how much longer he will be your Pope. I know many of you don’t believe this but the evil Cardinals are waiting for the right opportunity to get rid of him. They see how much good he is doing and that defeats their agenda. They already have a Cardinal in mind to take the place of Pope Francis. Your Pope knows all about this and who the Cardinal is. He is just waiting in prayer for them to make their move. I know this sounds too scary and unbelievable that there are Cardinals in the Church who could be so evil. These men were planted many years ago as young men who gradually worked their way up to Cardinals. They are not and have never been true and loyal to the Church. They were planted to destroy the Church. Now they think they can carry out the plans they have been working towards all these years. Pray for your Church your Pope and for the souls of these evil Cardinals.
I love you, Jesus.

March 25, 2014 (9:15am)
Tell My beloved children you are still in My Mercy, but not for much longer. Oh, My children, don’t take a chance of having to deal with My judgement. There will be very few graces and if you are not in the state of grace, being sorry for all your sins, you may not make it. As you know a war is being planned and it will be more devastating than all your previous wars combined. Many lives will be lost and you may be one who will be among this number. What more can I say to convince you what danger your souls are in if you are not in the state of grace? Oh, My dear ones, soon your Churches will be closed. This will happen so rapidly, most won’t be prepared. There will be no Eucharist, since priests will not be allowed to say Masses. The places of refuge will have Masses said but not as often as you need them. It is then that you will appreciate the value and power of the Mass most of your took for granted. Many of you are thinking this will never happen since you have been told about this for a long time and so far nothing has happened. That is about to change. You have been told earlier what will come to prepare you. It will be a shock for those who have not been praying and are living for what the world has to offer and that is emptiness. Oh, My children, continue your prayers for Pope Francis. There are plots against him and most are unaware of what is going on. He needs more prayers and fasting.
I love you, Jesus.

March 26, 2014 (9:23am)
Tell My beloved children there isn’t much time left to get food in and take your money out of the bank. The powers behind the scenes have everything in control to financially cripple your country. The war preparations are being accelerated. There are millions of dollars involved on both sides. You wouldn’t believe how this is all planned. You must pray and fast to prevent this war. There is still time, Oh, My dear children, you will be so saddened to see your Churches closed one after the other. There will be no more Masses in the very near future. Take advantage of the time left and attend as many Masses as you can. The graces of just one Mass with the right disposition are innumerable. Please continue your prayers for your holy Pope Francis. He is living under undo stress trying to do as much good for the Church as he can. There are some Cardinals who are trying to say the Pope is saying things that are lies and totally contrary to the teachings of the Church. This is why I keep telling you to know your faith so you won’t be deceived. Know how much you are being watched over by all of Heaven.
I love you, Jesus.

March 27, 2014 (9:13am)
Tell My beloved children your prayers and fasting are working. There may not have to be another war. You are appeasing God and His Mercy is upon you. Oh, My dear ones, if you only knew how powerful your prayers are when you are in the state of grace and you have the right disposition of heart. You are very good and holy when you are praying from the heart. Again, My children, your prayers and fasting are desperately needed for your dear and holy Pope. There is so much you can do with your prayers when you come to the Lord asking for His Mercy on this good and courageous man. My dear children, don’t forget to pray for the man chosen for these times. He is constantly working for the good of your country. He is a man of deep faith. Once your president is out of office so much can be done to save your country from the ruin it was headed for. Just have faith and trust My dear ones. These things will happen.
I love you, Jesus.

March 28, 2014 (9:17am)
Tell My beloved children it is true due to your prayers and powerful fasting enough of you have actually prevented a war from happening. You saved the world from devastation unheard of throughout the centuries. There has been and still is trouble in the White House over what to do about the scandals. The war if it occurred would have taken the focus off these problems for your president. Now they have to find another diversion. Oh, My children, the impeachment is still going to happen but it is being postponed due to legal matters. The enemy is putting many obstacles in the way. My dear ones, your Pope will be coming to your country in the near future. Pray for his safety and protection. The evil Cardinals are looking for opportunities to get rid of him. It is too late to stop this so keep him in prayer. Remember to pray for your country since there are many plans to bring down your Constitution before the president is out of office. Things are going to rapidly happen once they start.
I love you, Jesus.

revelaciones marianas, Mary Most Holy 3/10/14

Beloved daughter of My Immaculate Heart, tell My beloved children:


I am convoking My Son’s People to be part of the awakening of the human being’s conscience. In this instant, the conscience is unknown by man, since he has annulled his own conscience.

My beloved daughter, do you know how much I suffer for those who are foolish and do not listen to My Son’s Calls and My calls?

Light of Mary:
Mother, although You have shown me Your suffering and my heart is part of Your pain, I know very well that I will not reach that same suffering… How much you suffer, Mother! Your suffering goes even further…

Mary Most Holy:
I suffer even the unspeakable when I see souls fall into the abysses of evil, I know that satan’s subtlety and his minions are not perceived by man and due to this, man falls time and time again into the same mistake. Man knows he must not commit the mistake, but he does not obey his conscience; he has been drying it up bit by bit so as not to feel remorse.

The man of this present instant has been dehumanizing himself; in his place is a man who is technological even in his feelings, he does not allow himself to feel and when he perceives that he is feeling more than he would like, he stops himself as if he were turning off an electronic device.

How it hurts Me to see those who continually fall into the same mistakes, failing time and time again! And in this instant, satan takes care of keeping My children with values that are mistaken, very very mistaken, totally worldly and separated from My Son, thus being easy prey of the enemy of the soul.

My daughter, My Heart suffers for those who, having My Word in their hands, have discarded it, and even more than discard it, have mocked and denied it. Do you know what the man of this instant will suffer?

Light of Mary:
Much, Mother, much, but better You tell me…

Mary Most Holy:
The man of this instant will suffer the unspeakable because of his own errors, which have come out to meet him on his path so that man is purified by all that which he omitted.

My Son gave Himself for all, without exceptions; but in this instant, it seems to man that Salvation hangs on those who have some leadership in the world and not on the fulfillment of the Trinitarian Will, or on the fulfillment of the Commandments, or on the fulfillment of the Beatitudes, or on the fulfillment of the Sacraments My Son instituted. This very subtle plan has been finely spun by satan for the good of the antichrist who is not far from this generation.

Men sink more every day in the delight of denying My Son and this Mother more and more, and they do not seek reconciliation. And Eternal Life is not bought with money, is not bought with titles, or with human distinctions, or with powers bestowed by men. Eternal Life is merited by working and acting in the Trinitarian Will, being one with My Son, being mirrors of My Son, being conscious that Salvation is personal; but at the same time, by being personal, it obligates each one of you to fight for the Salvation of your brothers and sisters and bring them out of the ignorance in which they live.

I grieve, yes, but even in the midst of My pain, My Heart does not cease beating continually seeking you, because I am a Mother who does not accept rejections and the one who denies Me the most, that one I seek even more to bring him closer to My Son. I seek those who, like wolves dressed as meek sheep, have as their aim to provoke division in My Son’s church, division between brothers and sisters, and with this: the Great Schism that I have announced.
{ "In order to make our celebrations, the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharist, so we had to carry everything you need hidden in suitcases and rent an extra room, transforming it into a chapel. For neocatechumens is not about a few things: the Bible with the lining of Kiko, the icon of Our Lady of Kiko, the Cross in style in the style of Kiko, the Paschal Candle with a pattern of Kiko, cup and paten designed Kiko, the hymnal of Kiko, the lectern cover designed by Kiko, carpets, guitar, tambourine and vestments are not yet designed by Kiko. ...the "Gospel according to Kiko and Carmen" " }
My beloved: how do you think the man who loves My Son in spirit and truth must be and must act?

Light of Mary:
I think, Mother, that he should be a man of Faith, firm, willing and dedicated.

Mary Most Holy:
It is so, My beloved one: a man with unshakable Faith, born from a personal encounter with My Son; not from what they tell him Faith is, but from what he has been able to experience in himself. And that encounter, that person experience with My Son, has been lost. Daily activities do not leave room even an instant of the day to achieve a personal encounter with My Son, and those who do achieve it, keep it for themselves. I should call them egoists!

In this instant and before the bitterness of what is coming, each one of you that achieves that personal encounter with My Son, must be a soldier that marches totally dedicated to sharing with his or her brothers and sisters that Christ who waits for them, who loves; that Christ who loves them and does not tire of loving.

Some of those who are Mine have that personal encounter with My Son, but they are people who are embarrassed to confess it in front of others so as not to be seen as strange; and then, the fruits that the Holy Spirit poured over that person, wither and end up dying perhaps in the solitude of a bedroom or perhaps before My Son in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, by not giving to the hungry the Divine Bread of the Word. And you must understand that not all have the same mission but all are obligated as children of My Divine Son, to bring the knowledge you are acquiring and share it with your brothers and sisters to awaken this human generation.

Beloved, My beloved one, how do you see this humanity?

Light of Mary:
Mother, I feel it is so miserable because of all that which distances it from Our Christ, I feel it is spiritually anemic because it no longer even thirsts for the Divine Word, only a few people, and those people, on occasion…., keep so much human respect!

Mary Most Holy:
My beloved, human respect must be kept, but not when it has to do with Salvation, not when it has to do with sharing and bringing My Son’s true Word; not when it is about being spiritually firm…

Remember, daughter, that the Good Thief, in the final instant, recognized Christ, the Son of God, in My Son… and because of that he won Eternal Life, and in this instant, each one of My children can be that Good Thief who recognizes My Son and dedicates himself to live in His Will and with his works and his actions, win Eternal Life… and so will receive the same payment.

My children must be praying souls, prayer sublimates the soul and the spirit, and it is good that you pray to My Son because each prayer is incense that reaches The Throne, but after prayer, I urgently need you to go out as spiritual warriors to win souls, to knock on doors, to walk, to be action, because while the enemy amuses himself and rejoices seeing how souls fall into his traps, My children sleep in lethargy… and you must wake up.

People of My Son, you must become aware of all that invades you in this instant, you must awaken spiritually, and you must also awaken in other aspects, such as that regarding food, you must be conscious that they are killing you day to day, the Temple of the Holy Spirit is being invaded by all the unknown diseases, and these diseases that you suffer now are caused by contaminated food that you ingest. The Earth is completely sick… and you feed yourselves with sick fruits, serious consequence of the abuse of man towards Creation that the Father bequeathed to you, you ingest adulterated foods and do not worry about it.

You live in a constant contamination of your thoughts and mind in your homes and outside your homes, because I turn My gaze towards the Earth and only see bodies that wander and are all manipulated by the technology they carry in their hands, they walk with a heart hardened by violence. Families no longer share as in the past, families now live in a house, under a same roof but they do not live together and do not converse, they are total strangers, and when they are not using technology in their own hands, they have their children watch television so that they entertain themselves with games totally satanized far from My Son’s Love and thus they allow childhood to continue to plow and sow violence continually. Parents are not respected by their children, instead parents fear their children because the children have acquired violence so extreme through video games that the personality of the child dismay the parents.

I suffer before a human generation lacking a conscience, that executes instant to instant the most grave sin, because it is directly against the greatest Gift that My Son bequeaths to you: the Gift of Life. This sin is abortion.

Beloved daughter, do you know how I feel and hear the groans of a child when he or she is going to be aborted?

Light of Mary:
Mother, I can imagine, and it terrifies me.

Mary Most Holy:
That’s it daughter, it terrifies, abortion must terrify man, but in this instant it does not terrify him because man has banished his conscience, and not possessing a conscience, he knows not how to think, knows not how to act, but this does not excuse the act. In this instant, the man without feelings grieves me, the man without love who denies himself the ability to know the Gift of Love and the Gift of Life, the greatest Gift that was given to man. And small bodies lie in the garbage collectors of the streets or thrown away in the middle of vacant lots, innocents to whom I immediately send My Legions to gather and bring to My Presence so as to give them to My Son. My Angels weep for this unspeakable and despicable act of man, it is humanity’s greatest act of cowardice.

And still you do not understand that the antichrist is leading this generation to commit the most horrifying sins that man can commit. Should all this not be purified before all are lost? Man feels so superior to My Son that he does not accept a Purification…, well it is not so My children! Those who do not recognize My Son, those who kill innocents, those who abuse of innocents, those who slander My true instruments, those who utter inappropriate words to My priests who truly adhere to My Son’s Word, those who profane My Son’s Body, those who mock His Word and mock Mine, among other aspects, those… with horror and terror will lament and fall upon their knees raising their hands towards Heaven crying out for mercy, they will feel they have scorned Divine Mercy and that this is the instant of Divine Justice, it is the instant in which My Son comes with His Strong Arm. But even so, My Son, loving you so much, has not wanted to execute Justice Himself and has delegated to Creation, to the Cosmos and the Universe, to execute Divine Justice because the entire Cosmos, the Universe and all of Nature live in concordance with the Divine Will. So will it be that man will be greatly tried, and with it, he will suffer not only in body but in mind, and he will suffer in his very spirit, when he finds himself totally helpless before the forces of what has been creation of the Father.

My beloved, I invite you to remain expectant, without sleeping, with the lamps lit and I call you to fervently pray for all the leaders of the Nations that have decided to every day be the scourge of the People and fill their coffers with money stained with the blood of innocents. I call you to pray for those leaders who have decided to be part of the extermination of humanity.

I have called you so much to rise and to not allow nuclear energy in your countries! …and along with the denial of My Supplications, you have looked with scorn at My Calls. In this instant you will suffer the consequences, you will lament but it will be too late to stop the minds seized by satan.

Pray, children, because the volcanoes will let the ardor they contain within emerge from themselves.
Pray for El Salvador, pray for Ecuador, pray for Mexico.

My beloved, the Earth groans continually and you do not stop to think about Her, that is why the Earth that has cradled, you, will shake greatly so that you look at Her again.

Pray for New Zealand, it will be shaken; pray for Japan, it will be shaken again;
pray for the United States.

My beloved, how the Earth has been contaminated and how man is contaminated! My beloved land of Argentina will experience great sufferings, sufferings that Nature has poured out and will continue to pour out upon this earth, as well as events generated by man himself, who is exhausted before the abuse of the powerful.

Pray for Argentina.

It is soon…, the instant will reach its summit and My Son will send His Divine Help from on high for all of humanity, the Heavenly Hosts will descend and every man that exists upon the Earth will know of them, of My Envoys, because they will not do it silently, they will be seen by all men so that they become aware that the instant is soon and alongside My Legions, a person will bring you Heavenly Mana.

My beloved, so much I must communicate to man and alert him at the same time so that he does not succumb/yield before the falsehoods of new doctrinal ideologies that lead you to fall into sin! You know, daughter, how I wish every human being would listen to Me!

Light of Mary:
Yes, Mother, I understand you because I want that as well.

Mary Most Holy:
But the time of lament will arrive, daughter, the instant of lament and then they will call Me Mother and I will continue being a Mother and loving them, but the executioners of Divine Justice will already be in the midst of humanity, and I, as the First Disciple of My Son, will have to wait for that Divine Justice to be exercised, without ceasing to love them because of it, but it is necessary.

To all My children, those who deepen in these Divine Calls of My Son: look at Me heartbroken! … I can call these Calls of a Mother who fights to rescue the Faithful “agonizing”! …

To you, to you whom much is given, much is asked of you in this instant: evangelize, evangelize, evangelize with the Truth.

Tell your brothers and sisters, beloved daughter, that I bless them and that I place My Maternal Mantle of protection over all those who, obedient to the Divine Will, are repeaters of the Voice of warning to your brothers and sisters.

The instant has ceased to be an instant…

I bless you, I love you, My Heart beats for each one of you.


Friday, March 28, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/14 - 3/21/14 ★ Satan’s prize is to destroy Israel, that Holy Land where he suffered his great defeat and that city which still contains the redeeming Blood of Jesus. the great protector, America, has thrown down its arms & surrendered. the world totters on the brink.

July 11, 2011: 51. Leaders For A New America


All of this comes about because of my special care for the world. Only because the world is buried deeply within my heart, does the human race exist in its present form. I say present form, meaning that there are so many people are spread out all over the world. I am the one who led Christopher Columbus and my name was on his ship. I am the one who sent the missionaries and people of good will to these new lands, bringing the faith and the civilization of Europe. I am the one who has kept at bay the atomic power unleashed for the first time so many years ago, but never used since. I am the one who has limited natural disasters. I am the one standing between the Father and the Divine Chastisements.

I have worked through others but now I must intervene directly, openly taking the initiatives which I foretell with these words.

First, I must raise up new leaders, leaders of faith whom I form in my Immaculate Heart. These leaders will have lives of integrity. I will bond them together because if they stand alone they will be ineffective and vulnerable to the world’s darkness. Let these leaders arise. I am calling them forth. Let them be aware. Your mother is calling you. Be stouthearted.

You, who are reading these words, you know I am right now calling you to lead my people. You must gather with others, who could help you in this leadership. Servants of Mary you will call yourselves. Deeply religious in your hearts but totally competent in the secular world, for that is where I need you.

Come close to me. Bond with others. Prepare your skills. Go forth into your culture. I will guide your steps. I am talking now to thousands, leaders of every kind. I need you to be in place, to be accepted by others as just and fair, as a preserver of peace and a force for justice. The gifts come down from heaven but they must be used on earth. Only with holy leaders, consecrated to me, can I fashion a new nation of America.


World Events (March 14-21, 2014)

  • March 14, 2014: 1. The Invasion of Ukraine

Treasure my words.  Hold onto my light.  These are all that you will have in the days ahead.  I must turn my heart to those world events that are suffocating and destroying.  These actions are putting the whole world on notice that the foundations of peace are very shaky.

Even though events are happening in the Ukraine, these are not the final or central events.  However, this invasion reveals the frailty of the West and its inability to stand firm and repress the forces of evil.

This helplessness is evident everywhere, in Iran where atomic weapons are being built, in Iraq where order has collapsed, and in Syria where the dictator strengthens his stranglehold upon the country.

The leaders will speak at the United Nations.  Words will flow abundantly but few will be the actions that can turn back this invasion.  Another piece of the world will fall into darkness. Only those who listen to my teachings, really understand what is happening.

Comment:  The invasion of the Ukraine reveals the helplessness of the West but the great events will happen elsewhere.

  • March 15, 2014: 2. The Blindness of the World

World leaders think that they walk in light when, in truth, their hearts and minds are filled with the greatest darkness.  They have no faith and the words they speak do not come from a love of God.  They are like Old Testament Israel which foolishly entered into foreign alliances instead of trusting God.  So, I must be like the Old Testament prophets, speaking God’s words to leaders filled only with secular light.

You attack the wrong places and protect only your own interests.  Having no faith, you do not form alliances based on faith.  Your foreign policies have become like your political policies, based on fragmented visions and selfish goals.

You are leading the West down the wrong road.  Your vision is blurred.  Your goals are selfish.  Your means are inadequate.  Your oneness is broken and your hearts are in the wrong place.

I want to turn your hearts.  I want to explain why I have lifted my protective hand from you.  Although you will not listen, although you will say this is not important, that it does not even deal with foreign policies, I must say it anyway, “You, selfish leaders and blind guides, how can you protect those who are born, when you foolishly refuse to protect the unborn.  Protect your unborn, and I will protect you.  Continue to sacrifice them to political expediency and I will sacrifice you on the altars of war.”

Comment:  Mary uses the fiery words of the Old Testament prophet.

  • March 16, 2014: 3. A Special Leader

There is a leader whom I hold in my heart and whose ascendancy to office I want to bring about.  I have given him all the qualifications needed to lead the free world.  I have advanced him according to my plan and he, himself, is willing to make the sacrifices needed to seek election.

I ask of him only one thing.  He must protect human life, all human life, no matter how it is conceived.  He must stand clear and firm that human life begins at the moment of conception.  Let him put his name to the Life At Conception Act.  Let him not fear.  This is the step I want him to take.  If he commits himself to protect every unborn life, I will protect him in his bid for the highest office.

To all world leaders I say clearly that there can be no compromise in this matter.  None of you are allowed to sacrifice the unborn for the sake of your political lives.  God cannot bless America while America kills its unborn.  This is the cause of your decline, a decline that will happen even more quickly if you do not change your laws.

Comment:  Hopefully, the person who Mary speaks about will read this!

  • March 17, 2014: 4. Collapse of American Protection

My words will take on new meaning and greater clarity.  I will not just speak of past events or of events too far in the future.  I will speak of all that is unfolding before your very eyes.  I want you to trust these words because, when the events begin, they will guide you and help you to understand.

Today, I will speak of America and the problems that are erupting all over the world.  America has withdrawn.  It has sheathed its sword and its voice no longer has power.  Because America has chosen this path, the timetable has moved up.  Evil moves more quickly.

In the past, America has made serious blunders because its foreign policies were directed by big business.  To help or not to help, to invade or not to invade was decided by its money people, not by those who wanted the best interests of the people.

America’s money interests have devastated countries, removed true leaders, established puppet governments and ruined social structures that could have served well.   So much of this business- driven foreign policy has been hidden from the people.

Now, a new policy is in place that refuses to accept the role that I have given to America.  I have blessed this nation so that freedom and truth might reign everywhere.  America has withdrawn.  It refuses to step forward, like a timid dog that only barks loudly and is quickly seen as harmless.

The result will be a total loss of the Ukraine and a Putin who will soon look for other places to devour.  These policies were impossible just a few years ago.  Now, all seems possible.

China will quickly read the evidence and know that it can move forward with aggression.  Iran will realize that the terms of its agreement are meaningless and will never be enforced by a cowed America.

America’s allies also see the change and no longer count upon its strength.  All of this inevitably happens when the great protector, America, whom I have blessed and chosen, throws down its arms and surrenders.

Comment:  Mary has often spoken of the timetable of destruction being moved up by American withdrawal.  Now, she speaks of very concrete events which are soon to happen.

  • March 18, 2014: 5. An Earthly Michael

All the cards are on the table.  Satan has all the kingdoms of earth in his sight.  How he covets these and wants them for his own.  Even though they are passing away, earthly kingdoms are all he can possess.  Heaven is denied to him.  Its gates are closed.  Michael and his angels have cast him out.  So, he roams the world, fighting against my children.

Gradually, his plan unfolds.  His strategies change according to the acceptance or rejection given to him.  He moves where he can easily conquer.  He waits where he finds no acceptance.  Like any general, he consolidates his victories and plans his next attack.

In this world, where faith is so weak, he seldom suffers any defeat and almost never is made to withdraw.  So it is in the Crimea.  He has gobbled it up quickly.  It is already in his stomach and what power can make him vomit it up.  His hunger grows with each victory.  His pride increases.

It is his pride which will be is downfall, as it was in the beginning.  I will raise up another Michael, a Michael of earth who will defeat his pride because I will clothe him in my humility.

Comment:  Mary promises to raise up a special person as her instrument against Satan.

  • March 19, 2014: 6. Israel

All the events are culminating.  The seeds of destruction, planted so carefully by Satan centuries ago, are coming to a full harvest.  I will remove the veil that covers over his plan.

All the world sees the events.  They are known to everyone – the destabilizing revolutions in northern Africa, the long-lasting revolt in Syria that has touched the neighboring counties, the ravaging of Iraq, the nuclear plans of Iran, the destabilizing of Afghanistan and now the invasion of the Crimea with more to follow.

In the middle of all these events lies Israel, seemingly small and unimportant.  As far as the West is concerned, Israel is an appendage, an anomaly.  It exists but its existence does not seem vital to the West.  If it were suddenly gobbled up, it would mean no more than the Crimea.  This is the great deception.  Satan’s prize is to destroy Israel, that Holy Land where he suffered his great defeat and that city which still contains the redeeming Blood of Jesus.

Comment:  Mary has spoken of the importance of Israel throughout these locutions.

  • March 21, 2014: 7. The Global Economy

The fire is all-consuming and the plans of evil involve the whole world.  No one is left out.  When all of these events begin and the established order begins to shatter, you, O reader, must already have my word planted in your heart.

The world’s economies are built on very shaky foundations.  Many nations have debts that they will never repay.  Even established nations have growing debts.  The money flows into the most dangerous nations.  Economies no longer stand alone.  All are entangled in what is called “the global economy”.

The backbone of world order was the diversity of the nations, so clearly willed by God.  Powerful forces are destroying this diversity, calling all into a one world order.  Do you not see that this repeats the pride and foolishness of Babel?  In this area, also, the world totters on the brink.

As the wars spread, the economies will be pushed further and further, until some are broken.  All the world’s problems are interrelated.  They are not happenstance.  They come from the intelligent design of the Evil One.  Mankind, with its limited intelligence is no match.

Comment:  Even without the wars, the world economics are in trouble.  The wars only compound the world’s problems of economic weakness.

February 18, 2011: 6. The Problem of Russia


The problem is Russia. She is the mother of iniquity. She loves neither America nor Israel. That is why my mother asked that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. When Russia is consecrated all will be drawn together. For now she spreads her iniquity. All the other evil is nourished by her, for she still wants to be the first among the nations. She uses others for her goals, finding partners in evils. 

July 3, 2011: 44. Bringing Mankind to Its Knees


Everything spins around with little direction, subject to the whims and desires of the human heart, yet, beyond the control of mankind, which is caught up in forces that he does not understand, and cannot control. Yet, man thinks that events are in his control and that he can turn everything to his advantage.

As a result, nations struggle against other nations, trying to be superior in the world markets and in political affairs. Meanwhile the average person is overlooked. The poor are set aside. A new class is always emerging. The “rising class” they are called, but they leave the world no better and even far worse than before they emerged.

Will it never end? The Spirit of God has been replaced by the spirit of man. Man has been set loose, unrestrained by God’s word, following his own inner light (which is no light at all).

When will this era of “reason and enlightenment” come to a halt? It will come to a screeching halt. Two world wars and two atomic bombs could not bring man to ask, “Where have we gone wrong?” What will it take to have an age of faith replace this age of reason?

I see what it will take. Too horrible to describe. Yet, that is where mankind is headed. People ask, “Why does God not prevent this?” I answer simply, “How can God prevent this when mankind does not listen to God”?

So, I come as God’s messenger, heralding a new age of faith, when mankind again will call upon God and live according to God’s word. The new age of faith will come – but how it comes depends on mankind itself. This is why I am sent and this is why I am speaking so clearly.

This new age of faith will certainly come. It will come either by way of destruction, a destruction never before witnessed by mankind which will bring the world to its knees. Or, it will come by my word. My word also will lead mankind to its knees. Mankind will end up on its knees before a living Father and the age of faith will begin. There are two paths – of destruction or of my word. That is why I speak. Man must choose
Comment: Mary describes the present – a world out of control because man has followed reason not faith.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

VERY ALARMING! - Urgent Yellowstone super volcano activity, UNREPORTED earthquakes, Bison exiting the park..

The bisons are running away from Mammoth Hot Springs all

Earlier this past week.. we made note of the multiple UNREPORTED earthquakes at Yellowstone.. DS.T1009

"PROOF" Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption Is Close "Alert"

ALERT: USGS Suppressing Supervolcano Activity At Yellowstone Under White House Orders

Urgent Yellowstone super volcano activity: "off the charts" YT

& This @ jimstonefreelance.com 3/25/14
"I vetted this, it's legit. Tomorrow a huge drill simulating a 9.2 earthquake is going to be run by Fema on the West Coast, including tsunami and the whole 9 yards.
I have readers in California and other places on the West Coast telling me their swimming pools are vibrating, with odd intersecting waves in them. This also happened in Japan, readers in Japan told me how everything was jiggling and giving them a "vertigo" feeling which would obviously not be a natural occurrence, and it all revolved around the haarp quake Japan went through on 3/11, that did not just happen without precursor events such as this.
SO, this lengthy document from FEMA, (you really have to scroll this one to get to the meat, so be patient) talks all about a drill that will happen tomorrow and continue for a full week, a drill involving a 9.2 earthquake and massive tsunami. We all know about Fema drills, This is probably worth at least knowing about"

"It gets even better: SACRAMENTO – For his commitment to ending gun violence, Assembly Speaker pro Tem Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/Daly City) has been named to the Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll by the Brady Campaign. The Brady Campaign will honor Yee and other state legislators from throughout the country who earned an A+ for working against gun violence at a reception during the National Conference of State Legislators in Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday, August 16, 2006." Sentenza / California Senator Leland Yee Pulls Out Of Race For California Secretary Of State As the Jaw Dropping Charges Are Released…. tct

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

meanwhile, on the GOOD PLANET EARTH

meanwhile, on the Good Planet Earth

the edge of the North American Craton
specifically Louisiana
& FUKUSHIMA news blackout USA

Events Foretold Now Unfold Before Your Very Eyes message to Jabez 3/26/14

Barry, Mooch & the kids were out of the States, & all the Israelis got called home

A prayer for the grieving families of those missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight No. 370. theorthodoxchurch

Thank You for the blessing of this new day, we rejoice in it and are glad! You have given us a gift filled with new opportunities, new mercies and greater of Your faithfulness! No matter what we face, because of Your great faithfulness, we will get through it! Today we lift up those grieving family members of those missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight No. 370.

Grief comes in many forms and for many reasons, today we lift up those who grieve for lost loved ones. Father, we know You care for us and we know You are the God of all comfort. We pray those grieving loved ones cast their cares upon You and lay their burdens at Your feet. We pray the pick up Your yoke that is easy and light, and they walk through their grief knowing You walk with them. Father, we pray for peace that only You can give to fill their hearts and for them to find their joy in Your presence. We pray they are able to release their loss to You in due time and look forward to the promises You have ahead for them, and we pray for roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert to strengthen, refresh and revive their faith walk.

We thank You for being the tender loving Father You are, and for Your mercies. Father, hold those grieving loved ones in the palm of Your hand, breathing love and comfort over them. Show the friends and families how to minister to them and give them the compassion to meet any needs that arise. We give You all glory and honor, in Jesus’ name.


March 25 2014 - jimstonefreelance.com

"Obama got badly snubbed at the nuclear summit.
Pay close attention to what happens at the end of his speech in THIS VIDEO, I tried to confirm if it really was that bad on the weak speaker this cyber cafe machine has and it really did appear to be very bad, with the audience remaining silent the same way they once were for Ahmadenijad, the former Iranian president. Yes, Obama really can.

Mail censorship set back to full, they are pissed over the following:

Posted March 24, Updated March 25

UPDATE: The plane terror plot failed compliments of the Dutch, and now there is talk about how easy the Israeli "diplomatic strike" is going to be to resolve. What a 180! More like a 360 to a different universe.

UPDATE: Nothing has changed overnight regarding what is below. This panned out. The plane flew from Miami un announced and without identification or beacon and was stopped by the Dutch Air Force before reaching the nuclear Summit. The fact it originated in the U.S. and flew in U.S. territorial airspace for at least 300 miles unidentified without getting intercepted is all the more damning. The fact it even got into European airspace is damning as well, the first line of defense let it pass. I have only one comment - logic needs to prevail in this, we won't get the truth out of the MSM with anything and the proof is living in Sandy hook, flying into the world trade center and watching Bat Man.

UPDATE: My final conclusion: what I think went down was they tried a little experiment, and if they got away with it the plane would have been crashed in the name of Iran or arabs. If any problems arose, the cover story was to go into full effect from the highest levels. THAT is what I think happened, and we got damn lucky."

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