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Thursday, December 11, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/8,9/14 ★ Remember my words and you will understand this coming year.

“Wise men still find Jesus in the arms of Mary.”

3. The First Decisions of Human History


I enter into these coming events with the sorrow of a mother.  My one goal is to protect my children.  First, I must have their attention to instruct them.  Second, I must show them the path to safety and peace.  Third, I must act in history, forming the events and shaping them.  This is what I want to explain – the forces present in human history and how I intervene.

The heavenly Father created the world and the human person.  With that decision, human history began.  Time had already existed but there had never been a human history, a history of free, intelligent beings living on earth.  Earth was not God’s first creation.  Angels already existed and the angelic decision of “yes” or “no” had already been made.

As human history opens, the first parents are beloved by God.  They will be the source of all other human beings that will come forth.  This is not true of angels, for each comes totally and directly from God’s hand.

Imagine the importance of this first man and woman, the font of all human life.  Their decisions were so important.  They had the ability to pass on spiritual life, the riches placed in their own hearts.  But this did not happen.  Satan stole these riches.  They surrendered them so easily.  These were the first decisions of human history.

4. The Shattered Dream


Once sin entered the world, the Father’s plan was shattered into a million pieces.  All that he dreamed and all the blessings he wanted to bestow had been lost.  How would he restore the gift?  He chose a woman.  She would be the new Eve, the mother of the living (Gen.3:15).  This was the Father’s plan from the beginning.  What I am teaching is based upon the ancient promise which is now coming into reality before your very eyes.

Yes, before your very eyes!  You will see these events and understand where they come from.  They are manifestations of sins which have been buried within human history for centuries.  Now is the time for them to come forth.  They come forth so they can be purged, like a human body suffering from a great fever.

Who will guide poor humanity through these manifestations?  I am the physician, a mother bending over her sick child, at once comforting and healing, planning each step until the illness is purged.

Remember my words and you will understand this coming year.  I will be at the bedside of mankind until he is well again.  Blessed are those who see, who believe and who know to seek my comfort.