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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/27-30/14 ★ Mankind is now entering a very dangerous time.

7. The New Year


How many events will flow forth this coming year.  They will be linked, one to another.  Yet, at the same time, they will flow from the free choices of humanity.  This is the great mystery.  Time opens out.  Day follows day.  Time gives each person a chance to decide, one decision after another.

Some persons, however, hold great power and their decisions affect millions.  Also, ideas, such as terrorism, dominate many hearts at once so that thousands act in unison.  Systems have been built and nations work within these systems.

Human life is complex and each day it depends upon many factors for its very existence.  Whole nations can be wiped out and grave crises suddenly arise.  This is the picture of life upon earth.  Time moves on and the world is subjected to many forces that bring about change.

A new year is about to begin.  As far as time is concerned, 2014 will flow quite unnoticed into 2015.  The early days of the New Year will flow as if it were 2014, but not for long.  2015 will be much different.  There will not be continuity but a breaking off.  There will not be a smooth flow but troubled waters.  There will be war in places that are now enjoying peace and instability, in nations that seemed to be strong.

A shaking will take place, followed by a settling.  Then a second shaking that will be more serious.  By the end of the year, life will be much different.  Even as 2016 opens, the full battle between Satan and the Woman will not have been fought.

8. The Blessings of the 100th Anniversary


As the new year begins, the events will happen slowly.  Most important, people will not recognize their importance or how these events prepare the way for others.  The events will be new and surprising sources of unrest and breakdowns.

Even as it becomes evident that this new reality will not pass quickly, people will still not grasp the importance of this year.  Only toward the end of the year will the events take place that will seriously change the existing structures.  Even in these cases, people will not see clearly.  They will believe that the change is temporary and can be rolled back.

Only as the year ends, will people see the decisiveness of these events.  Even here, their full force will not have been released, for there will be the years leading up to the 100th anniversary of Fatima.

I continually see these coming years in the light of that anniversary.  A while ago, the world focused on 2000 and the new millennium.  Human life moved into the new millennium without any serious change.  The 100th anniversary of Fatima will be quite different because I will not abandon my children or my Church.

9. Opening the Fatima Gift


In the beginning, many will be confused wondering why many opportunities have been cut off.   This is the first stage.  Then, they will see that the wounds to society are even deeper and that life itself is endangered.  This will be the progression of events in the next few years leading up to the 100 years of Fatima revelations.

Mankind need not walk that path.  Another is available, a true path to peace, the path of Fatima.  All must read the story of the three children, of the appearances and of my requests.  There is also the great promise, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph”.  It will be late, but Russia will be consecrated.

Do not wait.  Consecrate yourself and your family.  Read.  Learn.  Live the Fatima message.  Fatima is God’s gift, the short cut, the easy way.  Fatima is filled with my love and my tenderness.  I visited the earth to protect you.  I spoke so you might listen.  I gave signs so you would believe.  I did all of this for you.  Please, open my Fatima gift.


10. A Summary of Teaching


I have raised up these locutions and in these few years, many have seen their value.  This was to prepare their hearts and show them that my words will guide them.  Filled with this light, they know much about human history.  I have clearly taught the following:

  1. Human history is a battle for souls and cannot be understood merely by reason.
  2. This battle is between light and darkness. The great victory of Jesus took place on the cross.
  3. For 2000 years, Satan has regrouped his forces and has put his plan in place through human beings who cooperate with him.
  4. I foresaw that this battle would come to its greatest moments, so I appeared at Fatima to defeat Satan.
  5. This defeat has obviously not happened because the responses to my requests were not lived out, causing the world to be plunged into a greater war and then constant conflicts.
  6. Mankind is now entering a very dangerous time.  The 100th anniversary of Fatima is a signal moment.  Keep your eyes on that date.  It can still be a moment of great victory.
  7. I will continue to speak each day in the coming year.  I will not hold back my words.  My people need to know the secrets of my heart and its desires.

Now, I must take you on a new path, a road of strength and fortitude, a road of firmness and fidelity.