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Friday, December 26, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/21,22/14 ★ The greatest fools are the rich & the powerful., At this present time, humanity is walking a road that is so dark, it will lead to permanent & disastrous changes to earth.

1. Today Vanishing Into Tomorrow

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Human life takes place within time.  One moment opens out into the next in an endless series.  No one can stop this process because God has created time.  Man, therefore, is helpless.  He can record time and assign a date to today, but he cannot stop today from vanishing and giving way to tomorrow.

A person who appreciates the passing nature of earth and the short moment of every life can grasp what I am saying.  A world which lives by faith understands that no one can hold on to today.  No one can build a permanent earthly city.

A world without faith is foolish and spends all of its time trying to build permanency upon the shifting sands of time.  Satan uses this foolishness to build his cities and gather his armies.  He has brought human history to this point where humanity has left behind the light of eternity and has chosen the darkness of time.

How many false beliefs flow from this foolishness, as if time heals all wounds, or that problems will be solved in due time, or that time is a cycle in which darkness is always followed by light and problems always have solutions.

My message is clear.  Time is not an inevitable cycle.  Time is a story, with man’s free will playing an important role.  Time is a road and man has chosen the road of darkness.  The light does not come automatically, like day following night.  At this present time, humanity is walking a road that is so dark, it will lead to permanent and disastrous changes to earth.  I cannot and will not allow that to happen but man must stop thinking about the passing goals of time and begin to seek the changeless riches of eternity.  To act otherwise is complete and total foolishness. The greatest fools are the rich and the powerful.

2. Manifesting Her Presence

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All history is in my hands.  I know the movements of every heart and of every event.  I see all that has happened and all that will happen.  Nothing is determined.  Events are shaped by human decisions.  This was God’s plan from the beginning.

I am not a passive spectator, who merely watches the drama unfold.   I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun who has power to intervene.  I am part of human history.  I was born into the world and lived in the world as everyone else.

My role now is more extensive and, in the Father’s plan, I must assume greater and greater responsibilities for the safety and protection of humanity.  I have been announcing this plan for years but now it its taking place, right before your eyes.

As one event leads to another, as one problem begets greater ones, you can see the importance of my coming on the scene, of making myself known, of lifting up my special son and of manifesting my presence all over the world.

Right now, I am only interested in you, the reader.  I have led you to these locutions and I want to give you extraordinary blessings.   Others, who do not know me, will receive later.  You will receive now.  You do not understand everything but you want to receive.  You have read all of my promises.  You have studied my ways.  Most important, you believe.  Why should I delay? You are prepared to receive.

Close your eyes.  I am with you.  Experience my presence.  Do not move.  Stay still until the gift is complete.  Repeat this often.  Each time, I will act more deeply within you.