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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/12-16/14 ★ A series of events will occur that will change much of human life. The events will reflect the sins of mankind. God will not cause them.

7. New Light For the Darkness


Mankind must be washed, cleansed and purified.  Otherwise, he cannot receive the great graces that are stored in my Immaculate Heart.  If mankind turns to me, a way will open up for this purification to occur quickly and even with a great joy.  Do I not know the ways of good and evil?  Has not the heavenly Father filled me with wisdom?  Am I not trying to pour out this light upon all?

I will not allow anyone who turns to me to be lost.   When the events begin, I will gather them into the secret recesses of my heart.  They will find others also gathered there and together, they will persevere.

So much will change.  The mighty and the strong will find great difficulty in coping but the little ones will enjoy my protection.  Let these words be imbedded in your hearts, “Our mother, filled with wisdom, can guide us through the darkness”.

So much is hidden from your eyes.  That is why you need a heavenly mother to guide your steps.  In the events that lie ahead, many who are powerful and rich will not know what to do.  But, the little ones whom I guide will walk in the greatest light.

All that I ask of you is to walk in truth.  In your life right now, are pockets of darkness, the little lies that allow you to make selfish decisions.  Are you ready for the full light?  Can you walk in perfect light?  Of course you can because I will lead you.  When the events begin, you will be guided by this new light which I give you today.

8. These Words Prepare You

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When the events take place, people will see that my words are true.  They will have great faith and prepared hearts.  Right now, you have no need for the special words.  The purpose of speaking now is to prepare you to have faith so you will believe my future words.  Right now, your lives continue on as usual and you do not need my special words, which I reserve for the darkness.

These events have no exact timetable because they do not come from God.  They result from evil embedded into human history and into human hearts which can freely choose.  If people choose prayer and repentance, the effects will be less and will come later.  If people choose selfish goals and sins, the effects will be greater and come sooner.  The events will reflect the sins of mankind.  God will not cause them.

By these little locutions, I have prepared all who believe.  A series of events will occur that will change much of human life.  By telling you ahead of time, I give you faith so that, in the middle of the events, you will believe my daily words and I can lead you.  Peace.  Always peace. The Lord is near.

1. Retrieving Abandoned Lights

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I would bathe the world in quite different events.  History does not have just one road, a path that leads only into darkness.  That was the only road before Jesus came. Now, a new path lies before mankind.

Unfortunately, that path has been concealed and covered over.  People have set aside their light of faith.  It lies abandoned by the wayside.  They have been captured by all that is new, all the promises of a world built upon science.

I have picked up all these abandoned lights of faith.  They are not lost forever.  I have saved them in my heart, waiting for the moment when the events of darkness shatter the false illusions which have captured so many.

That moment will come.  The great illusions that science can produce a heaven on earth without the help of faith will be broken. Many will submit totally to despair.  Others will seek their lost torch of faith.  They will find it kept safely in my heart.

Why not seek it now?  Why wait until the dangers encircle the earth?  That is what I will explain now.  O reader, I offer to you a new torch of faith.  I will place it quickly in your heart.  You will cherish it and will never abandon it again.  Hold on to this light and it will never go out.  You will need it for the darkness.

2. What God Did For Our Lady

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I want to reveal every secret in my heart.  Only in this way, will the world enjoy enough light to overcome the darkness.  I will begin with all that God did for me.

I am joined to God’s Son, more than any mother to any child.  This union comes from both nature and grace.  I am joined by maternal love, the greatest love any mother has for a child.  I am also joined to Jesus by my Immaculate Conception.  From the very first instant of my existence, Jesus flooded me with his Holy Spirit.  Not one inch, not one hairs’ breadth separated us.  No other creature is so intimately joined to Jesus.  The Father gave to Jesus’ humanity (which he received from me) all the divine powers.  Jesus shared with me every possible gift.  “I will use you as my instrument” said Jesus.

Can the Father do this?  Can He bring a woman so close to himself through the humanity that the Spirit formed in her, that He makes her an instrument of all his graces?  Who dares to say that God cannot do this while at the same time allowing me to be a creature, infinitely below Him?  Once this is understood, I can reveal all my secrets.

3. The Heavenly Fire’s Powers

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There are two fires.  You see the fires of hell which lead mankind to wars and destruction.  Still hidden are my fires of heaven.  Fire should be fought with fire but until now the fires of heaven burn only in my heart.  How I long to pour out these fires upon the whole earth.

This heavenly fire has three gifts.  What can this heavenly fire do?  Love is its greatest gift and will be so much needed when the events begin.  In those days, people must love one another and care for one another.  People will experience gigantic losses and will need a support that no government can provide.  Only love from others will supply their needs.

This fire also gives light.  So much will be different.  The former wisdom will not suffice.  New lights, new directions and new initiatives will be needed that can only come from my fire.

Finally, my fire will protect.  This is the most important.  As Satan unleashes these events, one by one, the usual walls that protect society will crumble.  Satan will be like an enemy attacking a city which he can enter easily.  I will surround every person who calls on me, with my fire of protection.  Although the walls collapse I will keep them safe, individually and collectively, privately and especially as they gather.