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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/11/14 ★ tomorrow is quickly becoming today, the future is becoming now.

6. Always Saying “Tomorrow”


From all of these events, a great gift will come forth.  Mankind will be humbled because the foolishness that seemed like wisdom will be exposed.  As each of the events happen, people will ask, “Why did we build our house on sand?” and “Why did we not walk in truth”?   Debts are postponed as if tomorrow does not come.  Yet, tomorrow is quickly becoming today, and the future is becoming now.

This is today’s theme.  The economic system has been built on a million tomorrows.  Everything will get paid tomorrow and the burden of debt grows.  Prosperity reigns because no one pays for it.  All is postponed.  Credit flows like the flood of an overflowing ocean.

How long until the crash?  It is constantly postponed by measures that will only multiply the problems when they come.  “Not on my watch” say the political leaders, so they pass the debt on to future generations, who are ill-prepared for any acts of saving money.

Now, I must speak from my heart.  The debts grow, not just in one country but in many at once.  They all accumulate.  The weight quickly becomes too much to bear.  The breakthrough happens, small at first.  However, so many economies are weak and all are interconnected, that the small beginnings lead to unforeseeable results.  Suddenly, comes the collapse which no one could have foreseen and for which there are only a few inadequate answers.

Mankind will go on from there, constantly trying to solve its problems by the light of reason, believing that faith has nothing to do with economics.  Yet, it is the lack of faith in God’s ways that has led mankind on these roads in the first place.

At this time, I will still be on the sidelines. Other events will have to occur before I will be fully invoked by the Church.  Yet, that day of consecrating Russia to my Immaculate Heart will take place, although, it will be late.

Love your brothers and sisters without condition.
Do not hold tightly in your Hearts the wounds inflicted by your brothers.
Do not allow the sins of your sisters to fester in your soul.
Call on Me and I will unfetter the malice that holds back your forgiveness
and disinclines or distances you from Love.
Love when it is most difficult to Love.