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Monday, December 1, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/24-30/14 ★ When the events begin, it will be too late. You have entered a new moment of human history. The war between Satan & the Woman Clothed With the Sun has begun.

5. The Three Stages


I am taking the Church into my own hands, just as a mother lifts into her arms a child who is endangered.  I will do this in many ways.  First, new devotions must spread quickly so people become more attentive.  A fresh awareness must come over the Church, a widespread sense that all must return to my Immaculate Heart.

This will prepare for the next stage when the great difficulties begin, which I call “the events”.  People will begin to search.  For many with faith, this will be a religious search and the new awareness will lead them to search for me.

Finally, there is the third stage, when by the Holy Father’s consecration of Russia, I will come completely onto the world stage, offering to mankind the full gifts of my Immaculate Heart.

Then, the war will break out.  Until now, there have been only “surrenders”.  There has been no Army of Mary because I have been kept out of the limelight.  All of that will end.  I will come onto the scene.  All will see my actions in every part of the world.  Great new devotions will spring up and be embraced by millions.  It will be like a massive tsunami, but one that brings life not death.

My advice for now is, “Prepare”.  Take up once again the familiar devotions.  I will  impart to everyone a very simple trust in me and a new sense of my presence watching over each one.  Let us begin to walk this road of hope.

6. Mary’s Promises to Beginners


When the events begin, it will be too late.  Many will find themselves unable to respond because they are bereft of any faith in supernatural help.  They will not know the ways of God or how he can save them.  They know only natural powers and human resources which will totally fail them in these events.  So, I must explain my help.

I am present to every person in the world.  To each one, I offer my help.  I do not limit my presence or my saving power.  Some are keenly aware of this.  They always experience my help and turn to me in every need.  They also live according to the gospel teachings and are faithful to the Church.  They understand my promises because they are already experiencing my presence.

Now I speak to others.   Through these locutions they are beginning to grasp the need for my help.  They also see my promise and my new gifts that will be needed to face the future events which will severely change the whole world.

To these I say, “You have beginning faith.  Your hearts are filled with beginning light.  You sense something new.  Your mind has been plunged into all my promises.  You see a new road which you want to walk.  This road is true.  The invitation is so vital.  Follow these new hopes.  Commit yourself to my ways.  I am awakening you while there is still time.  Follow these holy desires.  Soon, you, too, will realize that I am always present, always helping and always leading.  You have found the door to my Immaculate Heart.  Enter quickly and remain there. You will be safe.”

7. Evils Not Yet Seen


Time moves on and events take control.  Mankind loses power and looks on helplessly as forces that he has released take their own path.  Such is the state of the world.  By so many decisions, mankind has released forces that are shaping his destiny and forming his systems.  Even those who understand what is happening, have no power to control the events.

Yet, the events that I am speaking of are still hidden.  They are not the same as those which fill today’s headlines.  They are forces imbedded in the human structures whose time has not yet come.  Satan knows well the destructive powers which he long ago planted in human life, through the selfish decisions of those whose hearts he controlled.

Now, he waits for the right moment when these destructive powers will best be used.  These are the sorrows of my heart which I see so clearly, future evils not yet brought forth.

My response is to visit people.  I visit those with great powers so they make decisions.  I visit those who hold authority in the Church, so they might be enlightened.  I visit you, O reader, and I offer you special graces.  Listen to what I am saying within you.  Do not put off until tomorrow what you must do today.  How important are the inner stirrings of your heart.  Listen.  Receive.  Act.  Tell others.  Nothing is too little.  I will bless every prayer and every effort.

1. Treasures Placed By Jesus


I want to reveal to the whole world the treasures which Jesus has placed in my heart.  He began to place these riches from the first moment of my Immaculate Conception.  He poured out infinite treasures during the nine months that he lived in my womb.  However, it was during his mortal life that he gave me the greatest gifts.

First, I saw his tiny face and hands.  Later, I heard his words, which revealed so much of his own thoughts and desires.  Finally, I saw him preach and heal.  Then, there was the journey to Jerusalem and his death on the cross.  Every moment, his riches multiplied within me.

After his resurrection, he appeared to me and imparted his risen glory.  Later, Jesus sent his Spirit on Pentecost.  The Spirit abided with me all the days of my life, finally assuming me, body and soul, into heaven, where I was clothed with the sun.

I have stored up all of these riches, like a mother saving for her children.  I reveal them so you can receive.  We will take time. I will go slowly and explain each treasure.  You are not just to listen.  You must make the efforts needed to receive.

2. The Heavenly Father’s Decision


No one understands all the gifts which Jesus has placed in my Immaculate Heart.  They wait there, always ready to be given away.  They are the only means of man’s salvation because all of Jesus’ graces must pass through my hands.

The Heavenly Father has decreed a Marian Age.  This began when I revealed the miraculous medal to St. Catherine LaBoure (1831).  Soon afterward, Pope Pius IX declared the dogma of my Immaculate Conception (1854).  All was prepared for the great apparitions of Fatima (1917).  The Marian Age was fully launched.

Very soon, the 100th anniversary of Fatima will take place.   What has happened?  Has the peace that I brought taken place?  Not at all.  The fires of war burn everywhere and future destruction will be greater.  The heavenly Father has not released the gifts of Jesus in my heart.  They lie there unopened, set aside, and not seen as important.

Instead, human beings, within and outside the Church, put forth their human solutions which fail time and again.  When they call upon heaven’s help, they do not listen to the Father’s answer, “I have already placed all that you need in the Immaculate Heart.  I will not change my plan. Go there and find all that you need”.

That is my message, also, and I will speak of these gifts, revealing all that the Father has done.


3. Waking Up!


My gifts do not come in any order.  They pour out.  Whatever is needed is given immediately.  Others are held back until the person is able to receive.  All is according to the Father’s desire.

All must know about these gifts.  They are essential for the time ahead.  There will be ordinary gifts to fulfill daily duties and extraordinary gifts to face the events.  Do not waste any time.  You must receive now, according to my instructions.

First, you must believe.  Faith comes from hearing, so I must speak.  You have entered a new moment of human history.  The war between Satan and the Woman Clothed With the Sun has begun.  The first shots have already been fired.  He has launched his offensive, but very few are aware.  Others buy and sell as if nothing is happening and the world will just continue on.

We must prepare by only one means.  I equip my soldiers with the most extraordinary powers to repulse Satan’s attacks and to weave a wall of protection around their families and communities.  What is now in place is woefully inadequate.  It is outdated and ineffective.  Besides, few are really interested.

So, the first gift that I pour out is an awakening.  People must wake up to the new realities.  Satan has chosen this time in history to launch his offensive.  The heavenly Father has prepared for this moment and has placed every gift in my Immaculate Heart.  I wake you up to these realities so you do not despair at the events and so that you daily seek my gifts.

4. A New Life of Purity


The winds will blow and the rains will come, but those whose hearts are filled with my gifts will survive the great events.  They will enjoy a strength and a perseverance.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, that Satan hurls against them will destroy their resolve to be faithful.  So, let me begin to list those powers which I am already pouring out.

Satan attacks through lust.  He twists the powerful sexual drive, meant to enhance marital love, and sends it in every possible direction.  Lust is a mighty river that frequently overflows its banks and destroys.

O reader, I know your own struggles with lust and I offer you the great gift of purity.  Accept my gift.  Ask for the continence needed for your state in life.  In this way, true love will be released within you.  Darkness and shame will have no power over you.  The chains of lust will fall to the ground, and you will easily walk away from their grasp.

I offer you a new life, where you can rejoice in a freedom that you have never understood because lust has so limited your steps and blinded your eyes.
Come.  I will lead you into a world of purity, where true love flourishes and all relationships are kept sacred.  When purified of your lusts, you will enjoy peace.  The former days will give way to a new glory.  No one will need to teach you God’s road.  You will see it for yourself.