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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/2-4/14 ★ It is not the wealthy who will survive nor those who hold power. Only the man of faith, The world has built an economic system which will not stand the test of its sins, of its margins of profit, of its false foundation & of the burden it has put upon the poor nations.

3. Loss of Confidence


I will not hold back any of my sorrows, because I see the afflictions that will soon come upon the face of the world.  Mankind plunges ahead, totally unaware of the path it has chosen.

For decades, countries have lived beyond their means with an ever expanding use of credit.  The money supply has increased to feed the appetites, but with no foundation in reality.  All is based upon a false confidence that this will just continue and that life will not be interrupted.  The system is weak and as the money flows, leaks will appear.  Nothing will be done and the leaks will be papered over – yes papered over by false money, guaranteed by absolutely nothing.

All of this can only go on for a limited time.  Inevitably, somewhere the gigantic leak happens and the false confidence in the economic system is destroyed.  As the system collapses, everything comes to a halt and efforts to revive the economy are of no avail.

Many see this scenario on the horizon, but, they have no answers because governments cannot respond politically to what is needed.  This is the present road of mankind and no one can tell when or where the collapse will take place.

The collapse will inevitably come but if a person, a family, a community, even a nation accepts my gifts they will survive.  It is not the wealthy who will survive nor those who hold power.  Only the man of faith, the family of faith, the community or nation of faith will make the long term commitment needed to ride out the storm.

4. The Steps to Collapse


The events will begin with a jolt, a partial collapse from economic difficulties in one part of the world.  All will view this with alarm but no one will see this as the beginning of a series of events.

In the beginning, there will be enough resources to paper over the damage so that confidence is restored.  Many however, will see this as a sign to move their assets.  This will hasten the events as other parts of the economic structure are exposed as weak and unstable.  The economic world is volatile, based so much on trust and confidence in the system itself.  As these weaknesses are exposed, the confidence will slowly evaporate and even the strongest structures will come under assault.

The world has built an economic system which will not stand the test of its sins, of its margins of profit, of its false foundation and of the burden it has put upon the poor nations.  Fairness and equity have long since been discarded.  Systems have been built around conference tables making decisions that favor those who sit at those tables.

Now comes the time of reckoning.  The bills are long overdue.  The economic system cannot continue.  It does not need God’s chastising hand.  It will collapse from its own frailty.

A time of a complete reassessment will begin.  Many will focus on economics.  Few will focus on a change of heart, of repentance, of a return to God and religious practice.  I speak now for those who will listen to my voice.  These days are precious.  Do not waste them.  Return now to God.  Reorder your day.  Pray from your heart.  I will help you with extraordinary graces.  Much will be prepared.  New beginnings.  Deeper peace.  Fresh faith and hope.  Deeper love for your family.  All must share my new gifts.  Do not wait.  Do not wait.

5. We Will Begin Again


When all the events culminate and the economic systems are in ruins, man will see what he has brought about.  Almighty God created the universe, but mankind constructed his economies.  When mankind sees what has happened, he will remember the former glory when he bought and sold and traded with great glee.  Man will say, “Let us rebuild”.  What fools!  You know only how to rebuild a system that has collapsed.  You know only how to build on the backs of the poor.  You know only how to rebuild for your own advantage.  But I have stripped you and exposed you to public view.  Your sins are evident to all.

Repentance must set in, accompanied by a turning to God.  “We will rebuild” is the wrong approach.  You must say, “We will worship God and he will help us”.  The economic collapse will allow the religious spirit to be released upon the world.  Many will be in despair, not knowing what they must do.  However, those whom I have trained, who read these words and put them into practice will survive these events because their lives are built on faith and not on the “almighty” dollar.  Such will be the state of the world after the economic collapse.

For many, it will be too late.  Long ago they set aside their faith, and will be unable to find any inner strength to survive these events.  Others will be confused, not knowing what to do.  They will cling to their families and loves ones to survive.  But others will discover new powers in their Catholic faith.  They will find others who also are returned to faith.

We will begin again.  This is my promise.  We will not seek to rebuild.  We will seek rather to begin again.  Even in the midst of destruction, I will give new life.  I promise, “We will begin again” and the religious spirit will once more call America back to life.