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Friday, November 28, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/20-23/14 ★ Satan’s smoke has reached the highest levels of the Vatican. God prizes earth & covets mankind which he created for his glory. Satan will so rejoice, seeking to replace Jesus as the king of earth.

1. Satan’s Smoke in the Vatican


My sorrows.  These are what I must begin to share again.  Sorrows lie at the center of my soul.  I am the Mother of Sorrows, a role that I accepted from the beginning and which Simeon prophesied in the temple.  The temple became my place of sorrows.  I was wounded by Jesus’ words when I found him in the temple.

My greatest sorrows are reserved for my Church, the bride of my Son. The fires of Satan have burned brightly within the Church, even in its highest offices.  This smoke arises today from those who hold back the fullness of my graces.

I must teach the world.  The Catholic Church is the bride of Jesus.  It is his Mystical Body and enjoys the fullness of his truths and his powers.  Nothing is lacking in its gifts, as it faithfully proclaims the gospel and joyfully celebrates the mysteries.  I have kept it faithful for 2000 years, beginning with my work among the apostles and disciples. From the Beloved Disciple at Ephesus there were messages to the churches and the heavenly liturgies were revealed to all.  The Catholic Church is deepest within me.  It lies at the center of my heart and I cherish deeply the role and the power given to the Holy Father.  These are the very gifts that I want to use as a light to the whole world.  I will accomplish this as the events of darkness begin.

However, I must speak so the whole world and especially the Holy Father understands.  Satan’s smoke has reached the highest levels of the Vatican.  His deceptions fill the Vatican and so many whom he has planted there.  Would this not be his plan, to enter the very stronghold of the Church?  This is my greatest sorrow.  To overcome this, I must make alternate plans so my Church is exalted.


2. Seeking Total Surrender


Time is slipping away.  The light is dimming and the darkness is growing.  All of this I see so clearly and try to warn the world.  Every day, there are new sorrows and no answers are found.  Mankind is surrounded by evil.  Satan wants a moment when the world will surrender to him and make him king.  Earth will become his new kingdom.  Cast out from heaven, he will at last claim what heaven so desires, an earth taken up into God’s glory.  God prizes earth and covets mankind which he created for his glory.  Satan will so rejoice, seeking to replace Jesus as the king of earth.

Many have already surrendered.  They have given themselves, heart and soul, to Satan.  He has already tasted of their blood and filled them with his evils.  He multiplies their numbers, equips them with powers, enlightens them with his own intelligence and sends them out to conquer the whole world for his kingdom.   He is not satisfied with all the victories, big and small, which have claimed so many.  He will be satisfied only with total surrender, where no vestige of light or hope remains.

Is this not the deepest sorrow of my heart?  Not just to see what has already happened but also to see all that Satan plans and hopes to accomplish.  So many events lie ahead.  So many traps of darkness.  So many places where literally the earth will open up to swallow its victims.

Every day, the number that I can save grows less and less.  Once Satan grasps a soul, he quickly beings it deeper into his darkness, so the soul does not know how to respond to my light.

So, I visit the earth. I go to the homes and places where my name is invoked.  I especially use these locutions.  I always whisper words of encouragement, 
“Stay strong.  Abide in the light.  
Let no darkness enter your heart or your home.  
Do not fear what is happening.” 
 To those who invoke me, I will give the strength never to surrender and even to help others not to surrender.

3. The Sacred Moment of Worldly Emptiness


I see all that will come about.  These events are still hidden from human eyes but soon all will be seen clearly.  Human life will be changed.  Many will lose hope.  Severe changes will result, one after another.  Hearts will be dismayed.  Many will despair.  Life will not be the same.

How I hate to speak those words, how much better to promise a bright and glorious future.  However, that is not the road which man has chosen.  He is free.  He makes his daily decisions.  He decides the road and the direction.

Soon, he will come to the end of the road, with seemingly nowhere to go.  Many options will have been ripped from his hands.  The greatness of his systems will be gone.  Even what he considered his lifelines will be jeopardized and, in some instances, will no longer function.  Enough will remain for people to survive, but at a much lower level than now.  Such will be the reduced state of the human race.

The effects will be felt everywhere and all will admit that human life has been severely changed.  That will be the moment of my coming, when the very powers of the world are muted.  When the voice of the world is silenced.  When men no longer listen to the sweet tunes of profitable music.  When so much has been taken away from human hearts.

What a sacred moment.  A door is ajar.  Hearts are empty.  This is when I can come and say, “Come here.  Walk this way.  I will save you.”  Blessed are those who have prepared for those times.  They will see the new road.

4. Gathering With Others


All is not hopeless but the road of hope will be seen only by a divine light given to groups dedicated to me. This I want to explain very deeply.

When a person receives my light, they see the need for others.  They cannot walk alone.  There must be others.  Where are the people who believe in my messages and gather to fulfill my requests?  Everywhere I have appeared, I have urged people to gather and to help one another.  But the groups come and go.  Many start with a burst of enthusiasm and then allow their zeal to cool.

In the year ahead, you will need a great light of hope which you can only receive if you are bonded to others in communal prayer, where all search for the road of light.  If you are faithful to this regular gathering, even if it is just within your home, I will assure you of the light needed for hope.  How often I have spoken of the coming darkness.  A certitude grows within you that it will certainly take place.  I want you also to be certain of my light in the darkness which I can only give you if you gather as often as possible with others.

Gathering with others is the secret that I want to reveal.  Personal prayer is important but my special gifts are given when people gather, when they commit themselves to join their hearts.  If, when the darkness comes, you remain with others, I will constantly pour out my light and you will find the road of hope.