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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

★ Severe Message from Heaven 9/26/14 ★ the harvest of crops & souls is beginning

Severe Message from Heaven 

September 26th, 2014


My most beloved children this is your God the Father of love and mercy. It is now 3am. My son was not ready to write but I kept talking to him to be obedient and get up and write. This is the new beginning, your God the Father has opened His heart to all His children so they may drink of the river of life. I am on the earth at this time with a flood like in the time of Noah and the ark. I told My children that I would never destroy the earth with water again, but I will saturate it with My divine love and mercy and graces. This is the time and this is God the Father’s time to flood all the hearts of My children with a river of graces from My heart to your heart to flood your heart with graces so powerful as a flood in Noah’s time that destroyed the whole earth and renewed it. I am flooding the hearts of all My children this time before the New Era of Peace to get rid of the old wineskins and replace them with the new wineskins to renew each and every heart on the face of the earth. This will be the last of the old and the beginning of the new just like in Noah’s time. 

I have chosen the month of October to be the month to do this. It is the month of the Rosary. I have told all My children that the Rosary was the weapon to destroy satan that all can pray. It is the most powerful prayer next to the sacrifice of the most holy Mass and My Son’s death on the cross and the sacraments. I wish for all My children to pray the Rosary every day this month because this is the month of the harvest of the crops and it is past time for your God to harvest any souls. Please pray, pray, and pray for all the souls that will be harvested soon by their God the Father of all of earth and Heaven for many are about to meet their maker of Heaven and earth for the time is here and past time for all My children to change. The Warning is about to change the whole earth and all the people in it before satan destroys much of the earth because of the sins of mankind. I will protect all who listen to My words of warning. I AM is in control of everything but because My children will not listen to My begging and all of Heaven’s begging in all the extra days that your God has given to His children out of love, I will now permit satan to chastise My children to wake them up from their sins so they can be saved. It is very sad for a loving Father when He has to direct His children with tough love when there is no other option left. This is the final warning from God the Father before preparing the new book of life for all My children. 

The new book of life and the new wineskins will begin because the old wineskins and the old way of life will end. Choose Heaven and the New Era of Peace now or choose hell and satan and suffering for all eternity. This is your Father of Heaven and earth with a message of love and very tough love for a very sick generation. I have given you all the answers that you need to be saved so pray and fast this month for the harvest of crops and souls is beginning. Let this be a great harvest this fall for souls of My beloved children. My Mother will speak. 

My son, this is Mother Mary and My heart is bleeding and My Son’s heart is bleeding because We have to give this message to save Our children from hell, but it has to be done. Pray the Rosary every day because it contains all the life of Jesus and Mary who are your Spiritual Father and Mother from Heaven with God the Father from Heaven in prayers in the Rosary: the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be, it also contains all the mysteries of Our lives; the Joyful Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Glorious Mysteries, and the Luminous Mysteries. This is the fulfillment of Our life and life of all Our children on earth. We lived then to show our spiritual children the way to Heaven through the obedience to the Ten Commandments and the sacraments of the Catholic Church so all Our children on earth will understand all these mysteries after the Warning so they will know the real truth and not all the lies of satan so they can get their life back in order and save their souls before they die. This is a very severe message from all of Heaven to all of earth. Love God the Father with His Mother. (Time: 3:45 am, hour of mercy.)