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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/27-10/4/14 ★ The world is plunging into hell’s darkness & only the Church can enter the center of that darkness & destroy it.

Today’s eclipse began on the Feast of the Holy Rosary.
the history of Lepanto'

"Rev. Trumbore’s recollection of the event reminds me of a story I once was told concerning the Old South where the Klu Klux Klan routinely burned crosses on the front lawns of Catholic homes. Well, a Unitarian Universalist family moved into town and the KKK didn’t know what to do. So, one night they burned a question mark on the family’s front lawn."
 The Motley Monk @ Fr. Z's Blog 

1. The Activity of Heaven Upon Earth

Sep 27th, 2014 - Mary
As hell begins to manifest itself, the whole world can see the face of hell, a face filled with suffering, hatred, and destruction, a face where there is not a moment or a place for peace.  Where is this road for peace?  Certainly world leaders cannot find it.  (Their own hearts are tainted and corrupted by selfish interests.)  The generals cannot bring it about because the common person feels helpless, not knowing what will happen next.

Is there a road to peace?  To answer that, I must explain heaven.
Heaven is too often considered just a place that people go to after death.  Heaven is much more.  Just as hell knows everything that happens on earth and intervenes everywhere to spread its hatred, so heaven is a kingdom that is active in human history and is the very purpose of human creation.  Every person is created for heaven.  No one can say, “I refuse to exist forever.  I will end my existence at my death”.  That decision already been made for you.  God created you and has decided that you will always exist.  Heaven and hell both know this well.

So begins my teachings.  The human person, immortal from the first moment of conception, standing between heaven and hell, coveted by both kingdoms, is the great prize in the war between the kingdoms of heaven and hell.  What a joy to open your eyes to the mysteries of heaven.

2. Comparing the Two Kingdoms

Heaven can pour forth its powers and extinguish the fires of hell.  Why, then, does hell seem to be more powerful than heaven?  This is the question that needs answers.  When heaven pours out its blessings, then the fires of hell will be extinguished.  This is the first truth.  Man is helpless against hell unless heaven comes to his aid.

If heaven is always pouring out its powers, why is man so helpless?  Because he knows nothing about heaven.  He has become the modern man of science, captivated by all that he has discovered.  He is surrounded by his own technology without realizing that hell uses that technology for its own purposes.  Man has set heaven aside.  He no longer looks to heaven, does not understand its ways, does not receive its help, and has no defense against the powers of hell.  Heaven always pours out its powers but man has lost his faith and cannot receive the blessings.

On earth, therefore, the kingdoms are not equal.  Hell has the field all to itself.  It has trained its followers, initiated them, taught them its ways and gladly shares with them all of its intelligence and all of its powers.  Hell seems to be more powerful than heaven.  Right now, every aspect of human life is succumbing to its influence.

This is why I speak because this destruction is not the full reality.  Heaven is infinite.  Hell is finite.  Heaven has all power and can easily extinguish hell’s fires.  The two are not equal but both exist and man freely chooses.  Free will is the one power which heaven always respects.  Even if man chooses hell, God will honor his choice.

3. Heaven Embraces Earth

Heaven wants to embrace earth and breathe life upon it.  This happened in the beginning of creation.  Then, the power of hell entered into history.  Heaven embraced earth a second time when Jesus announced that the kingdom of heaven was at hand and manifested heaven’s powers in his miracles and healings.

The greatest moments of heaven’s powers happened when Jesus was raised from the dead, ascended into heaven and sent the Holy Spirit.  At that moment, heaven had definitively embraced earth.  As Jesus said, “I will be with you until the end of the world.”  The Father had fulfilled his promise of a woman and her offspring. (Gen.3:15)  Satan controls the world but heaven has set up its city, the kingdom.

As the kingdom spread, God’s breath came upon the world.  The satanic had to retreat.  Human life changed.  Man was freed from the demonic.  In many ways, the world began to look like the kingdom. There was happiness and peace.  Human life flourished.

However, mankind forgot about the kingdom, rejected the faith, and established the goddess of reason upon the altar of his heart.  The demonic saw its opportunity to regain its foothold and to re-establish his kingdom in great power.

All is evident now.  The wars, the destruction, the fires, the executions, the savagery, the hatred against believers show that the demonic is emerging.  Man is helpless but heaven is ready to help.

4. The Three Places of Divine Fire

The flames leap up but these are not the destructive fires of hell.  They are heaven’s flames that bring life.  Two fires fight for earth, a fire of death and a fire of life.  Which one does mankind choose?  This determines the course of human history.

Currently, hell’s fires are prominent and attracting many into its deadly flames.  Heaven’s fires seem hidden and powerless.  I speak so all is changed and the divine flames can leap up.

Where is heaven’s fire?  It lies in many places and these fires are meant to help.  The fires reside in the heart of every believer who has been baptized.  At times, these baptismal fires do not burn at all because the person forfeited divine grace by serious sin.  At other times, the fires burn only slightly, because the heart chooses so many worldly goals.  First, I must stir into flames, O reader, the divine fire placed within you, the Holy Spirit of your Baptism.  If these fires burn brightly, no darkness can overcome you.

The second fire lies in the Church and again is subject to human free will.  At times, the Church has been ablaze with divine love.  At other times, it has sunk in darkness and needed great saints to rescue it.  Today’s Church is at the crossroads, facing the greatest question in its history.  Can the Church become so rooted in the divine fire that it will pour out light even in the great darkness that lies ahead?  Today, the great questions are not within the Church but outside the Church.  How effective will the Church be when the events begin?  The light which it currently has is woefully weak compared to the growing darkness of hell.

So, I come to the third place of divine fire, my Immaculate Heart.  This fire comes from the bosom of the Father and is Jesus Christ himself.  Why is this fire in my heart?  Because it must be close and easily available.  It must flow out at the tiniest request and it must cover the whole earth.

That is what I mean when I say that the Church is at the crossroads.  The future events will pour out tremendous darkness. The Church’s light is weak.  However, powerful divine fire lies in my Immaculate Heart.  To seek it anywhere else will result only in failure.

5. The Church Confronts Hell’s Powers

The events move quickly. The threats grow greater.   The urgency of the kingdom of heaven grows greater because the time frame leaps forward.  Hell’s strength multiplies and heaven is kept at bay.  What must be done so the heavenly fire is released?

I must speak to the Church.  O Church, you have no armies, no weapons and no generals.   Yet, with you and you alone, lie the fires of world peace.  Yet, you do not understand and you do not believe.  So I must stir you by my words.

O Church, you are the bride of my Son.  You are the light of the world.  You have a great destiny to fulfill in these years.  The world has set you aside, as if you were an orphan.  The world does not listen to your teachings and does not follow your ways.  Therefore, it plunges into the kingdom of hell.  Only you can save earth from becoming a hell.  I place in you the saving of the world from the terrible events that have come so close to fulfillment.

I have revealed these events to many, especially the visionaries of Medjugorje.  I have spoken of my plan almost 100 years ago at Fatima.  What I am saying is not new or surprising.  I am now using these locutions as my pulpit to the world.

The world is plunging into hell’s darkness and only the Church can enter the center of that darkness and destroy it.  The world is experiencing the fires of hell and only the Church can enter these fires and destroy them.  Jesus’ death on the cross was the great moment when he entered the center of hell’s powers.  There will also be a modern moment, when the Church, in the person of the Holy Father, deliberately accepts its role of entering into the center of hell’s destruction.  That moment must be prepared for by devotion to my Immaculate Heart.  This is not a new message but greater details are revealed.

6. Let the Nightly News Preach to You

The battle between heaven and hell goes on, waged every single moment.  Some call this human history, saying that these moments are always happening. 

However, my message is quite different.  The human race is not just at another moment of its history.  This is a moment of an abyss, a lowering, a going down, a falling into a pit.  Will the floor of the earth open up and mankind find no ground for his feet?  Has hell plotted a destruction of the human race which no one can imagine?

Look at the world scene.  Let it preach to you. If you don’t believe my words, then believe the words of those who bring you the news.  Let them be your preachers.  Each night, do they describe a world formed by heaven or by hell?  Do they describe solutions and breakthroughs that will solve these problems?  Or is the message always more somber and everyone waits for the next development.  You are seeing the unfolding of hell’s plan, right before your eyes.

Only by my word can you believe that heaven also has a plan, a plan that waits and waits because what I have revealed is set aside and the Church takes another road for peace.  However, a day will come when I will raise up him whom I have prepared at the very center of my heart.  He will not equivocate.  He will know only one road.  He is the one whom I have chosen to open fully the doors of my Immaculate Heart.  Pray for him.

7. Preparing For the Night

The night is coming.  When this happens, where will any light exist?  In that moment, I want to lift up my Church and place it on the lampstand.  It will give a different light, a light which cannot be put out by hell.

I speak now of great mysteries which cannot be comprehended.  Mankind will enter into a darkness that will come from every side.  All the usual lights will be put out.  At the same time, an emergency light prepared by heaven will come on, a light that the Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart.  How effective that light will be depends on two things.

First, the light will be in the Church, and only in the Church. I do not mean just the physical church but in all that the Church does in and for the world.  I want the world to acknowledge its own darkness and to see the great gift offered only by the Church.

However, how powerful this light will be and whether it will extend from one end of the earth to the other, depends upon the Church itself.  That is why I must lift up the person who fully understands this truth, namely, that a moment will come when all is darkness except for the light placed by the heavenly Father in my Immaculate Heart.  The Church must realize this and be fully committed to the reign of my Immaculate Heart or the light will not go forth fully and completely.
Secondly, the light will go forth to people’s hearts.  If their heart loves my Immaculate Heart, then the light will be full.  If not, then a purifying must take place so the light is effective.

The Church, will be the bestower of light, and you, reader, the receiver of this light.  Neither can remain idle.  Both must seek the light in my Immaculate Heart before the night begins.

8. The Light That Will Always Shine

As the events happen, people are beginning to see the new realities of a world in which hell has been set loose.  What was unimaginable is happening before their very eyes – a rise in violence, a spreading of disease and many restrictions to their life of freedom.  These are the ways of hell.  Life narrows.  Happiness is curtailed and fresh burdens are imposed.  The purpose is to place clouds that cover over the sun of God’s love so that people lose faith.

That is why I must speak.  No clouds can cover the sun of my words for they pierce every darkness.  O reader, in the time ahead you will need my words!  They will be one of the few lights that continue to shine.

Always remember my teachings on heaven and hell.  Ascribe all that is evil to hell so you never want to be part of its legions.  Always trust heaven.  I have revealed the great secret.  All of heaven’s blessings are stored in my Immaculate Heart.  The door is always open.  You can enter any moment and take from my heart whatever blessing you might need.  Always remember that only one road leads to peace.  Only in my Immaculate Heart can all the blessings be found so easily.  This is the Father’s will and the secret I spend so much time explaining.