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Saturday, October 11, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/8,9/14 ★ My protecting hand will be upon everyone who is sealed with my Immaculate Conception.

4. Plunged Into the Immaculate Conception

The time has come to reveal the great mysteries placed in my heart from all eternity.  These mysteries are linked to the darkness that now covers the world and can be seen by all.  O reader, search into these mysteries for they are God’s saving actions for the present moment.

I was sealed with the Immaculate Conception and plunged into the Holy Spirit at the first moment of my conception.  Even in my mother’s womb, I was filled with the greatest light.  Love for God overwhelmed me and I frequently leapt for joy, just as John the Baptist leapt in Elizabeth’s womb.

While I was in the womb, God was revealing his divine plan.  All during my life, I saw this plan unfold, and as the gospels say, “I kept all these secrets in my heart.”  Then came the culmination.  As I was about to give Jesus back to the Father, he entrusted the whole world to me. “Woman behold your son”,  he said (Jn.19,26).

Suddenly, every person in the world was placed in my womb and I was asked to give birth into life eternal for all.  “What can I do?” I thought.  Then, I realized what had happened to Jesus.  He was plunged in to the mystery of the Immaculate Conception.  This favor was the only way the Father could prepare me for being Jesus’ mother.  I realized that the Father had created me without sin, not just for Jesus but for every person born into this world.

I speak of all these favors for you to know.  I was conceived immaculate for you and I want to plunge you into my Immaculate Heart.  These mysteries must be known to realize the Father’s plan. While the world is plunged into darkness, all can be plunged into my Immaculate Conception.

5. Repeating the Gift of the Immaculate Conception

My protecting hand will be upon everyone who is sealed with my Immaculate Conception.  The Father plunged me into the Holy Spirit before he sent me into my mother’s womb.  This seal prevented the Evil One from gaining any control over me.  This immaculate seal exercised a constant power over me, touching my body, my senses and all the faculties of my soul.  The daily events and decisions had a much different effect upon me.  Let me explain.

I experienced life on earth like anyone else, the normal growth of my body, the cares, the sorrows and the daily joys.  However, everything within me was perfect because I had been conceived without sin.  Darkness, disorders, fears, unjust anger, moods and so many other inner turmoils that plagued everyone else, had no power over me.  I was sealed with the Immaculate Conception.  All know that I deeply loved Jesus and saw him nailed to a cross, a suffering which I experienced daily because Simeon had prophesied that my own heart would be pierced with a sword.  Although not spared these sorrows, because of the immaculate seal I was able to persevere because I enjoyed an unbelievable inner peace.

This is my gift to the whole world.  The events will come.  They will affect the good and the bad.  (These are events that need not have happened if only my words were obeyed) because mankind has made its decisions.  However, those sealed with my Immaculate Conception will share fully in the inner peace and, more important, in my perseverance to the end.

Let me repeat.  “In these trials, I will never, never abandon my children.  That is why I am revealing these secrets kept hidden until now.  I will pour out the powers of my Immaculate Conception.  I will seal the whole world (if it believes and so desires).   In this way, I will defeat the Evil One just as the heavenly Father did when he plunged me into the Holy Spirit.” The gift is meant to be repeated according to the capacity of each person.