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Friday, October 10, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/5-7/14 ★ the deep & mystical truths that cannot be erased or destroyed by hell because hell cannot understand them.

1. The Seal of the Immaculate

All do not believe my words.  Others believe but shrink from putting them into practice.  What good are words which find no hearts that practice them?  They are like seeds which fall by the wayside, producing no fruit.
It is not just faith, but action that is needed.  If you believe, then preach.  If you hope, then spread the word.  If you pray, then gather others to pray.  My people must rise up.
I do not ask protests in the streets or confrontations with authorities.  I ask gatherings of prayer, large and small.  I ask that the message be received and go forth.  I will multiply your efforts.  All that you need is to have your heart sealed by my heart.  You must carry the sign of the Immaculata.  In this sign, you will conquer.
I am finally reaching the deep truths, the mystical truths that cannot be erased by hell.  I promise to work great mysteries in the hearts of all who are dedicated to my Immaculate Heart.  These mysteries cannot be destroyed by hell because hell cannot understand them.  In these mysteries, everyone will persevere, be protected, walk in my light and attract others.  This is how I will raise up my army, by sealing every heart in my Immaculate Conception.

2. Being Sealed with the Immaculate Conception

All can be sealed with my Immaculate Heart from the least to the greatest.  We come now to the heart of the mystery.  I have spoken so frequently of world events and my Immaculate Heart as the road to world peace.  These events are out of control because the fires of my heart have not been released.  But the great mystery of this age takes place within the heart and the new graces that God is giving to the human race.
The Book of Revelation speaks of the seal of God on the foreheads of the elect (C 7).  Now, I speak of another mystery, revealed for this age which so needs the love and protection of a mother.  My help is not just words or guidance or prophecy.  I want to bring about a special grace for the whole world.  I call it the seal of my Immaculate Conception.
Would anyone doubt that if I were living in this present age that I would persevere in any trials that are ahead?  I suffered the greatest agonies and never wavered.  No matter what the soldiers did to my Son, my own heart never wavered.  I now want to give this same gift to all the world, from the least to the greatest.  All of God’s powers were contained in the first grace of my Immaculate Conception and I want to place this grace in everyone’s heart. I call this “being sealed with my Immaculate Conception”.

3. Plunged Into the Holy Spirit

The power of my Immaculate Conception must go forth in new ways and I must first explain this gift.  From the very beginning, the Lord conceived me.  I was always in his mind as the mother of His Son.  When sin entered the world, I took on another role.  I was the Woman, the Woman whose Son would crush Satan’s head and the Woman Clothed With the Sun.
Yet, I myself was to be conceived like everyone else, as a descendent of sinful Adam.  I would be tainted by original sin.  In light of the great mystery of Jesus, this could not be.  So, the Father himself had to intervene with the greatest grace.  I was physically conceived like everyone else, but as my soul came forth from the Father’s hand, he plunged me into the Holy Spirit (who would be my spouse).
Satan believed that by leading the first parents into sin, that he gained power over all their children, the entire human race.  By this Immaculate Conception, for the first time, he had no control over a creature.  I was not his.  I was plunged into the Holy Spirit.  This is the mystery of the Immaculate Conception.  This immaculate gift is the door out of sin and darkness, a surprising escape over which Satan has no power.
The Immaculate Conception is everyone’s door to escape Satan’s darkness.  With these words, I begin to reveal the great mystery, the only road to peace.