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Friday, October 31, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/27-30/14 ★ This is my great promise. In this time of so many problems, I will bless, protect, guard and guide all who gather in my name. I will cover them with my mantle, protecting them in ways both hidden and seen. I will go with them wherever they go. I will guide their steps & keep them away from all that endangers them, in body or soul.


3. Promises for Those Who Gather


All must gather.  In the gathering I will manifest my presence and pour forth my gifts.  Many will be converted.  They will see what must be changed.  I will call others to great works. All will be zealous for my name to be exalted.
In the gatherings, I will pour out great faith, an inner gift of peace filled with confidence, a belief that I am able to rescue all who trust in me.  I will place many gifts within the person.  These gifts will be oil for the lamps which cannot be purchased at the last minute.

I will be with you.  I will dwell in your hearts and pour out my strength but these gifts must be received now.  The strengthening is today and every day.  The secret lies in the gatherings.  Begin in the home.  Gather for prayer.  I will visit you.  If groups of families are of one accord, then let them gather in larger numbers.  I will raise up many and bless their efforts to gather even more people in public places.  Here, too, I will be present.

This is my great promise.  In this time of so many problems, I will bless, protect, guard and guide all who gather in my name.  I will cover them with my mantle, protecting them in ways both hidden and seen.  I will go with them wherever they go.  I will guide their steps and keep them away from all that endangers them, in body or soul.  These are my promises upon all who gather each day in my name.

4. Freeing From Drug Addictions


I open my heart and invite everyone to see flames of love which leap up within.  These flames will purify any heart which decides to enter.  Do not fear, the flames are gentle.  The warmth that you feel will console you and free you.  I am opening my heart in this new way because so many have become entangled in vices that have taken control.  There is no other means available to bring about the cleansing.

I speak now to those addicted to drugs.  Some are deeply involved in heroin.  Others have become attached to prescription medications.  Some believe that they need to use marijuana to relax.  To all of these, I offer these flames of freedom.

As I remove the addiction, you will not panic.  I will substitute a new confidence, a peace which fills you and assures you that you can live without these drugs.  I will take you quickly, but step by step.  I know your fears and the hold which the Evil One has upon you.  I will break that hold.  This will be the first gift.  You will enjoy a newly discovered freedom.

Where will you find this gift?  Go to a church or a shrine that is dedicated to me.  That will give you a special faith that I am there.  When you go there, think of only one thing, that your heavenly Mother waits for you.  Come often.  Stay even for just a few minutes.  That is all I need to bring you into the flames in my heart.  Use the title of that place to ask for these favors.  The name is very important, chosen by Church authorities.


5. New Chambers of Mary’s Heart


The great mysteries unfold and the power contained in these flames of my love comes forth, only when I enter into a person’s life.  I must now reveal the great mysteries, hidden for all the ages and made known in this special time.

I speak now to those who love me and serve me.  I know your fidelity.  I know your longing for me.  But I say to you.  You do not yet know me because so many mysteries that have been hidden will be hidden no more.  As they come forth, you will see how small was the light that you previously had, like the light of the stars compared with the sun.

I will be everywhere.  I will consume your thoughts and fill your affections.  What you received up to now was little.  What you knew about me was quite small.  All will multiply – your knowledge, your faith, your love, your surrender.  This will prepare you for the multiplication of my blessings and protections.

I declare a new day.  Those who know me will understand that they did not know me.  All of this will happen in the new light that I am casting upon the world.  Do not judge as you judged in the past.  Do not think as you thought before.  The new light will open unseen vistas, new mysteries and deeper understandings.

I invite the whole world into chambers of my heart that, up to now, have been accessible only to the great saints.  Read the books of all those saints who wrote about me.  Their gifts will be your gifts.

6. Pouring Out the Great Gifts

Oct 30th, 2014

There are too many delays.  Too much time passes.  The great gifts are meant to flow out of my heart and into the hearts of all who believe.  Instead, believers are caught up in other pursuits.  They do not judge correctly.  They do not see the coming collapse, when so much of what they now seek and hope for will be taken away from them.

Never have Jesus’ words been more important.  “Do not seek what passes away. Lay up treasure in heaven.”  The world you see will pass away so quickly.  What existed will suddenly no longer exist.  What stood so firm will stand no more.

This is not the time for buying and selling but for receiving the great gifts from above.  These are stored deeply in my heart and are readily available.  If I spoke of great penances or of long labor, I would understand your hesitancy.  But I speak of gifts, of receiving, of being filled and blessed.  I speak of the important gifts that you will need so badly.  I will list them.

I will give to all the gifts of prayer, a constant attraction to come into my presence and to withdraw from the powers of the senses in order to enjoy the riches of the kingdom.

I will give you love for your family and forgiveness towards those who have hurt you.  I will give you great hope.  You will enjoy holy desires to accomplish everything.  I will give you friends who will accompany you in the difficult times that lie ahead.

Finally, I will give you my presence, an experience that I am with you at all times and that you enjoy my special protection.  These are the important gifts.  Do not search for any others.  If you empty your heart, I will gladly fill it to the brim.  Do not wait.  The time is very short.  Receive these gifts today.